Martial Peak - Chapter 2038

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Chapter 2038, Behind You

The clash between the final blows of two Second-Order Dao Source Realms had left Han Leng with serious injuries, and after stabilizing his stance, Han Leng coughed a mouthful of purple-black blood, his fierce aura suddenly dropping noticeably.

As for Liu Yi Zhi, his figure was nowhere to be found and not even a bit of his aura could be felt within a range of a thousand metres. Only the shield artifact he had summoned was left, tattered and falling from the sky, its surface dull and dim, seemingly having lost its spirituality.

This shield-like defensive artifact had been completely destroyed.

If even his defensive artifact was destroyed like this, Liu Yi Zhi’s end could be imagined.

“Damn it!” Han Leng’s face turned ashen as he ground his teeth and cursed, coughing up another mouthful of blood while breathing heavily.

Only now did Ning Yuan Cheng, who had been hiding in the ship and watching the battle, finally react. He got up in a hurry and started forming hand seals while trembling in panic, turning the ship around and trying to escape.

Even Liu Yi Zhi had lost to Han Leng, so how could Ning Yuan Cheng have the guts to stay here any longer? At this moment, all he could think of was getting farther away from here as quickly as possible.

But how could Han Leng let him do this? Just as the ship started moving, Han Leng let out a cold snort and braced himself, then his figure distorted and once again disappeared.

Immediately afterward, the remaining dim silver moons glowed brighter for a moment before condensing a large beam of moonlight one last time and firing it straight at the ship.

Obviously, Han Leng was planning on killing Ning Yuan Chen, otherwise, once word of this matter got out, Flying Saint Palace would not let him go.

The moonlight beam was extremely fast and struck the defensive shield of the ship in the next instant. The force of this beam striking the ship wasn’t small either, causing Ning Yuan Cheng on the deck to be thrown off his feat.


Suddenly, a harsh sizzling noise rang out as the powerful corrosive force of the moonlight beam rapidly drained the power of the ship’s shield. Han Leng’s figure was revealed at this moment, as well, as he emerged from the moonlight beam, his sword shining brightly due to the power he borrowed from the array to try to shatter the ship’s shield in one blow.

“Han… Senior Han, do you really need to kill me? You can just let me go, if you do, I swear I won’t speak a word about what happened today.” Although Ning Yuan Chen was a Third-Order Origin King, before the attacking Han Leng, who was like a tiger descending from the mountain, he began begging for mercy before even thinking about counterattacking.

Hang Leng said nothing, his eyes becoming colder and colder, scaring the life out of Ning Yuan Cheng who only begged more pitifully.


Suddenly, a cracking sound reached Ning Yuan Cheng’s ears, sounding like the toll of a death knell to him. His face turned pale and his eyes immediately focused on a frightening scene before him. There was now a crack in the defensive shield of the ship, indicating it was on the brink of collapse.


The cracks rapidly expanded and soon, they formed a spider-web like pattern across its entire surface.

Finally, with a thunderous shout from Han Leng, the ship’s defensive shield shattered and at the same time, the world of silver moons covering the surrounding area also disappeared.

The Heavenly Lunar Cycle Array had finally exhausted all of its energy and was automatically dispelled.

The moonlight beam too had disappeared, leaving just Han Leng’s sword light which shot straight toward Ning Yuan Cheng in a fearsome manner. By the time he pulled the long sword in his hand back, Han Leng was already standing not too far away behind Ning Yuan Cheng.

Ning Yuan Cheng instinctively took a defensive stance, feeling the threat to his life, but that was all he did.

A moment later, a little red dot appeared on Ning Yuan Cheng’s forehead before he collapsed onto the deck of the skip with a dull thud.

And with no one controlling Flying Saint Palace’s flying ship, it also fell down from the sky, crashing in a cloud of dust.

Not far away, the hidden Yang Kai, who had been watching the battle from the beginning with indifference, narrowed his eyes as he stared towards Han Leng’s back.

[He eliminated so many cultivators from Flying Saint Palace alone. He might have relied on the power of the Spirit Array, but his personal strength should not be underestimated. Even so, after such an intense battle, he must be thoroughly exhausted. He probably can’t even display half of his usual strength right now.]

Yang Kai felt that if he made a move now, he would have a ninety percent chance of succeeding. This was a typical example of a fisherman reaping the benefits of a fight between snipe and clam.

However, Yang Kai was still wary that Han Leng had some final card left in his hand, like how Liu Yi Zhi self-destructed his own artifact just now. If that was the case, he would have to pay a big price if wanted to win.

While Yang Kai was preoccupied with his thoughts, Han Leng’s figure had already flown up from the ship. He seemed to have searched Ning Yuan Cheng’s corpse and was now holding a Space Ring in his hand. Not long after, a round bowl appeared in his palm with a flash of light.

Examining it for a moment, Hang Leng wore a satisfied smile before storing the bowl back into the Space Ring.

