Magic Deity: Godly Choices - Chapter 347

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This was a problem that not only the ten thousand races, but also many people from the First Human race felt puzzled.

He clearly had the ability, but he didn’t do anything…

At this moment, Norton narrowed his eyes, he said, “Master, the Sacred Emperor has been urging the Sacred Prince to end the matter here and return to the First Continent, but the Sacred Prince has been ambiguous. I’ve been here for a long time, and after my investigation, I suspect…”

His gaze fell on Darcy and the others and he said, “I’m afraid that he’s like the Sacred Emperor, raising…”

The expressions of the people around him changed.

Raising… them?

At this moment, a voice that sounded like thunder suddenly came from the sky.

“That’s right! You guessed it right! Norton!”


This voice…

Everyone’s expression changed drastically as they looked towards the distant sky.

They saw an old man with white hair slowly flying towards them from the distant sky.

The aura that he naturally emitted caused many tier-7 people to feel their legs go weak and they were unable to stand.

“That’s…” Linton was stunned as he said in a trembling voice, “Sacred Prince!”

The Sacred Prince floated in front of the giant tree. He had a faint smile on his face as he looked at them.

He slowly said, “I have kept you captive for a hundred thousand years. If you continue to peacefully maintain a stalemate with them, I will naturally not allow them to do anything to you. However, you must break this balance and let the situation develop to an uncontrollable stage.”

He enunciated each word and said, “That is why I am here.”

When the Sacred Prince descended, the expressions of everyone present changed drastically.

Although he was only one person, the power he emitted was even more terrifying than when all of them joined forces!

Su Han stared expressionlessly at the Sacred Prince who was floating in the sky. He knew that he would face the Sacred Prince one day.

Norton looked at the Sacred Prince solemnly and said, “Since you have already come here, why do you still want to watch your army being destroyed in front of your eyes?”

The Sacred Prince smiled and said, “Isn’t this the reason why I gave you full authority to command this time?”

“I have seen how many of my people the Sacred Emperor has secretly roped in in our territory.” He stroked his beard and said, “I have always wanted to find a reason to eliminate you. Even if you win today, you will still not be able to leave this Great Arcane Realm.”

Norton’s expression changed.

Linton, who was already extremely angry, suddenly stretched out his hand and pointed at the Sacred Prince in the sky. “You said that you’ve kept us captive for 100,000 years. This is simply nonsense!”

Everyone present revealed furious expressions.

Being kept captive was something that they could not accept no matter what!

The Sacred Prince smiled slightly and said, “Don’t you understand? Why do you have to come to this Great Arcane Realm every 500 years to seize the Divine Essence?”

The expressions of the people present changed drastically.

The Sacred Prince smiled and said, “By using the Divine Essence, you can carve your memories and insights into your new body and soul. You will be reincarnated again and again so that you can live forever in a certain sense. You can easily use the Divine Essence and the domain of your previous life to quickly return to the Saint-level within a hundred years. Then, have you ever thought that this method that you regard as eternal life is the way I cultivate you?”

Darcy suddenly raised his head. Even the usually calm Darcy’s eyes were filled with raging flames.

“This is nonsense!”

The Sacred Prince smiled and said, “What the Sacred Emperor wants is the Blood Qi of the gods from the origin of life of the alien races, and what I want is a Divine Essence. This substance is the product of the combination of his power and the laws of heaven and earth after the death of the gods. However, it is a very exhausting thing to convert the Divine Essence into one’s own power. That’s why I thought back then…”

He enunciated each word clearly, “If someone is willing to spend an endless amount of time, using their own body and soul to slowly fuse the Divine Essence, and then I absorb it, wouldn’t everything be much simpler?”

The Sacred Prince smiled and said, “90,000 years ago, I originally planned to destroy all of you in one fell swoop, but because of this matter, I kept all of you for 90,000 years. All of you should really thank me, thank me for my great kindness to all of you.”

When the Sacred Prince finished speaking, everyone present could not accept his words. The extraordinary anger made many people’s eyes turn blood-red.

“Nonsense!” Darcy’s eyes turned blood-red as he said, “Every time after our lifespans run out, we will see the souls go to the underworld. Our bodies will also be burned to ashes in the flames!”

Everyone present gritted their teeth. That’s right. Everyone who had their souls engraved on them would burn everything they had in the fire. The Sacred Prince said that he was keeping them in captivity, so how could he keep them in captivity?

The Sacred Prince laughed and said, “The difference in levels limits one’s ability to see things. I heard you talking about the underworld. Are you talking about this underworld?”

He waved his hand.

In an instant, everyone raised their heads.

In the sky, a huge spinning vortex whistled as it devoured countless souls that had died on the battlefield.

The people who saw this scene felt a loud bang in their heads, and their faces instantly lost their color.

Darcy and the others even trembled slightly.

This was the destination of souls. Every warrior’s soul would be brought into this vortex after they died. It was rumored that the underworld was on the other side of the vortex.

“There is no so-called underworld,” the Sacred Prince said with a smile. “I spent tens of thousands of years in the sky above the Shattered World to create this vortex to collect souls for me. Every time you inscribe your souls, it is my favorite time. Your souls contain a mysterious substance that has become one with you. It is my favorite tonic.”

He suddenly stretched out his hand toward the vortex in the sky.

White souls were attracted by him from the vortex. They screamed and let out shrill cries.

The faces of all the races changed when they saw the souls.

In the hands of the Sacred Prince, they could clearly feel the soul fluctuations of the leaders present. Darcy, the Elf King, the Dwarf King, and so on. They were all masters of the Saint realm and could recognize them at a glance, the souls that were held in the hands of the Sacred Prince at this moment were the souls that they had duplicated the last time…

When they confirmed the identities of the souls in his hands, the hearts of everyone present were rumbling.

100,000 years!

In 100,000 years, the souls of all their dead warriors had been plundered by this man!

They had been kept in the dark, just like their old friends in the Second Continent…

They had been plundered for 100,000 years!

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