Martial Peak - Chapter 2171

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Chapter 2171 – Finally Free

Yang Kai wasn’t a man who didn’t know how to be satisfied. At this moment, after grabbing a treasure for himself and helping Murong Xiao Xiao obtain the Supreme Divine Water, the best choice would be to withdraw rather than fight for more.

When Murong Xiao Xiao heard this, she raised no objections, immediately catching the jade bottle and taking back her Heavenly Feather Ring before following Yang Kai into the light gate and disappearing.

Just after the pair left, on the high platform, accompanied by Luo Yuan’s furious shout, a burst of Source Qi exploded forth and Kong Qi’s complexion changed greatly as he exclaimed, “You...”

Just as his words fell, he coughed up a mouthful of blood and flew out.

When he landed, shock filled his face.

He didn’t expect that Luo Yuan’s strength was far greater than his own. Despite the two of them both being Third-Order Dao Source Realm Masters, Luo Yuan was able to force him back in a Source Qi competition at the last moment.

Kong Qi was also a favoured son of Heaven and the rising star of Seven Glories Chamber of Commerce. Compared with Luo Yuan, the gap between them should not have been small and should obviously favour Kong Qi.

“Hmph, you were too overconfident!” After Luo Yuan forced Kong Qi back, he made no attempt to finish him off and instead palmed towards the light barrier, smashing it to pieces and obtaining the Emperor Authority Bead which sealed the full-powered blow of an Emperor Realm Master!

Next, he cast his gaze towards the fog bank before letting out a low roar and charging forward.

But at that moment, the billowing fog suddenly exploded outwards, and by the time Luo Yuan rushed over, the thick mist disappeared as if it had just been an illusion.

Only Bian Yu Qing stood there alone, looking around blankly, grinding her teeth!

A figure flashed out at that moment and rushed into the light gate, quickly disappearing.

“The Emperor Aura...” despite some guesses, Luo Yuan still asked Bian Yu Qing in a deep tone.

Bian Yu Qing wore an aggrieved expression and snapped, “I don’t know... I was trapped in that smoke and couldn’t see anything...”

“Waste!” Luo Yuan cursed before turning around and rushing towards the light gate. The figure which just disappeared was no doubt Gong Wen Shan, so the Emperor Aura was definitely on him now.

“How is this my fault!?” Bian Yu Qing snarled.

In the blink of an eye, there were only two people left in the hall, Kong Qi with his pale face and bleeding mouth, and a gloomy Bian Yu Qing.

The latter soon turned to the former, smiled and called out, “Little Brother...”

Kong Qi glanced at her and smiled miserably, “Don’t call out so affectionately. I don’t have anything, so it’s useless to try to talk to me!”

Bian Yu Qing pouted angrily and snapped, “A bunch of bastards bullying this Mistress, hateful!”

Of the rare treasures here, one went to Lan Xun and Xiao Chen who left the field before the battle began, while the rest were divided up amongst the others while she and Kong Qi received nothing. This annoyed Bian Yu Qing to no end.

In terms of cultivation, she wasn’t the lowest amongst those present, and in terms of strength, she also didn’t believe she was the weakest, but she wound up with nothing in the end. Losing such an incredible opportunity was of course unacceptable to her.


Somewhere outside the Flowing Time Temple,, Yang Kai and Murong Xiao Xiao appeared at the same time in a flash of light.

Yang Kai immediately released his Divine Sense, but after checking and confirming there was no danger in the surroundings, he relaxed.

There were no signs of other people appearing nearby, possibly because they were all teleported to other places, but the light gate was indeed a passage to leave the Flowing Time Temple, there was no doubt about that.

Even after waiting for a while, there was still no trace of other people appearing.

Yang Kai immediately understood that unless they passed through the light gate at the same time, the place they appeared in would be different.

Next, Yang Kai turned to Murong Xiao Xiao, who was looking at him gratefully because he had helped her acquire the Supreme Divine Water at the last moment and did not take the opportunity to snatch it from her.

At that time, Yang Kai could have easily snatched the drop of Supreme Divine Water for himself.

Murong Xiao Xiao opened her mouth and was about to say something when suddenly a dramatic change occurred.

Up in the sky, a thunderous rumbling resounded, one that was so loud that cultivators within a hundred kilometres could hear it clearly.

At the same time as the sound rang out, the Flowing Time Temple which was floating up in the sky actually emitted a dazzling light that blinded all who looked at it.

An astonishing pressure suddenly descended in the next moment and rapidly spread out...

*Hong long long...*

The rumblings only grew louder.

“Junior Brother Yang...” Murong Xiao Xiao shouted solemnly.

Yang Kai did not answer and instead just squinted his eyes to observe the changing situation, a short time later sighing as he muttered, “This Temple seems to be concealing itself again. I don’t know what kind of opportunity is needed for its next appearance, let alone when that will be.”

Just as he said, after the dazzling light dissipated, the Flowing Time Temple in the sky really vanished, as if it had never even existed.


In the place where the temple once stood, a small black figure had appeared.

“That’s...” Yang Kai stared intently for a moment before his eyes shrank fiercely.

Up in the sky, an ominous beast had appeared, one that was covered in flames and looked like a tiger and an ox with a pair of giant wings and thick scaled armour, a majestic and terrifying creature to behold.

