Martial God Asura - Chapter 4921

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Chapter 4921: Reaction From the Secret Skill

Passing through the barrier, Chu Feng found himself standing in the midst of a lush forest. Every single blade of grass and tree here gave off a concentration aura of the Ancient Era.

It was a weird phenomenon when he thought about it. The present world of cultivation had descended from the ancient era, but only certain places contained the aura of the Ancient Era. 

Based on his previous experiences, he knew that a place with a higher concentration of the Ancient Era’s aura represented greater opportunities and risks. Due to that, he couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy by the sheer concentration of the Ancient Era’s aura here. 

There was either an incredible treasure lying here or an extremely powerful existence from the Ancient Era. It would be great if it was a treasure, but it could be dangerous if it was the latter. 

Most beings from the Ancient Era harbored enmity toward the cultivators of the present era. All was peaceful if they chose to remain in seclusion, but once they chose to make an appearance, it would usually spell a massacre. 

Furthermore, the barrier at the entrance clearly came from the Ancient Era too. It should have weakened considerably over time, but it was still strong enough that not even Daoist Niantian or Shengguang Baimei was able to breach it. Once again, this showed that this ancient remnant couldn’t be made light of. 

Chu Feng rose into the air and cast a quick glance across the boundless forest. However, the forest was simply too big that he couldn’t even spot a single person, let alone uncover any clues. 

Left with no choice, he could only proceed further into its depths. 

“This feeling!”

Chu Feng’s heart jolted in astonishment. He felt a tinge of joy, excitement, and nervousness. There was a secret skill in his body known as Descent of the Demon Exalted. It was a gift the Blood-devouring Demon Exalted bestowed to him at his peak. 

It was a powerful secret skill, but it had been unwilling to bow down to Chu Feng thus far. Due to that, he wasn’t able to tap into its powers even though it had been lurking in his body. Not only that, it even boasted that it would devour Chu Feng, constantly threatening him. 

Chu Feng could only seal off its mouth so as to silence it back then, but he still coveted its powers. He tried to negotiate with the secret skill many times afterward, but the latter refused to respond. Later on, it even chose to ignore him altogether. 

However, just a moment ago, Descent of the Demon Exalted had just reacted in his body.

“Elder, you’re finally awake. Did you notice something?” Chu Feng said.

He chose to take on a polite attitude in order to please it, but the latter wasn’t replying to him.

“Why are you keeping quiet? I’ve already removed my seal on you. You can speak now,” Chu Feng said.

He felt that the secret skill wouldn’t react for no reason. It must have sensed something in this ancient remnant.

He thought about the other powerful secret skill that was discovered in this ancient remnant, and that further convinced him that Descent of the Demon Exalted must have discovered something. 

Unfortunately, the latter refused to respond no matter how Chu Feng nudged him. In any case, he was certain what he had felt earlier was real. 

“Brat, are you from the Holy Light Galaxy?” a voice suddenly sounded.

Chu Feng turned his head over and saw a silhouette floating in front of him. It was a short elder standing at a height of around 1.6 meters. He had unusually long gray hair that extended over three meters and a forbidding face that suggested that he wasn’t an easy person to deal with. 

The elder’s appearance looked rather hilarious with his hair cascading beneath his feet, but it didn’t seem like he was aware of it, judging from the confident look on his face. He must have thought that he looked rather domineering. 

However, Chu Feng had to admit that the gray-haired elder was indeed no pushover. The elder was only a hundred meters away when he called out to him, but Chu Feng actually didn’t notice his presence.

This showed that the elder was far stronger than Chu Feng.

But how did the gray-haired elder know that Chu Feng was from the Holy Light Galaxy?

“Elder, do you recognize me?” Chu Feng clasped his fist and asked.

However, his polite attitude was met with a sneer by the gray-haired elder. 

“Heh… Why would this Exalted pay any heed to a nameless junior like you?”

