Martial Peak - Chapter 2071

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Chapter 2071 - Stray Dog

Though the three peak Tenth-Order Monster Beasts were extraordinary, the number of Jiang Family Origin King Realm masters was also great. Many of them were Third-Order Origin Kings, so the two sides were evenly matched.

After hearing Mo Xiao Qi's remark, Jiang Family cultivators' hearts skipped a beat. They couldn't help but look at each other, and some even had their eyes tear up.

Just three Monster Beasts had tied their hands and feet. If Xiao Bai, Xiao Huang, Xiao Qing, Xiao Lu, or whatever made an appearance too, the Jiang Family would have no power to fight back.

Right then, Jiang Lin seemed to have suddenly remembered something. While dodging the Red Fire Qilin's attack, he looked at the small cloth bags hanging by Mo Xiao Qi's waist in amazement and cried in shock, "Spirit Beast Pouch! You are from the Spirit Beast Island!?"

Only now did he finally remember the origin of those small cloth bags.

One should not underestimate these small bags even a little. They were unique products of the Spirit Beast Island! Only the masters of the Spirit Beast Island could create this equipment that could house Monster Beasts through a secret method.

Furthermore, these Spirit Beast Pouches were never sold to outsiders, so others couldn’t get even one of them. On the other hand, Mo Xiao had a lot of them hanging on her waist. If she had nothing to do with the Spirit Beast Island, how could she have that many Spirit Beast Pouches?

And the Spirit Beast Island was famous in the entire Star Boundary. It might not be as huge as the Star Soul Palace or Serene Soul Palace, or have many disciples, but it too was one of the great forces to be reckoned with!

How could it not be? The Spirit Beast Island's owner, Island Master to be precise, was one of the Ten Great Emperors who were hidden dragons that showed only their tails and not their face: The Martial Beast Great Emperor.

Rumour had it that there were many Monster Beasts on the Spirit Beast Island that were rarely found in the outside world. Even Ancient Divine Spirits had settled there, along with countless birds and beasts.

That meant, even though the Spirit Beast Island was just an island and the Martial Beast Great Emperor didn't publicly recruit disciples, Spirit Beast Island's deterrence in the Star Boundary wasn't in any way inferior to the Star Soul Palace, which also had one of the Ten Great Emperors presiding.

However, the Spirit Beast Island was located in the boundless sea of the distant Eastern Territory. It was hundreds of millions of kilometres away from the Southern Territory, which was why Jiang Lin didn't connect Mo Xiao Qi to Spirit Beast Island at first.

But as the Patriarch, after seeing so many mystical means shown by Mo Xiao Qi, how could he not guess correctly?

"Miss, how are you related to the Martial Beast Great Emperor?" Jiang Lin, making some breathing room while in the midst of heated combat, asked when he didn't get a reply from Mo Xiao Qi.

After all, as far as he knew, the Spirit Beast Island didn’t take disciples. Everyone leaving on the Spirit Beast Island had some relation one way or another with the Martial Beast Great Emperor. If Mo Xiao Qi really came from the Spirit Beast Island, she must be related to Martial Beast Great Emperor or one of his few disciples.

How could the Jiang Family provoke someone like that? They could only serve her like she was their aunt.

Mo Xiao Qi, on the other hand, just stood inside the water screen of the Weak Water Bead, hugging Xiao Fu with one hand and caressing it with the other. Hearing this, she just raised her eyes, looking at the sky with indifference.

Meanwhile, the Jiang Family members turned pale after hearing this, a chill running down everyone's spine. How could they have any thoughts of dealing with the attacks of those Monster Beasts?

The balance was immediately broken because of this.

First, one of the Jiang Family Elders was hit by the Red Fire Qilin's fireball in his momentary loss of his senses. He let out a miserable scream before he melted into nothing the next moment. Then, a Jiang Family Deacon was flattened into nothing by a smack of Silver Maned Liger. The ground was immediately dyed red. It was too ghastly to even look at.

And the next moment, another figure flew out of the dark clouds that the Black Eyes Black Scale Flood Dragon had transformed into.

Before the figure even touched the ground, it was already devoid of any aura. And when it crashed on the ground, its head lifelessly tilted to one side as it lay there on the ground forever.

In the blink of an eye, three Jiang Family Origin Kings had lost their lives!

Seeing this, Jiang Lin's eyes turned red. He immediately cast away all the fear and worry in his heart and angrily shouted, "Girl, no matter what your relationship with the Martial Beast Great Emperor is, since we have already fallen out, then it's either you die or we die!"

Once he said this, the rest of the Jiang Family members were shocked.

Everyone knew that they were left with no choice but to do this out of desperation. Not to mention that a bloody feud had already been forged, a background like that of Mo Xiao Qi wasn't something they could provoke. If they couldn't kill Mo Xiao Qi right here, the Jiang Family could forget about making a foothold in the entire Star Boundary after today.

Mo Xiao Qi didn't even need to personally make a move. She just had to let the word get out, and from then on, countless masters would fight to bring the Jiang Family members' heads to her.

After all, there weren't that many opportunities to curry favour with the Spirit Beast Island!

After stabilizing their mood, the Jiang Family members regrouped and retreated, having lost the momentum!

But at this point, the battle of the Dao Source Realm master seemed to have reached an end.

Followed by a painful scream, Jiang Tai Sheng and Yang Kai separated from each other in the air.

