My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! - Chapter 1387

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Chapter 1387: Chance Encounter (1)

The two people shuddered before nodding repeatedly. “Yes, Your Highness!”

On the other hand, Qiao Mu curiously observed those two’s constipated expressions and could not help but look up at Mo Lian. “What’s with them?”

“Oh, it’s nothing. It’s just that if they don’t do their jobs well I’ll chuck them back to Martial Mountain to continue their training.”

It’s only training!

Yet looking at their constipated expressions, she couldn’t resist suspecting if Mo Lian had made them do something that stripped them of their will to live.

Crown Prince Mo was unable to restrain a smile but he didn’t not say anything. After they rode back to the palace, the crown prince went to the King’s Palace to report this time’s riot to the old king.

Meanwhile, Qiao Mu, who was hopelessly bored, took out the bone forging pill that the sapling gave her with a flip of her hand.

Suddenly, she heard the sapling yelling excitedly in her conscious pool. “Master, Master, you’re finally planning to use this bone forging pill, right.”

“Nope.” The little stoic’s reply immediately dispelled the sapling Qiuqiu’s enthusiasm.

This master was getting more and more unruly.

“I have to go distribute rice tomorrow and return home the day after that.” Qiao Mu numbered off on her fingers. “How about the day after the day after tomorrow. I’ll take this bone forging pill of yours then.”

She kept feeling that the sapling had some kind of obsession toward this bone forging pill. She did not know if it was going to screw her over!

“Oh,” the sapling responded. “Master, I’m telling you, I won’t screw you over! You’ll know after taking it. This bone forging pill is a very good pill. After taking it, your bone marrow and meridians will improve greatly. The effects depend on the person. Some people can remold their bones from a mortal skeleton into a mystic skeleton, while others can reach the heavens in a single bound and achieve a spiritual skeleton!”


“Master, you’re not excited?” Qiuqiu continued harping on. “I feel like you will be that person who will reach the heavens in a single bound.”

Qiao Mu was holding a box of snacks while sitting on the bed, and she ate two pieces. She couldn’t help but find it laughable when she heard this. “Why do you think that.”

“Because you are Master. You create miracles every time you make an advancement.”

Qiaoqiao likes this explanation! Qiao Mu blinked. If the sapling were sitting next to her right now, she would definitely rub its head gently…

“Master, since you’re bored anyways, how about we take a stroll through the royal palace and see if there are any new animals to put inside Paradise Planet?”

“Good idea.” Qiao Mu immediately put away the box of snacks and hopped to the ground. “Qiuqiu, you really are doing your utmost for Master.”

The little treant clambered onto her shoulder and gesticulated, “Qiuqiu will not hesitate to go through water and tread on fire for Master!”

The human and treant walked out from the Eastern Palace and sauntered about the palace as if strolling through their own backyard.

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“Master, there must be a small farm inside this palace. I’m speculating that it must be near the kitchen.”

“I think so too.” Qiao Mu nodded in agreement.

“We don’t have high expectations. We only need to take three to five of each kind of small animal,” the little treant giggled.

Qiao Mu hummed in approval as she walked along a tall palace wall.

She saw multistoried buildings and repeating pavilions covered with glazed tiles and decorated with vermillion eaves. All the people in the palace that she encountered would salute her, so Qiao Mu just gave them all perfunctory nods as she walked past.

Eventually, a sedan chair embroidered with cyan flowers turned the corner and ambled toward her direction.

Qiao Mu merely cast an unconcerned gaze when she was walking past.

Yet a supple voice suddenly came from the sedan chair. “Stop the sedan chair.”

A fair, jade-white hand slowly lifted the curtain, and its owner poked out the top of her head as she called gently, “Will the crown prince consort please stay.”

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