Master of the End Times - Chapter 1075

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Shao Dongfeng, it was him again.

Thinking of this, Qin Feng suddenly stood up.

“Give me the realm’s spatial waymark!”

Xue Xingfu immediately passed him the spatial waymark. Although Qin Feng was not a spatial beast, with his current strength, it was very easy for him to tear through space.

The violent power in Qin Feng’s hand gathered, opening a rift and entering it.

Soon, the scene before his eyes changed, and he appeared in the void of the universe.

Beneath his feet was a shattered continent which had completely fallen. Countless rifts engulfed the entire realm. This realm had already collapsed, and it would gradually turn into dust..

In this void, there were actually hundreds of aptitude users attacking together, surrounding and attacking a young girl.

When Xue Xingfu returned to Fengli City and contacted Qin Feng, Shao Dongfeng also knew how powerful Bai Li was in this universe.

However, a human-shaped spatial beast was really too attractive.

When Bai Li sent Xue Xingfu away, Shao Dongfeng did the same. He had an SS-tier aptitude user return to the Human Alliance to spread the news.

In the next moment, the SSS-tier aptitude users in the Human Alliance all excitedly tore through space to come over.

The moment these people saw Bai Li, their eyes widened, and a thought rose in their hearts.

‘Capture this humanoid beast and make her mine.’

These humans did not know that Bai Li already had a binding contract, and Shao Dongfeng’s subordinates did not tell them either. They were even hoping that they would have this misunderstanding.

“The shapeshifting technique is also related to the tribe. This must be the space ten-tailed fox. This tribe is rare, and it’s especially weak when it’s young.”

“That’s right, she’s mine!”

“Hell no, she’s mine. Who dares to snatch her from me?”

When these people were arguing, those with powerful consciousness had already unleashed their methods and attacked Bai Li’s mind.

They did this to leave their own imprint.

However, those who dared to do so screamed in the next moment. Blood flowed out of their seven orifices. Although they did not die, the damage they suffered was huge.

The core of the top-tier Dragon-borne realm that Qin Feng had obtained previously had all been absorbed by Bai Li. Recently, when Qin Feng went to hunt the Gorefiend Prime, aside from helping Xue Xingfu to rob realm cores, Bai Li had also been sleeping and cultivating in the realm where time flowed extremely fast.

Now, her strength was infinitely close to that of an Immortal. The diameter of her ability starglobe was at least ninety nine meters, and her consciousness was even more terrifying.

The characteristics of her tribe made Bai Li even more powerful than an ordinary beast deity.

“Everyone attack together. Let’s take down this humanoid beast.”

“That’s right, this beast is really powerful.”

“No matter how strong she is, can she still fight against 100 people by herself? Let’s attack together, this isn’t the time for internal strife.”

At this moment, not only was she fighting against 100 people by herself, even the SSS-tier members who had heard the news were continuously coming over.

A beast deity level spatial beast. There were even people who proved that Bai Li could obtain the realm core. Those who came even saw a high-level realm collapse with their own eyes.

How could these people not understand the benefits involved?

As long as they took down Bai Li and the contract was successful, in the future, they would have countless realm cores to use. At that time, they would be able to use the realm cores to exchange for all sorts of treasures.

It could be said that whoever obtained Bai Li would be able to rule the world.

These people were all extremely excited as they thought about their beautiful lives in the future. As a result, their attacks became even more relentless.

Bai Li sneered. She did not hide her strength as a terrifying rift appeared.

“You guys are from the Human Alliance. I’ll give you a 30% chance. However, it’s not up to you whether your limbs break or not!”

With that thought in mind, her attacks became even more terrifying.

However, at this moment, Qin Feng arrived.

“Bai Li!” Qin Feng’s consciousness instantly roared out.

Seeing these people attacking Bai Li together, even if Bai Li was not injured, Qin Feng was like a giant dragon that had been triggered. He was extremely furious.

In an instant, Qin Feng drew out his Verdant Emperor Saber and swung it down.

“Thousand Spirit Chain Rend!”

In an instant, countless terrifying spirits roared out and enveloped the entire area. The only thing that was not covered by the saber light was the direction where Bai Li was.

Bai Li was in the air, and those people had completely surrounded Bai Li. However, at this moment, they were all suppressed by this terrifying saber light.

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The spirits roared and swooped down. An SSS-tier member could only raise his hand to block, but very quickly, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

And on the field, the hundreds of aptitude users were all the same.

The power of the blade was so terrifying.

Qin Feng’s body rampaged through the universe and soon appeared beside Bai Li. He hugged Bai Li’s waist and his consciousness had already swept through every pore on Bai Li. Only when he saw that Bai Li was safe and sound did he feel relieved.

However, when it came to the other aptitude users, Qin Feng was not worried, but angry.

At this moment, because they were suppressed by Qin Feng’s saber light, hundreds of aptitude users were standing beneath Qin Feng’s feet in the void of the universe. They raised their heads to look at Qin Feng.

They could clearly feel that Qin Feng was an SSS9-tier aptitude user.

However, among the people present, there was no lack of SSS9-tier aptitude users. Yet when facing Qin Feng, they all had a feeling of being suppressed.

In their eyes, Qin Feng’s strength was terrifyingly strong.

“Qin Feng!” Shao Dongfeng said with a trembling voice in the crowd.

“This, this is Qin Feng? Isn’t he already dead?” The other person was the person who had single-handedly planned the Armored Star Broodmother scenario. He was the SSS-tier aptitude user, Zhao Ge, Ahn Ping Prime’s subordinate.

Originally, he thought that Qin Feng was already dead, but now, he was standing in front of him. Not only that, Qin Feng’s strength had already surpassed his.

Zhao Ge was unable to believe his own eyes and senses at such a change.

But Qin Feng was standing in front of him.

The saber in Qin Feng’s hand was different from what Zhao Ge had seen before. Now, this saber was raised and aimed at the aptitude users under Qin Feng’s feet.

“Those who attacked just now must die!”

As Qin Feng spoke, he was about to slash again.

However, at this moment, an incomparably large rift appeared in the universe.

This rift was simply too large. It was actually over a million meters long, completely different from when Ahn Ping Prime had appeared.

Soon, a person walked out from rift.

It was indeed in human form, but it was over nine hundred thousand meters long.

One had to know that back when Ahn Ping Prime had descended, the energy life form’s body was only one hundred thousand meters long. Although such a body was still a tiny existence compared to creatures like the Armored Star and the Giant Star Turtle, it was still incomparably huge to humans.

And this one was even more enormous.

Of course, this did not mean that he was more powerful than Ahn Ping Prime. It was because of his tribe.

The aptitude users all bowed.

The terrifying giant in front of them was one of the most powerful members of the Human Alliance, the Giant Tribe, Mighty Spirit Prime.

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