Martial Peak - Chapter 2170

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Chapter 2170 – Snatching

Lan Xun’s choice undoubtedly gave a distinct message...

Although she did not want to bully others using her status, she also wasn’t willing to just return empty-handed. Regardless of whether these things were useful or useless to her, she deserved a trophy since she was able to arrive here using her own ability, and with her and Xiao Chen’s strength, they were also absolutely qualified to snatch at least one of these treasures.

However, Lan Xun also wanted to avoid conflict with others, especially if it would be a fight over something useless to her, so she simply chose the least useful treasure for herself.

This way, she could directly show what her stance on this issue was!

“Princess!” Xiao Chen shouted in a low voice, as if he wanted to persuade her otherwise.

Lan Xun’s face remained indifferent as she calmly said, “Brother Xiao Chen, do you want me to get it myself?”

Seeing her sharp gaze, Xiao Chen’s heart sank as he realized that if he tried to press this issue any further, he would only anger Lan Xun. Immediately gritting his teeth, he squeezed out an ugly smile and said, “Your Highness... please wait a moment, I’ll be right back...”

Saying so, he leapt up to the high platform.

With someone stepping forward to test whether there were any dangers on the high platform, everyone else paid close attention.

Fortunately, apart from the barriers covering the different treasures, there didn’t seem to be any other traps or hazards present.

Xiao Chen stood in front of the Pseudo Emperor Artifact shield, and although there was a hint of unwillingness on his face, he could only summon his sword, push his Source Qi, and cut towards the barrier.

Even if he didn’t use his full strength, he used at least half of his power in this blow, as well as the accumulated anger he felt, so the power he displayed was extraordinary.

In the next instant, the light from his sword fell fiercely on the light curtain.

But the light curtain was far stronger than it appeared and the only result of Xiao Chen’s slash was the barrier bending slightly before bouncing back, completely unscathed…

“Oh?” Seeing this scene, everyone was shocked as they also quickly examined the strength of the barrier and calculated just how much force would be needed to smash it to snatch the treasures.

Xiao Chen’s first attempt having no effect embarrassed him greatly, so he wasted no time in lifting his sword up again and chanting, “Plum Flower Sword, Showering Blossom Sword!”

Releasing this Secret Technique, a storm of plum blossoms seemed to fill the air.

This move was both elegant and dignified.

A fresh fragrance seemed to fill the air and linger at the tip of everyone’s nose before the plum blossoms suddenly transformed into countless points of light and fiercely bombarded the light curtain.

A violent shaking took place as the light curtain flashed wildly.

Although the radiance of the barrier was constantly dimming, there was still no sign of it breaking.

Xiao Chen’s expression became enraged as he turned his sword and activated another Secret Technique, “Waning Moon Pierces The Mirror Heavens!”

Another dazzling sword skill was displayed as a violent power struck the light curtain...


A crack finally appeared in the light curtain, and seeing this situation, Xiao Chen pushed his Source Qi violently and thrust his sword forward.

With a loud bang, the barrier completely broke and Xiao Chen grabbed the Pseudo Emperor Artifact shield before leaping off to land next to Lan Xun’s side, “Your Highness, I’ve retrieved the item.”

“En,” Lan Xun nodded lightly, not even sparing the Pseudo Emperor Artifact shield a glance and instead smiling to the others, “Then... Lan Xun will take her leave. Everyone... good luck!”

After that, she turned and walked towards the light gate standing on the right side of the hall.

Although Xiao Chen was unwilling, his duty was to follow Lan Xun, so he had no choice but to follow her as he shot the others in the room a fierce look, as if to say that they were lucky this time...

A moment later, the two Star Soul Palace disciples disappeared through the light gate.

“The Princess… is quite commendable!” After a short silence, Kong Qi suddenly said.

“En,” Gong Wen Shan nodded in agreement. “The daughter of the Great Emperor has temperament beyond compare, it makes this Gong embarrassed...”

“You should be ashamed!” Kong Qi grimaced at him.

At that moment, a burst of laughter rang out as Bian Yu Qing glanced around elegantly, “Her Highness and her escort are gone now, but with those who remain and the remaining treasures… it seems that there’s still not quite enough!”

Atop the high platform, there were originally five treasures, but now the Pseudo Emperor Artifact shield had been taken away, leaving four treasures to split among six people...

“I claim one of them!” Luo Yuan suddenly declared.

Gong Wen Shan cast his gaze over, and said, “Why should we agree?”

Kong Qi chimed in, “If you want to win these treasures, it should naturally be done with your own strength. I have no opinion about Her Highness claiming one, but if you want to claim one first, I’ll have to object.”

Luo Yuan’s Eight Paths Sect was only a second-class Sect in the Southern Territory while Kong Qi was from Seven Glories Chamber of Commerce, the difference in their backgrounds was profound, so how could Kong Qi possibly be afraid of Luo Yuan here?

Luo Yuan smiled proudly as his eyes swept across the crowd, “If anyone refuses to accept, they’re welcome to object!”

Kong Qi couldn’t help showing a cold look on his face as he slowly nodded and said, “This friend’s attitude makes this Kong quite uncomfortable, so this Kong intends to teach Friend a small lesson, I just don’t know... hm? Bastard, what are you doing!?”

Before Kong Qi finished what he was trying to say, his face suddenly changed and he couldn’t help roaring furiously.

The next moment, everyone else’s anger also flared up.

