MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter - Chapter 781

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Chapter 781: Searing Red Grass

Kalosi did not accept the Invisibility Cloak that Jiang Feng handed to her.

When Jiang Feng took out the Invisibility Cloak, she habitually checked it stats.

While the Invisibility Cloak only had one use, it was a priceless treasure for the assassin-type players.

Assassin-type players had very high movement speed and damage. If they could become invisible with the Invisibility Cloak. That would make them even more powerful.

They could even kill others who were higher ranking than themselves.

It could be said that the Invisibility Cloak’s value was far higher than the Crystal Fruit. Kalosi naturally did not want to accept it.

“You saved me, and there’s nothing I can do for you. I can’t take something so valuable from you.” Kalosi shook her head.

“We are a team, and this item is most suitable for you. If you feel uncomfortable, then assist us and help us get a few more victories! So don’t think too much about it!” Jiang Feng said with a smile as he shoved the Invisibility Cloak into her hands.


“No buts. Let’s continue killing the monsters. Learn from our last experience. Once we manage to bait it, be careful of the monster’s attacks and make sure to create at least 10 meters worth of distance between yourself and the monster. That way, the monster’s attacks would be less effective and basically can’t hurt us,” Jiang Feng patted Kalosi’s head and said with a smile as he looked at Sus.

Sus knew what he had to do as the chain sword once again appeared in his hand. He hurled it toward an Undead Guardian and pulled it out.

The moment that the Undead Guardian was pulled out, Jiang Feng slammed it using his Exploding Fist and tossed it into Huang Xiaoyu’s Array.

Wanke slammed it again with a palm strike, forcing the Undead Guardian into a corner.

Next, they all used their most powerful skills to damage it.

This time, when the Undead Guardian started its attacks, everyone retreated 10 meters away. With the help of Huang Xiaoyu’s array, they managed to block out most of the energy from the Undead Guardian’s attacks.

The moment the Black Pill from the Undead Guardian flew out, the sword in Sus’s hand became a net, and it managed to catch the Undead Guardian’s Black Pill within it.

As there were no more threats, everyone continued their attacks and successfully killed off the Undead Guardian.

They were even able to receive an Undead Guardian’s Black Pill.

Black Pill: Can be used in Alchemy, Arrays, and other vocations.

“Captain, the Black Pill is a good thing. The price of one could easily reach 20,000 gold pieces. You should keep it for now. We can distribute it once we’re outside.” Sus gave Jiang Feng the Black Pill.

The Black Pill was not worth a lot mainly because they could not be used as is by normal players. Also, Alchemy and Arrays spent a lot of resources due to their high rate of failure. However, for the Heavenly Demons, the Black Pills were much more valuable as they could immediately consume them.

That was why when players trade with the Heavenly Demons in the black market, their price could increase by multiple folds.

“Alright,” Jiang Feng nodded.

Then, the five of them continued to clear out the monsters.

After about two hours, they had finally killed off all the twenty Undead Guardians. They had also received 20 Black Pills.

They went into the passageway that was guarded by the Undead Guardians. They noticed a crack in the walls, and within the crack was a plant that was crimson in color.

Searing Red Grass: Scarce Herb

Stats: A Scarce Herb that can be used in Alchemy.

Herbs were separated into four different types: Common, Premium, Precious, and Scarce. The ones higher than Scarce were Rare Treasures.

Rare Treasures could be used as is without having to go through additional processes and had no side effects. That was why Rare Treasures were so expensive.

Scarce Herbs could also be used as is as well, but it would have some side effects. It was not as valuable as the Rare Treasures, but when one had plenty of it, they could be used to create pills with effects surpassing that of Rare Treasures.

A Scarce Herb was valued at around 100,000 gold pieces. Which meant that they had just pocketed 100,000 gold pieces.

Jiang Feng harvested it and then threw it into the Golden Dragon Ring, and they then continued on with their journey.

After clearing the previous passageway, they did not encounter any monsters afterward. It would seem that the passageway with the monsters was one of those few places that remained untouched.

After spending about an hour, they finally stepped into the heart of the Secret Map. It seemed that the path that they chose earlier was the correct one.

Ding. Tianji System Prompt: You are now entering the Treasure’s Zone. All parties that entered the Treasure’s Zone would have their power suppressed to the same level.

The moment that the system announcement was made, a light screen covered Jiang Feng and the others.

Their power had all been suppressed to Earth Realm Six Stars. Which meant that the Realm’s suppression was based on them.

“I didn’t expect that someone would have already made it to the central area. Luckily, the treasure hasn’t yet been taken away, or we would have wasted our time coming here!” Sus said with a smile on his face when he heard the system’s prompt.

They did not have to be so careful now, and they could march their way through. That was because everyone else’s power level had all been suppressed to the same level as them.

And all of them here were able to take care of several elites at the same time as long as they were at the same level. Even if they could not defeat the enemies, they could still escape.

Jiang Feng then reminded them, “You still have to be careful. Remember, the suppression doesn’t work on the Black Pills and Earth Soul. Even if none of them have an Earth Soul, they must have formed their Black Pills. It would still be quite dangerous if we encounter them.”

The Black Pills’ speed was extremely quick and had the capability to pierce through defenses. Even their Chi Shields could not protect them. If they were targeted by a Black Pill, they could get killed by it easily if they did not neutralize it quick enough.

The other four became grim once they heard Jiang Feng’s reminder.

“Kalosi, wear your Invisibility Cloak. Use it as an ace,” Jiang Feng told Kalosi and then took out four drops of Aeon Drops and gave one to each of them. “This is an Aeon Drop. Don’t be afraid to use it if you’re severely injured.”

“Jiang Feng, how rich are you exactly?!” Sus said in shock as he looked at the Aeon Drops in his hand.

Wanke, Kalosi, and Huang Xiaoyu all looked at him with surprise on their faces as well.

“I’m wealthy, so grab hold of me tightly. I can guarantee you success,” Jiang Feng said with a smile as he walked off.

Kalosi looked at the Aeon Drop in her hand. She finally understood why he hesitated when she gave him the Crystal Fruit. The reason that he accepted it was because he did not want her to feel bad. Even without the Crystal Fruit, he had other ways to heal himself.

But what she did not know was that the Aeon Drops were obtained by him later on during the lottery.

The passage which was about half a kilometer long that they were in was linked to the depth of the valley. There were other passages that linked to this place, and it seemed like the others that had come here had all used other passageways.

Jiang Feng looked at his stats when they were on their way. He frowned as he thought to himself, ‘Why weren’t my stats in Divine Dominion converted?!’

Back in Divine Dominion, his power had already reached the peak of Divine Saint. His stats had also ballooned after he fused with so many Titans. But what made him confused was that when he entered the Great World of Tianji this time, those stats were not converted at all.

‘Is there a delay?’ He thought to himself with a bitter smile.

If his stats were converted, his combat rating and inner chi would surpass those of the Heaven Realm One Star and even Two Stars. Even though their powers were suppressed, he would be at a great advantage.

Since everyone was suppressed to their levels, a cap was set on their stats. And as they were not suppressed, there were no such caps to their stats!

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