Upon hearing those words, Chu Feng straightened his back and looked at the elder with hostile eyes. 

“I guess you’re right. I wouldn’t have paid attention to a nameless elder like you either,” Chu Feng replied sarcastically.

This was the kind of person he was. 

To those who treated him kindly, he would reciprocate with kindness. To those who were rude to him, he would respond with equal insolence. 

Chu Feng might be weaker than the gray-haired old man, but he had Prince Shenglong in his hands. 

The gray-haired elder was bound to be a cultivator from the Nine Souls Galaxy even if he wasn’t from the Nine Souls Sacred Clan, so it was unlikely that he would dare make a reckless move if Chu Feng were to hold Prince Shenglong hostage. Otherwise, he might risk offending the Nine Souls Sacred Clan’s Clan Chief. 

That was the reason why Chu Feng dared to talk back to the gray-haired elder.


Just as Chu Feng had expected, those words angered the gray-haired elder right away. His long hair began fluttering all around as he wrapped his oppressive might around Chu Feng. 

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He was a rank seven Martial Exalted level cultivator.

Chu Feng was currently at rank three Martial Exalted level. He could raise his cultivation to rank six Martial Exalted level with his means, and with the Heavenly Lightning Nine Levels Slash, the elder wouldn’t have been a match for him.

It was just that he had decided to avoid using the Heavenly Lightning Nine Levels Slash altogether unless his life was in danger. Daoist Niantian wasn’t lying to him when he said that the skill would inflict irrecoverable damage to him.

It was fortunate that the gray-haired elder had only released his oppressive might but didn’t harm Chu Feng straight away.

“Arrogant junior, how dare you speak rudely to me? Have you never heard of the Gray Lion of the Cang Prefecture?” the gray-haired elder asked.

He appeared to be displeased because Chu Feng didn’t recognize him. 

Chu Feng found it amusing how the elder was so concerned about his reputation, and he knew a way to deal with such people. He was just about to speak up when another person suddenly appeared before them.

“Brother Lion, those who come here are all our guests. You mustn’t be disrespectful to him.”

It was yet another elder. He was dressed in simple garments, making him look no different from an ordinary civilian. It was just that his aura felt even more powerful than that of the gray-haired elder.

He was a rank eight Martial Exalted level cultivator.

Chu Feng’s eyes lit up the moment he saw the elder.

“Elder, are you Daoist Zhang?” Chu Feng asked.

Based on what he had heard from Prince Shenglong, there was a daoist named Zhang Yiqiu inside the remnant. On top of his outstanding prowess as a world spiritist, Zhang Yiqiu was a rank eight Martial Exalted level cultivator too.

That was also the reason why Chu Feng guessed that the elder was Daoist Zhang. 

“Bloody hell! You don’t recognize me, the Gray Lion of the Cang Prefecture, but you know of Old Zhang? What do you mean by this?”

The gray-haired elder was even more displeased after hearing Chu Feng’s words. It looked almost as if smoke was going to puff out of his nose.

“Brother Lion, you shouldn’t be disrespectful to our guest. Listen to me and rein in your oppressive might,” the other elder said with a chuckle. 

He was indeed Daoist Zhang.

Despite the gray-haired elder addressing Daoist Zhang as ‘Old Zhang’, he was actually rather fearful of this man. Upon hearing Daoist Zhang repeating his words, he quickly did as he was told to and retracted his oppressive might.

“Young friend, are you here in search of the secret skill?” Daoist Zhang asked.

“I’m here not to search for the secret skill but for a person,” Chu Feng replied.

“A person? Who are you looking for?” Daoist Zhang asked.

“Princess Xiaoxiao,” Chu Feng replied.

“Princess Xiaoxiao? You’re referring to the Nine Souls Sacred Clan’s Princess Xiaoxiao?” 

Daoist Zhang’s expression turned grim, and the gray-haired elder widened his eyes in horror. 

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