Master of the End Times - Chapter 1076

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The appearance of Mighty Spirit Prime made these people all respectful. They did not even care if Qin Feng was going to make a move.

In these people’s eyes, Qin Feng definitely would not make a move now. Otherwise, Mighty Spirit Prime would not let Qin Feng off. In the Human Alliance, killing each other was also breaking the rules.

However, Qin Feng completely ignored Mighty Spirit Prime. He was a man of his words.

Qin Feng once again unleashed a slash. After this slash, if these people did not die, Qin Feng would let them off.

Therefore, with this slash, Qin Feng poured at least half of a frozen star’s internal energy in. Tens of thousands of spirits burst forth, roaring as they charged toward those aptitude users..

When Mighty Spirit Prime saw this, he frowned.

His face was also very huge. This frowning action was like a small bump on his face. Then, he raised his hand to block Qin Feng’s attack.

From Mighty Spirit Prime’s perspective, these aptitude users were bowing to him, but they were attacked by another person. He naturally could not watch this kind of thing happen.

Therefore, the aptitude users only felt Mighty Spirit Prime’s finger appear and cover their heads. This made them have an inexplicable feeling of shock, but they did not feel the threat of Mighty Spirit Prime.

There was only one possibility.

They raised their heads again and looked in Qin Feng’s direction. Sure enough, they saw the terrifying spirits appear again.

And Mighty Spirit Prime’s finger had blocked those spirits.

“Oh my God, Mighty Spirit Prime has made a move.”

“I’ve never seen an Immortal make a move. This is simply terrifying.”

“That Qin Feng’s attack is so powerful, yet he only used a finger to block it. It’s really… Erm…”

Before the man could say anything else, he realized that when Mighty Spirit Prime’s finger collided with Qin Feng’s saber light, it exploded like fireworks. The energy life form exploded, and Mighty Spirit Prime’s finger was instantly severed.

Although this was only Mighty Spirit Prime’s energy life form, and could grow even longer even if his finger was severed, this phenomenon represented Qin Feng’s strength.

He could actually kill an Immortal.

At this moment, Mighty Spirit Prime quickly withdrew his hand as his eyes widened.

With the same reaction as Gorefiend Prime, Mighty Spirit Prime was shocked by Qin Feng’s strength. He was actually able to harm him, and the star-slaying iron had made an extraordinary contribution.

However, although Mighty Spirit Prime paid the price of a finger, he still successfully saved the people. The aftershock merely threatened those aptitude users. Fortunately, no one died.

Mighty Spirit Prime looked at Qin Feng and Bai Li, but there was no anger on his face. Instead, he was a little surprised.

“Your strength is not bad. With great strength, you also have to learn to control yourself and not kill the innocent. If you do, you will be expelled from the Human Alliance,” Mighty Spirit Prime said.

Qin feng sneered, “Expelled from the Human Alliance? Haven’t I been expelled a long time ago? In fact, it was Ahn Ping Prime who did it. Don’t you think so, General Zhao Ge?”

Qin Feng’s consciousness was locked onto Zhao Ge who was just about to let out a sigh of relief after surviving the calamity.

His heart started to beat wildly again. He was extremely afraid.

“What are you saying? I don’t understand.”

Mighty Spirit Prime did not understand either.

However, at this moment, another huge rift appeared in the universe. However, this rift was only one-tenth the size of the one Mighty Spirit Prime had created. Not only that, the aura coming from within made even Qin Feng and Bai Li know who had appeared.

The gazes of these aptitude users were all focused on that rift.

Then, Ahn Ping Prime’s body appeared.

Zhao Ge hurriedly used his consciousness to connect with him. Even Shao Dongfeng was happily fawning over him. In the past, he was still worried about his dignity. He thought that Ahn Ping Prime and he had an unusual relationship, even though the other party was an Immortal.

But now, Shao Dongfeng finally understood the difference between an Immortal and an aptitude user.

This was an epiphany one would get when one’s life was threatened.

Ahn Ping Prime floated in the universe and instantly locked onto Qin Feng.

After all, in order to return Shao Dongfeng’s favor, he had personally schemed against Qin Feng. It was just that he did not expect Qin Feng to still be alive.

“Ahn Ping, you came at the right time. This aptitude user seems to be saying that you have expelled him from the Human Alliance.”

Ahn Ping Prime looked at Qin Feng calmly. After a moment of silence, his consciousness enveloped the area.

Ahn Ping Prime refuted Qin Feng’s words.

Moreover, because of Ahn Ping Prime’s words, everyone believed him. They felt that there was no need for the Prime to lie.

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“You’re lying. Since the Prime has said so himself, how are you going to refute?”

“You actually want to kill people and take the ten-tailed fox for yourself.”

“That’s right, you’re an executioner. Do you think you’re so great just because you’re the champion of the Peace Contest?”

These aptitude users were all in high spirits and were all attacking Qin Feng.

However, at this moment, Ahn Ping Prime’s consciousness rang out once again.

Qin Feng looked at Ahn Ping Prime. At this moment, he saw a faint killing intent in Ahn Ping Prime’s eyes.

The killing intent was not obvious because there was no hatred between the two of them.

However, this killing intent still existed, because Ahn Ping Prime wanted to kill Qin Feng.

“I owe Shao Dongfeng some favors. He asked me to take action and kill you. From then on, everything will be settled. I didn’t expect that the mission I sent out wasn’t completed.”

The other aptitude users all had their mouths agape as they looked at Ahn Ping Prime in disbelief.

They had never expected that Ahn Ping Prime would actually reveal such a despicable matter.

Qin Feng had long thought of the reason, but he had never expected that a powerful existence like Ahn Ping Prime would owe shao Dongfeng a favor. It should have happened before he became a Prime.

However, in Qin Feng’s heart, he had a faint feeling that Ahn Ping Prime was not trying to explain things to him.

On the contrary, Qin Feng had a feeling that Ahn Ping Prime was just trying to make him understand.

As expected, after Ahn Ping Prime admitted to the matter, he said again, “I can’t fail to fulfill my promise. Since you’ve appeared again, this time… I’ll do it myself!”

As he said this, Ahn Ping Prime raised his hand.

Qin Feng and Bai Li once again saw the huge palm that blotted out the sun in the ruins after the Armored Star Broodmother exploded.

When Qin Feng looked at the huge palm at that time, it was as if the palm had blotted out the sun. It was a difference in the level of life, a difference between heaven and earth.

However, looking at it now, it was as if a lifetime had passed.

This kind of Ahn Ping Prime was no longer a lofty Immortal, but an enemy that Qin Feng could fend off.

His physical body had evolved to SSS9-tier, and he was only one step away from becoming an energy life form. At this moment, Qin Feng’s flesh and blood no longer trembled in fear. Instead, he raised the Verdant Emperor Saber in his hand.

“Immortal Spirit Chain Rend!”

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