Monarch of Time - Chapter 570

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The yellow-robed young man behind the 'Mission counter' could feel his mind blanking out when he read the contents of the second mission, as he stared at Shun Long with a gaze filled with disbelief.

He couldn't believe what he was seeing as he turned his gaze towards Shun Long for confirmation.

It was one thing for him to accept a D-rank faction mission since it meant that despite his low cultivation, the rest of his faction members may be strong enough to hunt down a middle rank 5 'Poison-tongued Toad' by themselves, but a C-rank mission was an entirely different matter altogether.

The young man behind the 'Mission counter' stared at Shun Long for a few moments and thought to himself

''I wonder which faction is crazy enough to take in someone with such a low cultivation base and even allow him to participate in a C-rank faction mission.

No, wait. Maybe he is just accepting the mission for his faction but they won't take him along during the actual mission.''

As he reached this conclusion, the yellow-robed young man seemed to have realized that this was actually the most plausible scenario, as he looked at Shun Long and nodded his head as he confirmed his choice before he said

''If you don't have a flying magic beast or a flying treasure, you can get to the 'Blue star continent' in the Northern region through the sect's Beast Tamer hall.

You can rent a flying magic beast that will carry you straight to the continent that you want to arrive in a short amount of time.

However, renting magic beasts isn't free but you can do it for a certain amount of sect points. As for how much you will need to pay to get to the Northern region, you should ask the people in the Beast Tamer hall.''

Shun Long nodded his head at the yellow-robed young man in front of him after registering his missions, while being surprised that the Holy sect actually had a 'Beast Tamer hall'. 

However, thinking about it for a few more moments he realized that this was only natural. Since being a beast tamer was a profession that was just as rare and sought after as being an alchemist or a formation master, how could the Holy sect not have at least a few beast tamers and a Beast Tamer hall?

After all, not every outer disciple in the sect came from a powerful family or clan like Liu Mei's senior sisters, nor would everyone have flying magic beasts by themselves.

Of course, although most magic beasts at the rank 3 and above could fly as well, their flight wasn't used to cross large distances, which was why they couldn't be compared to magic beasts that could actually fly by themselves in this regard.

As for flying treasures, although Shun Long had heard about them, he had yet to see such a treasure for sale just yet.

As he registered the 2 missions, Shun Long waited for Liu Mei and the rest to finish registering their missions as well, as he closed his eyes and started to sense Little Silver's location.

From the moment that he had seen Liu Mei waiting in front of the entrance of the sect, he could feel that Little Silver wasn't too far away from her, and had simply hidden itself out of plain sight.

Indeed, through their mental connection, Shun Long could feel that the black panther was hidden in the clouds a few miles away from the Holy sect, while his sharp gaze was staring at the Holy sect's entrance.

Of course, as a middle rank 6 magic beast, Little Silver wouldn't carelessly approach too close to the Holy sect when it could clearly feel that there were 2 peak rank 6 Dao Kings guarding the sect's entrance.

10 minutes later, Jiang Chen and the rest all finished registering their missions as well, before they turned their gazes towards Shun Long who was waiting for them a few meters away.

Nodding his head with a serious look on his face Shun Long stared at Xie Xingyi and the rest before he spoke

''Since we are completing these faction missions alone, make sure to avoid taking any needless risks.

These are faction missions, and they aren't meant to be completed by a single person. If you feel that the difficulty or the danger of the mission is too high, give up.''

The reason why Shun Long had said this, was because he had already seen that every single one of them, including Xie Xingyi and Liu Mei, had actually chosen the more difficult D-rank faction missions.

However, even though they all heard Shun Long's words, none of them actually nodded their heads, indicating that they would give up.

Every one of them felt like they had to carry their own weight, or they would fall too far behind from the others.

This wasn't like that just for Jiang Chen and Bai Longtian who were competing among themselves, but for Liu Mei and Xie Xingyi as well.

None of them wanted to be left behind and feel like a burden in the future, so they could only push themselves to their limits, and this faction mission was everyone's chance.

Jiang Chen was the first one to speak, as he looked at Shun Long with an equally serious look on his face and nodded his head before he said

''If you can risk your life to become stronger, do you really think that we can simply wait and fall behind? If you can complete a faction mission by yourself with your current cultivation base, how can anyone else have the face to ask for someone's help? If we don't even dare to complete these missions by ourselves, we may as well die instead!''

Bai Longtian had a determined look in his eyes as he too nodded his head when he heard Jiang Chen's words, while Xie Xingyi and Liu Mei both nodded with serious looks in their eyes.

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