Mechanical God Emperor - Chapter 1027

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1027 – Princess Chris

“It’s about time!”

Inside the Black Devil Dragon, Yang Feng has panicked look on his face, yet the abyss of his eyes is tranquil.

All of a sudden, a cruel breath erupted from the meteorite belt, and a meteorite with a diameter of 100,000 meters burst apart.

A dark purple centipede more than 3,000 meters long, with four pairs of dragon wings on the back and emanating a ruthless air, suddenly flew out and fixed its giant eyes on the Black Butcher.

In addition to the 3,000-meter-long centipede, there are 300-meter-long centipedes circling around.

“Damn it, star purple centipedes!”

As soon as the Black Butcher saw the giant dark purple centipede, his face fell, and he cursed.

The figure of the giant star purple centipede suddenly fluttered, and it shot towards the Black Butcher along with an afterimage.

After the Black Butcher yelled, he engaged the star purple centipede at once.


Chris’s eyes flashed with excitement, and the Blazing Phoenix turned into a stream of fire and, with Yang Feng in tow, flew away.

Yang Feng was slightly surprised: “This Chris person isn’t bad!”

At this stage, many superiors would have abandoned a low born subordinate such as Gadi and escaped alone.

Chris, to Yang Feng’s surprise, took him to escape together.

After Yang Feng mastered the Fate Algorithm, with the help of the fearsome computing power of the level-6 optical computer network, he has been able to fiddle with fate and change the fate of many people without giving himself away.

Since Yang Feng suppressed Gadi, Yang Feng has grasped the general trend of this starfield. He foresaw what happened today, including the appearance of the star purple centipedes.

Comprehension welled up inside Yang Feng: “The future is really hard to predict. Even if I can grasp the general trend, I can’t grasp many details.”

The essences of space, time, and fate are each harder to understand than the previous. In particular, the essence of fate is really mysterious and hard to comprehend.

Whether it is in the world of Warlocks or in the Gumana Universe, Eternal Sovereigns are extremely rare, and that us because the three essences are harder to comprehend than the previous.

Each one of the Gumana Universe’s Eternal Sovereigns has mastered the essence of fate after going through countless battles, sensing the fickleness of fate, and having countless fortuitous encounters during universe devourings. However, even though they mastered the essence of fate, it is only at a rather superficial level. They don’t know how to pass on the essence of fate to others.

Yang Feng sneaked into the blasteel race and is trying to change his fate and that of others without leaving any traces of fate being fiddled with behind. At the same time, he is trying to comprehend the quintessence of the essence of fate.

Hundreds of purple star centipedes flapped their wings, turned into purple streams of light, and chased Yang Feng and his party.

The star purple centipedes shone with purple light, and their speed increased until they became even slightly faster than the Blazing Phoenix, narrowing the distance between the two sides.

Yang Feng said: “Officer Chris, release me! I’ll bring up the rear. Take it as repayment for the six volumes of the Blasteel Scripture.”


After a moment’s silence, Chris’s voice came from the Blazing Phoenix. The Blazing Phoenix threw Yang Feng down, turned into a flame, and disappeared.

“He seems to be dissatisfied with me for requesting the Blasteel Scripture just now!”

Yang Feng smiled unwittingly, then operated the Black Devil Dragon, turned into a stream of dark light, and rushed towards the hundreds of star purple centipedes.

With a flicker of dark light, a star purple centipede was cut into two pieces by Yang Feng’s sword, and purple blood spilled out.

Dark rays ejected from the dragon wings on the Black Devil Dragon and punched holes into the star purple centipedes.

Piloted by Yang Feng, all the functions of the Black Devil Dragon were perfectly stimulated, and he erupted with Bright World Warlock rank battle prowess.

Among the hundreds of star purple centipedes, there are four Bright World Warlock rank existences. The four Bright World Warlock rank star purple centipedes engaged Yang Feng.

Due to the fearsome fighting, Yang Feng’s Black Devil Dragon mecha suffered damage all over its body. It can break down and collapse at any time.

Just when the Black Devil Dragon was about to collapse, the hundreds of star purple centipedes suddenly trembled and, as if they found something terrifying, they turned into streams of light and fled.

“At last!”

A terrifying cosmic storm that seems capable of destroy and wiping out everything suddenly came from afar. In an instant, Yang Feng’s Black Devil Dragon was drawn in along with the hundreds of star purple centipedes.

Yang Feng piloted the Black Devil Dragon to fly along the cosmic storm, as if blending into the cosmic storm. Even so, the Black Devil Dragon still became bruised and battered, disintegrating inch by inch inside the terrifying cosmic storm.