Seeing this, Yang Kai immediately understood that the purpose of Han Leng’s trip was the same as his own: it was all for Liu Yan, who was sealed in that bowl.

But even after having dealt with everything, Han Leng still didn’t immediately leave. Rather he raised his eyes, looked squarely in Yang Kai’s direction, and said in a cold voice, “Kid, you’ve been watching for quite some time now, haven’t you seen enough?”

Yang Kai furrowed his brow and didn’t immediately show himself.

Seeing this, Han Leng coldly smiled and continued, “What’s wrong? Does this Han have to invite you to come out personally?”

As he spoke, the long sword in his hand gleamed slightly.

Yang Kai looked a little astonished, knowing the other party wasn’t deliberately acting mysterious and really knew he was here.

With there being no point in continuing to hide, Yang Kai dispersed his Nihility Secret Technique and revealed himself.

Han Leng raised his brow and praised liberally, “What a marvellous Concealment Technique, fascinating!”

Yang Kai, looking at him, pursed his lips into a smile and said, “Senior Han, you flatter me. No matter how marvellous my Concealment Technique is, didn’t you still see through it? What I don’t understand is how Senior Han managed this?”

“It seems that you are very confident in your technique,” Han Leng swept his eyes over Yang Kai, relaxing completely after noticing he was just a Third-Order Origin King and nonchalantly saying, “Truthfully, I am likely unable to see through your technique with just my ability, but… since you were inside the Heavenly Lunar Cycle Grand Array…”

Yang Kai was struck with realization and nodded, “So, that’s how it is!”

Han Leng, looking at Yang Kai, indifferently asked, “Kid, why are you hiding here? You wouldn’t be thinking of being the oriole stalking the mantis hunting the cicada, would you?”

Yang Kai chuckled and said without hesitation, “I did have this idea, but if Senior Han can give me that bowl, I will leave immediately.”

“So, you want that Fire Attribute Artifact Spirit?” Han Leng’s face sank as if he had thought of something before nodding, “So you were the other one bidding at the auction.”

“Indeed! Unfortunately, my finances are lacking and I could only choose this method instead.”

“Do you think you can snatch something from this Han’s grasp? Do you not know how to write ‘death’?” Han Leng smiled in disdain.

“Since I dare to come here, I naturally have confidence in my ability. What’s more, Senior Han has just fought an intense battle and is completely exhausted, it would not be a wise decision to become my enemy at this moment.”

Listening to Yang Kai talk in such a leisurely manner, Han Leng’s eyes twitched slightly.

[What right does a Third-Order Origin King have to dare act so presumptuous in front of me? But what he said also makes sense; since he dares to come, he must be depending on something, and whatever he is depending on is definitely making him unafraid of me.] Considering all this, Han Leng’s mood couldn’t help but sink.

He didn’t want to fight another battle at this point, as although the injuries he had suffered weren’t fatal, they weren’t light either. More importantly though, he did not have much Source Qi left.

“Good good, it’s been a long time since someone dared to be so presumptuous in front of this Han. Kid, I’ll remember this, and I hope you don’t die young,” Han Leng looked at Yang Kai for a moment before he suddenly started speaking with a sneer.

Yang Kai smiled lightly and replied, “Senior Han, it would also not be a wise decision to try to flee as, unfortunately for you, I’m quite good at tracking others. You won’t be able to escape from me.”

Saying so, Space Force pulsed from Yang Kai’s figure as it disappeared from its place.

In the next moment, he appeared on the opposite side of Han Leng as if he had been standing there all along.

Even someone as experienced and knowledgeable as Han Leng couldn’t help but be taken aback at this moment, calling out in shock, “What kind of Movement Skill was that?”

[The speed of his mysterious Movement Skill is indeed better than mine. It seems he’s not idly boasting about his speed and tracking skills. If this kid used this Movement Skill to continuously attack and harass me, I’ll never be able to rest and recover.]

Han Leng’s face blackened at once.

Yang Kai’s grin grew wider, but just as he was about to apply more pressure, his eyes widened in shock as he stared behind Han Leng’s back with a look of pure disbelief and shouted, “Behind you!”

Han Leng couldn’t help but sneer, “You dare to play such paltry tricks before this Han…”

He thought that Yang Kai was deliberately trying to divert his attention and then sneak attack him.

This kind of trick was so naive that even a child wouldn’t be fooled by it, so how could a battle-hardened veteran cultivator? If he really believed Yang Kai and looked behind himself, Han Leng was sure he would be attacked by Yang Kai the next moment.

But as soon as he said this, a sense of crisis struck him.

There really seemed to be some strange movements behind him.

Han Leng was struck with panic and quickly mobilized his defensive Source Qi while at the same time kicking the air to dodge.

But he had reacted too late.

Behind him, an extremely sharp, cyan-coloured spike appeared and shot out towards his back.

The speed of this spike was extremely fast, so fast that it seemed to split space apart as it advanced.

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