Martial God Asura - Chapter 4870

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Chapter 4870: Little Demon Lord

“Shengguang Xuanye, aren’t you overestimating yourself here? Do you think that I would need the help of others to deal with a mere Holy Light Clan? I’m more than sufficient!” Chu Feng sneered coldly.

“Audacious, Chu Feng!”

Shengguang Xuanye didn’t say a word, but the others from the Holy Light Clan couldn’t tolerate seeing a junior speak to their clan chief in such a manner. All sorts of criticisms poured out from them; some released their oppressive might while others prepared their martial skills.

Yet, no one actually dared to make a move. 

It looked like they were just all bark and no bite. It felt ludicrous to see this coming from the Holy Light Clan.

“I, Chu Feng, am not scared of being maligned, but I’m not so foolish as to admit to things that I’ve not done. So, I’d like to clarify in advance. Princess Xiaoxiao is my friend, so I can’t possibly do that kind of despicable thing to her. Princess Xiaoxiao is indeed injured, but she didn’t inflict it on herself. It was Shengguang Yunyue’s doing.”

Chu Feng said as he pointed a finger at Shengguang Yunyue.

“Shengguang Yunyue? It was Shengguang Yunyue who disfigured Princess Xiaoxiao’s appearance?”

All sorts of discussion poured forth.

“Chu Feng, you dare besmirch the reputation of one of our grand elders?”

It went without saying that the Holy Light Clan wouldn’t admit to it. They began pointing their fingers at Chu Feng once more.

However, Chu Feng ignored them and continued speaking.

“Shengguang Yunyue did it because she was furious that Princess Xiaoxiao refused to marry Shengguang Yu. 

“However, the worst one of all is still Shengguang Xuanye. He probably intended to marry Princess Xiaoxiao into the Holy Light Clan at the start due to her talent catching his eye. However, when he learned that Princess Xiaoxiao is opposed to the Holy Light Clan, he began revealing his despicable side. He chose to have Princess Xiaoxiao marry the trash of the Holy Light Clan, Shengguang Jiahao. 

“It goes without saying that his intention is to humiliate Princess Xiaoxiao, but this is only his first move. His true goal is to take Long Xiaoxiao’s talent for the Holy Light Clan’s use. Shengguang Xuanye has already prepared a vile formation to turn her into a cultivation resource,” Chu Feng spoke the truth aloud.


“Utter nonsense!”

“Putting aside the fact that such a formation is unheard of, just your claim that this is all done to humiliate Long Xiaoxiao doesn’t work out! The Holy Light Clan would never do something like this!”

“Indeed! Given the Holy Light Clan’s standing, do they even need to resort to this?”

Chu Feng’s words had incurred the suspicion of some, but most still voiced their doubt toward his words.

However, this was only to be expected. They were in the Holy Light Clan’s home base at the moment, and these were the people who had always been living under the Holy Light Clan’s shadow. It was unthinkable for them to doubt the Holy Light Clan in public.

So, Chu Feng ignored their words and turned to the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief.

“Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief, don’t you think that you should say something for your daughter?”

“Young friend Chu Feng, I…”

The Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief was put in a spot.

He intended to spectate the commotion by the side and fawn on whoever that won the battle, but he never thought that Chu Feng would make him pick a side right now.

He fell into a dilemma. Choosing the wrong side here would really spell the end of him and the Dragon Clan.

“Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief, you shouldn’t forget that you aren’t just the clan chief of the Dragon Clan. You’re also Long Xiaoxiao’s father. It’s one thing for you to turn a blind eye to your daughter’s humiliation, but are you so gutless as to dare not even speak a word of justice for her?” Chu Feng asked once more.

Beneath his calm voice was a hint of coldness that no one but the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief could hear.

The Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief shuddered. He knew that it was impossible for him to back down.

“Everyone, what young friend Chu Feng said is the truth. My daughter, Xiaoxiao, has always been fond of young friend Chu Feng. I believe that most of you should have already heard of this. So, it’s impossible that young friend Chu Feng would force himself on Xiaoxiao. There’s no need for him to do so. In fact, it has always been young friend Chu Feng who was rejecting our Xiaoxiao.

“Xiaoxiao has told me that she harbors deep feelings for young friend Chu Feng, and she wouldn’t marry anyone else other than him. It’s due to this that she refuses to marry Shengguang Yu. As for what happened afterward…

“Haa… I only have my own incompetence to blame. I’m not worthy of being Xiaoxiao’s father.”

The Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief had made his decision. He had chosen to stand with Chu Feng.



The entire world seemed to have fallen silent for an instant after the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief said those words. As one of the powerhouses of the Holy Light Galaxy, his words still carried substantial weight. 

“What insolent words. It looks like there’s no need for your Dragon Clan to continue existing on the face of this world!”

After a moment of silence, many amongst the Holy Light Clan began voicing their threats toward him.

“Do you see that? That’s the Holy Light Clan. If they dare to threaten others in public, I trust that you can imagine how they are like normally,” Chu Feng scoffed.

Those words plunged many into silence.

Would they not know what kind of power the Holy Light Clan was? 

Most major powers chose to keep their silence, but there were still some powers who chose to continue insulting Chu Feng. They were doing this because of the women whom Chu Feng had sullied. 

“I would also like to clarify things regarding those women. I, Chu Feng, am not a gentleman, but I’m no sexual deviant either. I wouldn’t stoop so low to do something like this. It’s the Holy Light Clan who’s trying to frame me here.

“However, I’ll reassure you that I’ll redress your grievances from the Holy Light Clan,” Chu Feng said to those women who were still sobbing in front of Shengguang Xuanye,

“You trash, Chu Feng! You don’t even dare to admit to what you’ve done!”

“You were the one who did it that day! I remember you even if I’m reduced to ashes!”

“You despicable man, Chu Feng! How dare you do something like that to my daughter! You’re less than a beast!”

The insults directed toward Chu Feng became even louder after Chu Feng’s explanation.

“This really is a bummer. Those people won’t accept his explanation no matter how young friend Chu Feng tries to explain himself!” 

The Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster clenched his fists tightly.

He wasn’t the only one who was feeling anxious for Chu Feng. There were quite a few people who were associated with Chu Feng here, and just watching the situation made them feel jittery.

On the other hand, Chu Feng remained perfectly calm. There wasn’t even the slightest fluctuation in his emotions.

“It looks like you don’t believe my words, but I’m not obliged to convince you of my emotions. It’s your own foolishness that caused you to become pawns of the Holy Light Clan. If you wish to insist that I’m the culprit, so be it. It doesn’t hurt me in the slightest,” Chu Feng replied disdainfully.

He felt that these people were too pitiful.

“Chu Feng, you wretched monster! I’ll skin you alive!”

“Lord Xuanye, you have to redress our grievances!”

Chu Feng’s insult made those women burst into tears. Their indignant appearance really made it seem like Chu Feng was some kind of horrendous villain. 

Seeing that they were still going to harp on it, Chu Feng’s face darkened.

“Shut your mouths!”

A furious bellow shook the world.

“I’ve been patient with you thus far in view of your plight, but it looks like you don’t know how to give it a rest. Continue with this farce, and I’ll obliterate your entire sect!”

Chu Feng’s voice was filled with killing intent, and those words really shut the mouths of those who were insulting him.

They were afraid.

This was someone who dared to stand against the Holy Light Clan. He even had a grand elder of the Holy Light Clan beneath his feet. How could they not be afraid? 

They knew that it was not beyond Chu Feng to obliterate their sects, and it made their bodies turn cold.

They finally realized that the person standing before them was no junior; it was a little demon lord!

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