Monster Soul Online

MSO มอนสเตอร์โซลออนไลน์

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Wuxia , Supernatural , Martial Arts , Fantasy , Adventure , Action

Chapters: 367

Last update: 7 months ago

3.4 /5

Without rules, humans would be no different from monsters. But if you are powerless in real-life, how ready are you to survive in a world that's even crueler?A world filled with dangers.A world where humans are stripped of their morality. All that remains is their true soul.Monster Soul Online'A popular VRMMORPG among gamers even with its top-notch harshness. It's a virtual reality game that reflects the deepest parts of human nature through a world without rules.Are you ready to take part in Monster Soul? A world where you have a human body but a monster's soul.Sila' went from reality into this dark world, his heart fueled by the flames of vengeance. In this world of monsters, he has to start from scratch. But unbeknownst to him, the end of his journey would be something he couldn't even dare to dream of.

Monster Soul Online