My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss - Chapter 914

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Chapter 914: Chapter 914 His Reaction After Seeing The Two Darling Babies Was Shocking! (VII)

Tang Ling’s figure also appeared at the door. At this moment, Tang Ling was holding the two babies in his hands.

In the hall, everyone looked over when they heard Tang Ling’s voice. When they saw the two darlings in Tang Ling’s hands, they were instantly dumbstruck.

At this moment, Yue Hongling was standing behind Tang Zhixi’s little friend. This scene was too easy to misunderstand.

Chu Wuyou thought about how Tang Yuncheng said that he was going to break someone’s leg, and she was a little scared, so she did not say anything for a moment.

At this moment, Chu Wuyou was standing in a position that was blocked by Tang Yuncheng and Feng Miaomiao, so the two darlings did not see her.

“Quickly greet everyone.” Tang Ling took two steps forward with the two darlings, then urged the two darlings to greet the family.

“Grandpa, Grandma, Great-grandpa, Great-grandma.” Tang Zhixi had always been a sweet talker and was never afraid of strangers, so she obediently greeted everyone in the hall. Because Chu Wuyou stood behind Tang Yuncheng and did not move, Tang Zhixi did not see her, so she did not greet her.

Logically speaking, Tang Zhixi should have called Tang Yuncheng Great-uncle, but Tang Zhixi was still young, so she could not tell them apart so clearly.

Tang Zhimo’s eyes flashed, and then he followed Tang Zhixi and called out obediently.

For a moment, everyone was even more stunned like statues. They all stood straight, unable to react in time.

Suddenly, a plop sound came from the hall.

Everyone heard the sound and quickly turned their gazes over. They saw Madam Tang fall directly onto the sofa. Fortunately, there was a sofa behind her, or else she would have sat directly on the floor.

“Me? Am I seeing things?” Madam Tang swallowed hard, her eyes staring straight at the two treasures with a face full of disbelief. She felt that her eyes must be playing tricks on her.

“Mom, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. This should be true. You were right. Tang Ling brought back your great-grandchild, and there’s two of them.” Feng Miaomiao turned her eyes slightly and looked at Madam Tang. She seemed to have regained her senses, but she did not completely regain them, that voice sounded like it was about to cry. It seemed like she was really frightened, but of course, it could also be because she was excited.

At this moment, Feng Miaomiao’s eyes were looking at the two little babies. Her eyes were full of light. Aiya, why are these two little babies so cute? They’re really adorable.

Tang Yuncheng, who had just shouted that he wanted to break Tang Ling’s legs, looked at the two darling babies at this moment. His eyes were also filled with a strange light. It was said that it was an intergenerational marriage. Who would not like a grandchild? Moreover, these two children were so cute.

Of course, Elder Tang’s face was also full of joy and excitement.

“Hello, Uncle, Auntie, Grandpa Tang, Grandma Tang.” Yue Hongling also followed them into the hall and greeted them politely.

“Aiya, why are you still calling me Auntie? This child is already so old. Call Me Mom, Call Me Mom.” Feng Miaomiao’s eyes turned to Yue Hongling and immediately welcomed her warmly. Feng Miaomiao felt that the child was already so old, so Tang Ling brought him back, this child had really been wronged, so she had to make it up to him properly.

Therefore, Feng Miaomiao directly made her attitude clear.

When Chu Wuyou heard Feng Miaomiao’s words, she almost choked on her own saliva. What, what was going on?

Tang Ling was dumbfounded. Where did this mom come from?

For a moment, everyone’s gaze turned to Yue Hongling. At this moment, everyone was like Feng Miaomiao, thinking that Yue Hongling was the mother of her two darling children.

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