Because while all of them were talking, Yang Kai had secretly slipped away and landed on the high platform. Reaching out, he palmed towards one of the barriers.

“Bold! Who gave you the courage to do this!?” Luo Yuan roared as he leapt out.

When the others saw this, all their hesitation vanished and they swiftly used their Movement Skills to catch up, lest they fall behind.

However... It seemed that when Lan Xun asked Xiao Chen to take the Pseudo Emperor Artifact shield, everyone else had already decided what treasure they would target; after all, the remaining four treasures had different functions and everyone had their own preference.

So when the six people rushed to the high platform, the targets they chose were also completely different.

Yang Kai’s goal was the flaming red bead that even Lan Xun couldn’t recognize or identify.

He chose this not because he recognized what this bead was, but because of what Zhang Ruo Xi had said before.

She told Yang Kai that Qiong Qi said that if he had the chance to enter the final room, he should choose the most useless thing!

Among the remaining four treasures, whether it was the Emperor Aura, Emperor Authority Bead, or Supreme Divine Water, none of these treasures were useless; however, the fiery red bead that no one could identify was, on the surface, the most useless.

Qiong Qi was an Ancient Divine Spirit and had also given Zhang Ruo Xi the Pink Clouds Phoenix Robe, so it made no sense for it to deceive him by saying such things.

So, Yang Kai’s goal was this fiery red bead from the beginning!

What’s more, by choosing this bead, Yang Kai also avoided all competition as no one else present wanted it. Although many thought that this bead had some extraordinary use or purpose, without knowing its specific role, trying to snatch it while giving up on the other treasures present simply wasn’t worth the risk.

Therefore, the remaining five people set their goals on the other three treasures.

Among them, Luo Yuan and Kong Qi focused on the Emperor Authority Bead! Their thinking was quite simple. The Emperor Authority Bead had a full-powered blow from an Emperor Realm Master sealed inside of it, which was an overwhelming trump card that could save one’s life in a critical situation! As long as one still had their life, there was hope for everything else.

What Bian Yu Qing and Gong Wen Shan chose was the Emperor Aura! This thing was the source of an Emperor Artifact, so its value was simply incalculable.

Murong Xiao Xiao had wanted to grab the Emperor Authority Bead too, but seeing Luo Yuan targeting it as well, she grit her teeth and immediately changed direction, rushing to the Supreme Divine Water drop that no one was paying attention to and began breaking its barrier.

Xiao Bai Yi had once told her when they were alone that she should avoid any conflict with Luo Yuan because he was incredibly dangerous. Xiao Bai Yi even went so far as to say he wasn’t confident he could defeat Luo Yuan!

Murong Xiao Xiao trusted Xiao Bai Yi so she seriously followed his advice.

The six people were immediately divided into several areas where Yang Kai and Murong Xiao Xiao focused on breaking the barriers to the treasures they wanted while the other four engaged in heated battles of two.

Among them, the battle between Kong Qi and Luo Yuan was particularly fierce, with neither side backing down in the slightest while simultaneously using their own methods to try to break the barrier. Their struggle caused chaos and destruction around them.

As for Bian Yu Qing and Gong Wen Shan...

It should be said that Gong Wen Shan was worthy of his title as a Spirit Array Grandmaster. After he landed on the high platform, he directly summoned an Array Plate that caused a ripple to spread out and directly envelop Bian Yu Qing in a layer of fog.

No one could see what happened inside this mist.

However... Having fallen into the opponent’s Array Plate, Yang Kai estimated that Bian Yu Qing was probably powerless and could only silently pay tribute to her in his heart.

The scene of Xiao Chen cracking the barrier before was still fresh in people’s minds, so they all understood that this light curtain was extremely tough and could not be broken at will. As such, no one held back.

Yang Kai directly used his Dragon Transformation Secret Technique and condensed his Five Elements Indestructible Sword Qi onto his claw before he smashed his fist onto the barrier fiercely.

Without anyone interfering with him, Yang Kai used five strikes to break the barrier.

As soon as the light curtain shattered, Yang Kai stuffed the fiery red bead into his Space Ring.

He then turned his head and saw that Luo Yuan and Kong Qi were still locked in a fierce melee, both of them pushing their Source Qi wildly to suppress the other while using other methods to smash the barrier protecting the Emperor Authority Bead.

The light of the barrier faded at a speed visible to the naked eye and seemed to be on the verge of breaking.

Nearby, Bian Yu Qing and Gong Wen Shan were still surrounded by a layer of fog, with neither of their figures anywhere to be seen. There wasn’t even any sound coming from this fog bank.

On the farthest side, Murong Xiao Xiao was anxiously using her Heavenly Feather Ring artifact to bombard the barrier protecting the Supreme Divine Water.

Although she was trying her best, she still needed at least a few breaths if she wanted to crack this barrier.

Yang Kai’s figure flickered when he saw this and arrived directly next to Murong Xiao Xiao.

“Junior Brother Yang...” Murong Xiao Xiao pursed her lips lightly as she wore a complex expression.

Yang Kai didn’t say anything and simply urged his Five Elements Indestructible Sword Qi wrapped dragon claws to match the timing Murong Xiao Xiao’s Heavenly Feather Ring impacted the light curtain.

Combining the power of the two blows, the barrier buckled and broke apart.

Yang Kai’s hand flashed rapidly as he took out a jade bottle, stored the drop of Supreme Divine Water into it, then immediately threw it to Murong Xiao Xiao as he shouted, “Go!”

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