Magic Deity: Godly Choices - Chapter 348

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Chapter 348: Contain the Sacred Prince

The Sacred Prince laughed out loud. He suddenly crushed the soul in his hand and absorbed it into his own body.

“Now, do you understand? It’s not that you have the ability to stand in a stalemate with us for 100,000 years. It’s that you still have some value to me. That’s all!”

“I’m going to kill you!” Among the ten thousand races, a Saint’s eyes were blood-red. He roared as he stepped out of the Mystical Door and charged toward the Sacred Prince in the sky.

“Come back quickly!” Su Han roared.

However, it was already too late. That Saint had already rushed out of the Mystical Gate. However, in almost an instant, that Saint was cut into two halves by the Sacred Prince’s casual wave of a hand.

“A small ant dares to compete with a giant?!” The Sacred Prince laughed loudly.

Almost everyone present had lost their rationality. They were crazy to seek revenge against the Sacred Prince.

“Stop!” Su Han suddenly appeared in front of the Mystical Gate and shouted, “Think about it. Why did he say so much to you? Why didn’t he just step in here and kill everyone?”

Su Han suddenly turned his head and stared at the Sacred Prince in the sky. He said in a deep voice, “Although he is very strong, he is not strong enough to break through the restriction here. Can’t you see that? He is using words to stir up your emotions so that you can go out and die.”

Su Han waved his hand and suddenly closed the Mystical Door.

When everyone present heard Su Han’s words, they felt as if they had just woken up from a dream.

The Sacred Prince’s power was extremely powerful. Even saints were like ants in front of him. If such a person wanted to kill them, they really had no way to fight back.

Then why did he still talk so much with them here?

That proved that he couldn’t kill them now!

After Su Han closed the Mystical Door, the smile on the Sacred Prince’s face slowly disappeared. His eyes narrowed into a small slit, and a cold light shone in his eyes.

Through the restriction, Su Han looked at him without fear.

“If you hadn’t come to my Shattered World, then this balance wouldn’t have been broken so quickly,” the Sacred Prince said in a deep voice. “I’ve always thought of you as an ant, but I didn’t expect that this ant actually moved my entire battleship!”

In the next moment, the Sacred Prince suddenly charged toward them.

The expressions of everyone present changed, but Su Han’s face remained expressionless. He was gambling, gambling that this tree really had the ability to block the Sacred Prince’s attack.


A loud sound rang out, and the entire earth trembled.

The Sacred Prince’s fist landed on the restriction. In an instant, the entire tree seemed to come to life, and countless tree trunks extended out as it charged toward the Sacred Prince.

The Sacred Prince retreated hundreds of meters, and his gaze became even gloomier.

Everyone saw that the restriction that he had hit was being repaired. They felt suffocated. Just as Su Han had expected, the Sacred Prince was unable to break through the restriction here.

“This is the restriction of the gods!” Su Han said expressionlessly. “No matter how strong the Sacred Prince is, he’s only one person!”

Su Han suddenly stepped forward and actually stepped out of the Mystical Door.

Darcy and the others’ expressions changed drastically as they said, “Su Han, what are you doing!”

They were facing the Sacred Prince, one of the Ten Emperors. Even Saints were like ants in front of him.

In the next moment, they actually saw the moon pattern on Su Han’s body shine with a bright light.

Surging mental energy spread in all directions.

The Northern Land Spirit Soul instantly understood Su Han’s intentions. Her face instantly turned pale. Su Han actually wanted to control the entire tree and launch an attack on the Sacred Prince.

Countless terrifying vines shot explosively towards the Sacred Prince in the sky.

The expressions of the ten thousand races changed drastically when they saw this scene.

Since their Human King could control the restrictions here, did that mean that they already had the strength to fight the Sacred Prince?

The Sacred Prince narrowed his eyes and continuously dodged in the air.

“I don’t know how you can control the restrictions here, but with just you, wanting to become my enemy is just a pipe dream!”

“Is that so?” Su Han suddenly clenched his fist.

In an instant, the terrifying restriction around the tree expanded several times.

The Sacred Prince’s expression changed. This sudden change made his body come into contact with the restriction.

A long bloody scar appeared on his body.

The Sacred Prince’s expression changed and he retreated.

Everyone was shocked when they saw this. The Supreme Sacred Prince was injured by someone!

“Good! Very good!” The Sacred Prince’s face was gloomy as he said, “No matter what method you use, you are indeed the first person to injure me in these 100,000 years. You should be proud of this!”

Su Han said expressionlessly, “I just want to tell you that this domain is mine now! In my domain, no one can be presumptuous!”

He let out a roar, and his surging mental power spread out.

Everyone was shocked to see that the restrictions around the tree continued to spread in all directions.

The Sacred Prince was forced to continuously retreat. He did not dare to come into contact with these restrictions. They contained the might of the heavens, and even he would be injured by them.

“The Human King actually forced such a terrifying person like the sacred prince to such a state!”

Everyone’s eyes widened in disbelief.

However, the Northern Land Spirit Soul saw that Su Han’s condition was extremely bad. Forcefully expanding the restriction had greatly depleted his mental strength. This was a strength that far surpassed his level, and it was too great of a burden on him.

She immediately came to Su Han’s side, closed her eyes, and poured surging mental strength into Su Han’s body.

Su Han’s spiritual power was replenished, and the speed of the restriction’s expansion accelerated.

Seeing this scene, all the members of the ten thousand clans quickly gathered around Su Han.

“Human King!”

Everyone closed their eyes, and wisps of spiritual power surged into Su Han’s body, turning into his most fundamental power.

Darcy and the others looked outside the restriction, at the Sacred Prince who was constantly being chased away by the restriction. For a moment, they could not say a word.

The Sacred Prince’s face was so gloomy that it was about to bleed.

He felt that he was like a lamb being chased away by the restriction.

The area where the restriction expanded grew larger and larger, and it continued to spread to the outside world.

He suddenly turned his head and looked at Su Han in the restriction from afar. He said gloomily, “What you’re doing is useless! Do you think that you can defeat me by forcing me to retreat?!”

In the middle, Su Han looked at him expressionlessly and said, “Perhaps not, but to be able to drive an emperor away like a dog, and this dog has yet to bite me, I feel very happy!”

The Sacred Prince’s face instantly turned green and white.

He was the dignified Sacred Prince!

He was the Sacred Prince!

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