My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss - Chapter 915

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Chapter 915: Chapter 915 His Reaction After Seeing The Two Darling Babies Was Shocking! (VIII)

“Auntie, you’ve misunderstood. It’s not what you think.” Yue Hongling came back to her senses and explained repeatedly. This misunderstanding was too big.

“What misunderstanding? Isn’t the truth obvious? What misunderstanding could there be? I know that you’ve been wronged. The two children are already so old, and only now has Tang Ling brought you back. Don’t worry, we’ll definitely teach him a good lesson and make it up to you properly.” Feng Miaomiao made her attitude even clearer this time.

“Child, don’t worry. We all know that you’ve been wronged. We will avenge you.” Madam Tang agreed with Feng Miaomiao this time.

“What you’ve done will be settled with you later.” When Tang Yuncheng heard Feng Miaomiao’s words, he directly glared at Tang Ling. His voice sounded especially stern, and it did not seem like he was just saying it casually.

If Tang Yuncheng did not want to see the two darling babies, he would have brought Tang Ling to the study room to be punished.

“Mm, you deserve it.” Elder Tang obviously agreed with Tang Yuncheng’s words.

For a moment, Tang Ling became public enemy number one.

Chu Wuyou glanced at Tang Ling and felt a little sorry for him.

“No? What do you mean? This? What is this? Why are all of you staring at me like that? It seems like I’ve done something heinous.” Tang Ling felt bitter in his heart, it had not been easy for him to bring back the two darling babies. Why was he still being treated like this when he returned home?

Even if he did not make any contributions, he must have done some hard work, right?

“You still have your reasons for doing such a thing. If it wasn’t for the presence of your two children, I would have broken your legs long ago.” Tang Yuncheng heard his words and was so angry that he directly roared out.

“Dad, the children aren’t mine.” The corner of Tang Ling’s lips twitched violently. What did he do wrong? The children were not his? What did it have to do with him?

“Shut up. This girl looks exactly like your aunt when she was young. How dare you say she’s not yours?” Tang Yuncheng glared at him. The children was brought back, yet he still refused to admit it?

Tang Zixi looked very much like Tang Yunqing when she was young.

Tang Yunqing was five years old when she was lost. There were many photos of Tang Yunqing in the family. Tang Yuncheng recognized her at a glance. It was normal for a niece to look like her aunt.

Therefore, he felt that this matter definitely did not go away.

It was just that the boy did not look like Tang Ling.

“Dad, what kind of logic is this? She looks like my aunt, so she should be Wuyou’s child. No, they were originally… ?” Tang Ling finally knew who Tang Zhixi’s strong reasoning was inherited from? So it came originated his father.

“Shut up. You did something wrong, and now you’re even implicating your sister. Your sister is just a girl, how could you make such a joke?” Tang Yuncheng directly roared. At this moment, his expression clearly became even more stern.

“Dad, I’m innocent, I’m really innocent…”

Madam Tang could not hold it in any longer. She took small steps and walked in front of the two darlings. Madam Tang did not dare to touch the two darlings. She was afraid that they would not like her, so she asked softly, “Little ones, what are your names?”

Tang Yuncheng’s lecture did not affect her getting close to her great-grandson.

“My name is Tang Zhixi, and my brother’s name is Tang Zhimo.” Tang Zhixi had always been obedient. She looked at Madam Tang and smiled sweetly.

“Aiya, those names sounds nice. My surname is Tang.” Madam Tang’s face was full of smiles. Her name sounded nice.

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