Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 166

Chapter 166: Some Words

Facing the serious-looking Madame Gu, Gu Zhenkang did not show weakness or uneasiness. Instead, he smiled. “Mom, don’t worry. Lord Huai is just favoring the ugly girl because of her medical skills, not for her looks or intelligence. So she is not going to become anyone extraordinary in the future either. If she wants to run a business, just let her. The money ends up being ours, anyway, right?”


“We need to pay attention to Ruxue!”


“Guess who came to me today?”


“The ambassador of Lord Ling! He was here asking us about Ruxue’s marital arrangement!” Gu Zhenkang said with an expression of satisfaction. Ruxue was doing so well for him. They had never met Lord Ling before, but now Lord Ling was asking the family about her marriage. That basically meant that they had the intention of establishing one with them!

Who was Lord Ling!

He was the son of the King, one of the most likely people to inherit the throne! He was far better than a minor Prince!

If only Ruxue could marry him….

Gu Zhenkang just could not believe how much glory the Gu Mansion was going to get.

“Really? How did Lord Ling get to know about Ruxue?” Madame Gu was confused yet joyful. If that was the case…

Madame Gu smiled brightly.

“That sounds wonderful. We do need to pay attention to Ruxue! I will get her some more ornaments and make her some more dresses, and…” Madame Gu was thinking for the long term. “Get an educated aunt to teach Ruxue some manners. It would be great!”


“Saint College is recruiting again in a few days. Get Ruxue to try the entrance examination. We never thought about her getting enrolled there, but with Saint College as part of her background, Ruxue is going to have an even more promising future.” Madame Gu started to take everything into consideration.

Gu Zhenkang agreed with all of these suggestions. They had to get ready for those things as soon as possible.

The more he thought about this, the more excited he became. “I will go and get that done!”

Madame Gu nodded with satisfaction. “Just do that.”

Hearing what Madam Gu said, Gu Zhenkang just could not be seated any more. He rushed towards the Begonia Yard and ran into Gu Ruxue who was about to go out.

“Where are you going?” Gu Zhenkang asked in confusion.

“I am visiting the Prince.” Gu Ruxue confessed. She had noticed how father was treating her a minute ago, so she thought that it must have been Prince who had woken up from the coma. So she had to spare some time to visit Prince.

Hearing these words Gu Zhenkang did not get angry.

The two were still in a marital affair, although the date was not yet set and the formal exchange process had not been done.

It was proper of Ruxue to visit the Prince, but…

It should not work in this way now.

Gu Zhenkang waved at Gu Ruxue. “Ruxue, come, I have a few words to share with you.”

Gu Ruxue looked confused, but she still followed him in.

Mrs. Gu was there too. “What is going on?”

The first thing Gu Zhenkang said the moment he sat down was – “Ruxue, don’t visit Prince any more.”

“Why!” Gu Ruxue was confused. “Me and Prince are arranged to get married. Why am I forbidden to meet him?”

Gu Zhenkang showed a smile and waved his hand at Gu Ruxue’s confused face. He calmed her down and said, “Because you are getting a better arrangement in the future.”

A better arrangement?

Hearing this, Gu Ruxue was overjoyed and asked. “With whom?”