After who knows how long, the already twisted Black Devil Dragon fell onto a huge meteorite.

Covered in wounds, Yang Feng walked out of the Black Devil Dragon, sat on the ground, and operated the Blasteel Scripture to heal his body.

A day later, a flame fell from the sky and landed on the ground.

After the flame disappeared, the damaged and battered Blazing Phoenix, which had 80% of its body destroyed, leaving only the cockpit and a part of the frame remaining, was revealed.

“Help me!”

A weak voice came from the Blazing Phoenix.

“Officer Chris!”

Yang Feng has a surprised look on his face, but the abyss of his eyes is tranquil. He already predicted this. Despite not using any magic, he can influence all kinds of things and create the future he wants to see. This is part of the law of fate he comprehended.

When he arrived at the cockpit, Yang Feng tore the cockpit, which was close to collapse, to shreds.

A gorgeous woman in an officer uniform, with long, purple hair and a hot and sexy figure, was powerlessly curled up inside the cockpit. Despite the blood on her face, she still looks stunningly beautiful.

Yang Feng asked in surprise: “You’re officer Chris? You’re a woman? Did you disguise yourself?”

Chris’s beautiful eyes flickered with derision, and she responded indifferently: “Yes, I am a woman. My real identity is that of an illegitimate daughter born after a one night stand the 139th Prince had with an andarim dancer.”

The adarim race is famous for birthing beautiful women and dashing men. But in the Blasteel Empire, the andarims are just playthings.

Throughout his life, the Blasteel Lord has sired a total of 139 princes and 79 princesses. Among them, only the 139th Prince and the 79th Princess were born after he promoted to a Warlock Emperor. These two are the divine children of the blasteel race.

The 139th Prince and the 79th Princess are far more talented than the other princes and princesses. Although they are young, but they have already promoted to Holy Spirit Warlocks. They are great figures of the blasteel race.

For such great figures, andarim dancers are just playthings. Illegitimate children born from dancers are existences that bring shame to them.

That’s because the andarim bloodline is really weak. Even if they give birth to children with the Blasteel Lord’s bloodline, they will be far weaker than that of royal powerhouses birthed from others and the Blasteel Lord’s bloodline.

Yang Feng stroked his forehead and complained: “Shit, it looks like I got myself involved in a terrible storm. What a headache.”

Chris uttered flatly: “Their target is me. If you run now, you still have time.”

Yang Feng’s eyes sparkled with ambition: “Officer Chris, I’m not a good person. But, I’m also quite trustworthy. You gave me the first six volumes of the Blasteel Scripture. In exchange, I will try my best to protect you. By the way, can you give me the volumes after the sixth volume of the Blasteel Scripture?”

Chris relied faintly: “The volumes after the sixth volume contain the secret of advancement to the Imperishable step (Holy Spirit Warlock). How could someone as lowly as myself get their hands on them? If I can advance to a Starcraft step (Warlock Monarch) powerhouse, I may be able to get them.”

After the sixth volume, the Blasteel Scripture contains the secret of promoting to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm. Even the blasteel royals need to go through many tests before it can be conferred.

Chris uttered: “But I know how to get the Blasteel Scripture’s latter volumes.”

“Let me hear it!!”

With a flash of dark radiance, the battered Black Butcher, which exuded an overbearing air, flew down, emanated advanced Bright World Warlock rank fluctuations of power, and gazed at Yang Feng and Chris, a sinister expression on his face.

Yang Feng’s eyes constricted slightly, and he said: “Black Butcher!”

The Black Butcher’s eyes shimmered with endless ruthlessness and fierceness, and he said with a frigid smile: “How beautiful! It turns out that you are an andarim half-breed, amazing! Your Highness princess Chris, hand over the Blasteel Scripture’s secret methods after the sixth volume, and I will leave your corpse intact. Otherwise, I will torture you for ten days and nights, let you have a taste of endless despair, and then kill you!”

Chris stayed silent, a cold look in her eyes.

Yang Feng spread the fingers of a hand, and a blue crystal suddenly emerged and turned into a blue mecha that shrouded his whole body. When the blue mecha appeared, he turned into a blue ray that shot towards the Black Butcher.

“A mere Astrum step (Glorious Sun Warlock) ant dares to challenge me, what a reckless thing! Go to hell!”

With a ferocious look in his eyes, the Black Butcher spread the fingers of a hand, and a battle axe engraved with countless mysterious runes extended from the mecha, dark light shone, and he hacked with the battle axe at Yang Feng.

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