Its nostrils spewed out flames that seemed capable of melting space and when it stamped its legs, the world itself seemed to shake.

“Qiong Qi!” Yang Kai exclaimed in shock.

Murong Xiao Xiao couldn’t help covering her mouth with her small hands, her beautiful eyes trembling violently.

Having been born in Azure Sun Temple, and as an elite disciple of the Sect, she had naturally heard of the beast, ‘Qiong Qi’.

It was synonymous with extreme wickedness, slaughter, and despair!

Even in ancient times, the Divine Spirit Qiong Qi was a notorious ominous beast and countless creatures had died to its flames. Few Masters could even resist its phenomenal might.

At this moment, it was just standing quietly mid-air, but the cruel and fierce aura it released made it difficult for every living creature within a hundred kilometres to even breathe as they trembled in fright.

Within a hundred-kilometre radius, every cultivator who felt this fierce pressure sank, like a ten thousand ton mountain was pressing down on their shoulders, making them feel like death was imminent and inevitable...


Qiong Qi roared to the Heavens, its voice containing an extremely complex mix of emotions, like joy, excitement, and sorrow.

Immediately after, it squinted its eyes and glanced around, its burning gaze seemingly piercing through space before it stretched out its claw and directly pierced the Void, opening a crack in space before dove in and disappeared.

Outside the Four Seasons Realm, in the unnamed mountain valley.

This place was no longer filled with World Energy and instead had become extremely barren. The only thing worth noting was the large oval light gate that gently floated just above the ground.

The many cultivators that originally gathered here had also flooded into the Four Seasons Realm a few days ago, so now, only a few Emperor Realm Masters who had been responsible for leading their Sects’ disciples here remained.

Silver Star Envoy Xiao Yu Yang of Star Soul Palace, Gao Xue Ting of Azure Sun Temple, Chen Wen Hao of Heavenly Martial Holy Land, Feng Ming of Orthodoxy Temple, Seven Glories Chamber of Commerce Ceng Yuan, Violet Source Chamber of Commerce Lou Chi…

These Masters had all remained here on the one hand to observe the changes in the entrance of the Four Seasons Realm, so as to avoid any irreparable accidents, and on the other hand to wait for their elite disciples to return.

Since the various Dao Source Realm Juniors had the Four Seasons Realm, these Emperors had each found a place to sit in meditation.

For Masters like them, waiting for thirty-three days was nothing. Perhaps this was enough time to slightly comprehend a Secret Art they were cultivating, or to slightly refine an Emperor Artifact they possessed, so for these thirty-three days, none of them felt bored.

Suddenly, Xiao Yu Yang opened his eyes as he vaguely sensed something amiss, but soon that vague sensation turned into one of pure shock and horror.

In the next moment, all the Emperor Realm Masters present stood up and turned their eyes in the same direction.

There, a Void Crack suddenly appeared, and from it, a terrifying being erupted.

Before everyone’s eyes, a fiery-red flaming beast emerged from the Void.

“Hahahaha... This Sir is finally free!” As soon as this ominous beast appeared, it uttered this roar and laughed wildly, like a prisoner who had been in captivity for countless years that had finally escaped.

“The Divine Spirit… Qiong Qi!” After Xiao Yu Yang observed the strange beast for a moment, he couldn’t help exclaiming and condensing his Qi.

The other Emperors present also trembled as they swiftly flew over to Xiao Yu Yang without any need for explanation.

The Emperors present were well aware of how terrifying Qiong Qi’s strength was, but none of them had ever imagined that in this nameless mountain valley, a Divine Spirit would suddenly appear, and one famed for its cruelty and wickedness at that…

Seven Glories Chamber of Commerce Vice President Ceng Yuan couldn’t stop his legs from trembling as his face turned extremely pale.

“Oh...” Qiong Qi swept his pair of beast pupils down and muttered in a clear voice, “It seems that a delicious snack was just waiting for this Sir to come out...”

As it spoke, a clear line of drool appeared at the corner of its mouth, as if it had been starving for a long time and finally saw a good meal.


The gulping sounds that echoed next did not come from Qiong Qi, but rather from the Emperor Realm Masters gathered below.

All of them had been shocked by Qiong Qi’s remarks, and this seemingly light comment was by no means an exaggeration by this Divine Spirit. Any mature Divine Spirit would not be much weaker than a Great Emperor, so if it really wanted to treat the Emperor Realm Masters present like food, not many of them would be able to escape, much less resist.

At the critical moment, Xiao Yu Yang was the first to recover, cupped his fists, and called out, “Star Soul Palace’s Silver Star Envoy, Xiao Yu Yang, greets Sir Qiong Qi! Might I ask what Sir’s...”

“Star Soul Palace?” Qiong Qi heard this and a trace of disdain flashed across its eyes as it snorted, “Never heard of it.”

It did not even know of the Southern Territory’s overlord Sect.

Xiao Yu Yang couldn’t help feeling his heart sink as he realized the situation was turning dire. This was likely a Divine Spirit who had been slumbering for countless years, so it had never even heard of Star Soul Palace before. This meant that using Bright Moon Great Emperor’s name to deter it was also not a valid plan.

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