Apocalypse Meltdown - Chapter 1937

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Two years later
In the cities of South China, all the zombies have been cleaned up, which shocked all foreign bases . They began to purchase wolf tooths patented zombie attractant and began to implement the same policy .
Langyas development has become more and more spectacular, with the two cities as the center, and began to expand continuously .
The city is also fully electrified, and life has caught up with the pace of civilization . However, some technologies have not been restored . But compared with other places, langyadi has been developed, which fascinates people all over the world!
In the past two years, ships leading to Baodao have also made many trips to and from various bases on the island . Although there is friction in the process, both sides have reached a consensus under the general trend .
Everything developed in Chuhans plan, and there was no mistake .
But on this day, Liu Yuding rushed to Chu Han in a rage and slapped a stack of documents on the table: you dont think you are my commander . You are handsome, tall and powerful . Im afraid of you!
Chu Han does not lift his head, eating the love breakfast sent by Shang jiudi, and touching Shangguan Yuxin rouyi, who is sitting next to him, looks happy .
Shangguan Yuxin blushed and quickly got up to say goodbye: Im leaving first .
Ah? Ah! No, sister-in-law . Ill come back later . Liu Yuding stepped back quickly .
No, no, you can talk about business . Its time for me to go . Theres a meeting in Nandu base tomorrow morning . With that, Shangguan Yuxin got up and left, went to the door and said a silent spoken language to Chu Han:
I will come tomorrow night!
Shangguanrong has dismissed his post and has been fishing all day long . He cant catch more fierce animals than the peoples Congress . In short, its quite noisy .
Unlike Shang jiudi and bu Sha, who live in Langya all year round, Shangguan Yuxin takes over his fathers position and is now the leader of the Nandu base . His kung fu is very busy .
But Chu Han dug up Gao Shaohuis Tianzhao 3000 and gave it to Shangguan Yuxin as a wedding booking . Although Nandu is far away from Langya, driving Tianzhao 3000 is only minutes away .
So in the case of no one knows, Shangguan Yuxin often comes to meet with Chu Han in private, without delaying her work .
It can be said that Chu Hans small life in the past two years has been quite comfortable!
After Shangguan Yuxin left, Liu Yuding put on a bad face again, pointed to Chu Hans nose and roared: sir! You must explain to me today exactly what this large number of plans mean
All the wolf teeth! Do you know what the quantity is? Three hundred thousand! Do you have 300000 wolf teeth soldiers gather in a week, and where else do you run to form a love team?
The more Liu Yuding said, the more angry he was . He clapped the paper on the table and said, explain it to me! Is it right now that you have killed all the enemies, you have nothing to do now!
After breakfast, Chu Han pointed to the stack of documents and said, I can tell that you havent finished reading this plan . If you havent finished reading it, you will have the face to come to me and yell at me?
Liu Yudings forehead was full of blue tendons: Ive finished watching! Dont be poor with me! Im going to smoke you to the end! There are also a series of programs that I cant bear . What shooting teams use the most advanced guns to shoot fireworks, and what secret troops go to the wild to pull monsters and sing a song of wolves .
Are you special . . . Liu Yuding couldnt bear it: dont make me beat you!
Chu Han glanced at him and said, are you sure you want to fight me?
Liu Yuding suddenly withered: Im sorry, sir, Im floating, I cant beat you . . .
Chu Han said with a smile: arrange it .
Liu Yuding does not believe in evil: you really dont tell me why?
Chu Han waved his hand: then you will know .
As soon as a week went by, the 300000 elite soldiers of Langya were suddenly mobilized, which attracted everyones attention . Many bases sent people to follow them, and even some people took special cameras to record them .
Chu Han also arrived at the scheduled place early, which is different from the usual out of tune . He is particularly formal today .
This is a valley, or should be said to be a valley outside the valley of yin and Yang . Here is the crack that the earths magnetic field cracked in a large area of shielding!
If there is a detector in space-time that can detect it, this is the only landing place .
At this moment, in the whole valley, all the 300000 members of the wolf tooth battle group were arranged in the shape of a huge love . They were ready to go, and the people of each group were solemn .
Although the faces of several generals beeped the dog, they still stood upright .
God hidden in the valley pull strange, gradually there is a wolf howl, from far to near, soon this wolf song will ring the whole valley .
The shooting team is ready . Young master Chen looks at death as if he is returning home . He has completely given up Chu Han . He thinks that the boss may not be in good spirits .
Shayu and heimang followed Chu Han from left to right . They were magnificent!
Everything is ready, then wait . The people sent from various bases kept recording, but one hour later, two hours later, these people were all sour, or nothing happened .
Whats up?
A lot of people are stupid .
Only the devils training of the wolf teeth battle group made them wonder in their hearts, but they didnt show up on their faces . They stood as if they were loose in the same place .
Including Chu Han!
Chu Han is probably the most serious and solemn one, careful enough to surprise everyone .
Finally, his eyes moved and he looked up to the sky!
The move attracted the attention of all the photographers, who immediately gathered their spirits and aimed the camera at the sky direction Chu Han looked at .
But ten minutes later, nothing happened .
Foreign base people began to whisper, but also dare not too much, can only accompany Chu Han and so on .
Finally, twenty minutes after Chu Han looked up at the sky!
A huge dark shadow appeared in the clouds above the sky!
The clear sky, instantly become a shadow .
Many people were shocked . The 300000 elite soldiers of the wolf tooth battle group also had their pupils constricted violently . What is this?
The shadow is getting bigger and clearer, and it gradually starts to look like a boat!
The photographers yelled and were terrified .
The 300000 elite soldiers of the wolf tooth battle group were shocked, and some people began to be agitated .
At this time, Chu Han drank: be quiet!
In a moment, all dead .
The ship began to get lower and lower, and finally stopped at a distance of 100 meters from the ground . A chain fell from it and hung in front of Chu Han .
Chu Han also had some difficulties in suppressing his inner emotions . His voice trembled and said, guard of honor!
Boom -
in an instant, countless luminescent catapults into the sky, blooming one after another, which is just a huge love shape .
Shooting team count the beat, let this love continuous, also lasting!
Around the wolf howl also sounded, lively and extraordinary!
At the same time, a woman in white also appeared from the top of the chain, a hundred meters away from Chu Han . The girls hands were shaking and her face was tired, but there was a bright smile on her face .
Its Bai Yuner!
The corner of her eyes some crystal, is also the first time so unscrupulous smile .
She still took that transparent silver glove, pulled the chain to slide down and quickly jumped to Chu Han a hundred meters away .
Chu Han opened his arms and caught her .
Im back .
Welcome home .
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