Yang Kai looked completely at ease, whereas Jiang Tai Sheng's face had lost all its blood. A sliver of blood trickled down the corner of his mouth as if he had suffered a serious injury!

He was a century-old Dao Source Realm master, but after fighting Yang Kai for just the time it takes to finish half a cup of tea, he had already fallen leeward.

He stared at Yang Kai with extreme hatred and incredulity. It never occurred to him that he wouldn't be an opponent of Yang Kai.

And when he looked back, Jiang Tai Sheng's face immediately sank!

How could he not tell that his descendants were in trouble and he couldn't count on them?

[I'm afraid the Jiang Family's hundreds of years of foundation will be ruined today!]

As this thought flashed in his head, Jiang Tai Sheng's face immediately turned ashen. He angrily glared at Yang Kai and fiercely shouted, "Junior, even if this old master dies today, I will take you down with me!"

Having said this, he immediately pushed the Source Qi in his body as his pale old face regained its complexion. At the same time, he bit the tip of his tongue and spewed a mouthful of Blood Essence!

Yang Kai's face immediately sank. He realized that the opposite party was really planning on putting his life on the line.

Although he was confident that he could kill Jiang Tai Shen, his opponent was still a Dao Source Realm master. If he really decided to put his life on the line, he really could not be underestimated. Not to mention, his one arm was preoccupied with holding Zhang Ruo Xi. So, Yang Kai promptly took a defensive stance, lest the old guy really used to some technique that could very well kill him.

But the next moment, a blood mist enveloped Jiang Tai Sheng; not even a bit of his figure could be seen.

Immediately afterwards, the bloody mist flickered as it disappeared from its place. It transformed into a rainbow streak as it quickly fled away from Yang Kai in the opposite direction!

"What..." Yang Kai was left gawking, dumbstruck. He was even stunned for a while.

He had never thought that all of it was just Jiang Tai Sheng's bluff and bluster. All his proclamation of dragging Yang Kai with him was just a front to cover his escape.

"That wily old fox!" Yang Kai cursed angrily. His eyes were filled with disdain. At the same time, he hurriedly prompted his Space Force, mobilizing the Space Principles, as he directed it at the distant streak of light covered blood and shouted, "Bind!"

That streaking rainbow stopped for a moment before it broke through the lock of Principles the next moment, fleeing toward the distance even faster.

After all, Jiang Tai Sheng too was a Dao Source Realm master. How could Yang Kai's Principles trap him for long?

After getting rid of the Space Principles' binding, he plunged straight toward the barren mountain cave and soon disappeared.

"That old thing!" Yang Kai immediately understood Jiang Tai Sheng. It was apparent to Jiang Tai Sheng that he wasn't Yang Kai's opponent. Besides, he had also suffered some injuries. Therefore, he didn't plan on relying on speed to escape. If he really did so, he would not be able to escape from Yang Kai's pursuit for sure.

Yang Kai understood the Dao of Space. He held an absolute advantage in tracking and escaping.

Therefore, Jiang Tai Sheng put his hopes on the Space Array in the cave. As long as he teleported away from here, Yang Kai would not be able to catch him no matter how great his skill was.

Jiang Tai Sheng's plan was pretty good and he even succeeded in it. After he entered the cave, his aura had disappeared the next moment. Only faint Space Force fluctuations were left.

These fluctuations were naturally due to Jiang Tai Sheng using the Space Array.

On another note, the Jiang Family members were devastated at the sight of this.

They tried their best in this battle of life and death. Because they wanted to help their Old Ancestor, three of them had even lost their lives.

But to their dismay, their Old Ancestor had abandoned them at this critical juncture without a moment of hesitation. He ran away without giving so much as a warning.

They didn't have much confidence in defeating Mo Xiao Qi. Not to mention, there was no one to stop Yang Kai, a Dao Source Realm master. If the Jiang Family members remained here, they would undoubtedly be seeking their own doom.

Therefore, Jiang Lin decisively shouted, "Let's go!"

Everyone hurriedly withdrew, madly fleeing toward the cave on the barren mountain!

They had the same plan as Jiang Tai Sheng. Since they couldn't escape from Yang Kai, they could only rely on the Space Array. As long as they could escape from this place, they could survive this calamity.

And to their surprise, Yang Kai didn't appear to have any intention of stopping them. He hovered in the air with a calm look on his face, watching them flee.

However, there was a playful smile on his face, ringing warning bells in Jiang Lin's mind.

However, the other Jiang Family members were overjoyed. They rushed to the small cave, pushing their way in.

A Jiang Family Elder quickly threw the Source Crystals into the grooves around the Space Array. After having arranged everything in order, he immediately mobilized his energy, trying to activate the Array.


Nothing happened!

The Jiang Family members burned with anxiety as they waited. But the Space Array that should have been up and running remained still. It didn't make so much as a hum, let alone transmit everyone.

"What's wrong?" Jiang Chu He asked, pale and terrified.

"The Array... isn't responding!" that Elder replied as the blood drained from his face.

"How could it not respond? Let me try!" Jiang Chu He took the matter in his hand. He immediately poured his energy into the Array just like that Elder.

But the result was still the same. The Space Array seemed to have stopped working.

Suddenly, a figure appeared at the entrance of the cave, weirdly laughing as it made its way in, step by step.

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