My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! - Chapter 1386

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Chapter 1386: I Understand You

People who didn’t know her extremely well would more or less misunderstand her from her expressionless stoic face.

Mo Lian nuzzled his head against the top of hers. “It’s fine, even if everyone in the world does not understand you, there is still me who does.”

Qiao Mu’s gaze wavered, as if her heartstrings got tugged on, and she raised her watery eyes at him.

*Clip clop, clipitty-clop.* A claret-colored horse was galloping toward them as fast as lightning.

When Qiao Mu looked back, her petite mouth twitched. “Huifeng has quite the unique hobby.”

He had actually chosen such a vibrantly-colored horse. This scene of a young man in black riding a red steed really was quite comical.

“I also think he looks ugly on it,” Mo Lian belittled quietly. “Don’t you think it would be great to let my Qiaoqiao ride such a fiery precious horse instead. My Qiaoqiao would be even more beautiful riding such a fiery claret horse instead, no?”

Qiao Mu actually nodded in approval. “That should be the case.”

The royal guard commander Hui Feng[a], who had been listening to the young couple’s quibbling, couldn’t resist wanting to roll his eyes.

What to do? His masters were each more thick-skinned than the other. This simply shattered his depth of comprehension toward this world…

“Your Highness!” Huifeng caught up and gallantly cupped his hands toward them while sitting on the horse.

Mo Lian criticized quietly, “Look at him, he just had to catch up and disturb our couple time. Why did I accept such a dumb subordinate.”

Yet Qiao Mu immediately nodded in acknowledgement. “Actually, none of your subordinates in the Hidden Night Pavilion are smart. They’re all kinda silly.”

Mo Lian: …

“Your Highness, the Shu Family’s fourth miss has been rescued.”

Mo Lian glared at Huifeng. “You hurried here just to report this trivial matter?”

Huifeng was a bit confounded.

Just now, didn’t His Highness leave him there with a hundred royal guards to keep watch!

He had thought His Highness had wanted to investigate the situation, yet who knew that this rascal of a master simply did not take it to heart. From how His Highness had simply forgotten what he had instructed him earlier, he had most likely given those orders offhandedly.

How did he get stuck with such a master? Huifeng looked at the crown prince consort exasperatedly.

“It’s fine, tell us about it.” Qiao Mu nodded and encouraged Huifeng to give his report with her gaze.

This young man was simply a dolt, getting dejected just cause His Highness the Crown Prince snubbed him.

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“Fourth Miss Shu did not receive any physical injuries, it’s just that, cough, her reputation might suffer a bit.”

Qiao Mu gave an “oh,” and that was it.

And then there was an awkward silence.

On the side, Hui Feng gazed at his brother in sympathy.

Huifeng really wanted to slap his own mouth. Look, take a look. This pair of rascally masters simply weren’t very interested in this matter. He was tricked into taking it seriously and reporting it right away!

“This subordinate has already safely escorted the eldest prince consort and Fourth Miss Shu to their estate,” Huifeng continued.

When the crown prince consort gave another “oh,” Huifeng simply could not go on!

When Mo Lian saw this, he laughed uncontrollably. “Alright, you can head back first. Oh, that’s right. We and the crown prince consort will come here to Xiluo Street tomorrow to distribute food. You and Hui Feng together go make arrangements. You must make sure that everything is accounted for! If something unexpected happens and causes this crown prince to lose face, you all know the consequences.”

[a]Just wanted to double check that the correct name for the guard commander was Hui Feng since the subordinate’s name was Huifeng

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