Losing Money to Be a Tycoon - Chapter 1143

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Chapter 1143: The Summary Of The Pei Family’s Publicity Method

July 18th, Wednesday…

In the advertising department…

Meng Chang looked at his computer screen thoughtfully.

He had summarized Boss Pei’s entire publicity plan and the effect of this plan.

As the saying went, one would learn as they age.

Meng Chang originally thought that he was already very good at playing with popularity and marketing. However, he realized that he was still far from it after meeting Boss Pei.

This time, he had the opportunity to observe Boss Pei’s publicity operations up close. Of course, he had to watch carefully!

His cell phone beeped just as he was deep in thought.

Meng Chang picked it up and could not help but raise his eyebrows with joy.

The bank card notification came in – 2,000 yuan!

The 2,000 yuan was obviously the guaranteed commission for this month!

That was because the publicity plan had been released for two weeks. Even Meng Chang could tell that the publicity effect was indeed not good.

This time, Boss Pei’s publicity plan was targeted at the VR glasses. Until now, the VR glasses’ reputation on the internet was still very average.

The people who bought them gave good reviews, but the problem was how could the players who did not buy them distinguish between these good reviews and the fake reviewers?

In addition, “Animal Island” had not been released yet, and this pair of glasses had not been equipped with any particularly impressive VR games. Thus, even though they had done a lot of publicity, the results were minimal.

Tengda was so efficient. The guaranteed commission for the two weeks was sent to him so soon.

Considering that he had a base salary of 4,000 yuan at the end of the month, this meant that Meng Chang’s income this month had risen to 6,000 yuan!

Of course, 6,000 yuan was not a lot. However, it was a historical breakthrough for Meng Chang.

“I didn’t expect Boss Pei to easily do something that I found difficult to do.”

“No matter how I look at it, this VR glasses project is a death project. I didn’t expect Boss Pei to succeed in reverse publicity under such a difficult situation.”

“I have to say that a genius is a genius. He is a genius no matter what he does.”

Meng Chang was completely convinced.

He had been keeping an eye on Boss Pei’s publicity plan this time. At first, he was very worried that Boss Pei would do something behind the scenes and turn the publicity plan for the VR glasses project into an ‘unreasonable’ success.

If that was the case, Meng Chang would definitely not agree.

However, Boss Pei’s series of methods were an eye-opener for Meng Chang. What’s more, it looked like he did not do anything behind the scenes. He completed it based on his own strength.

Thus, Meng Chang worked hard and learned, hoping to use the techniques displayed by Boss Pei in future publicity plans.

This feeling was like in many comics and movies. Master reluctantly said to his disciple who had reached a bottleneck, “I’ll only do it once. Watch closely.”

Such a demonstration was too precious!

If he could learn Boss Pei’s method, why would it be difficult for him to work hard to get 200,000 yuan a month?

Now, Meng Chang had summarized all the methods that Boss Pei used and listed them in the table.

However, he still had one question.

What benefit would Boss Pei bring to Tengda Corporation by doing this?

To Meng Chang, he had only done the reverse publicity plan to get a commission for himself. However, wouldn’t Boss Pei reduce Tengda’s income if he allowed Meng Chang to do the opposite publicity and reduce the project’s reputation?

This question had been troubling Meng Chang.

Previously, Meng Chang had been focused on the commission, so he did not pursue the matter.

However, Boss Pei had even personally shown the reverse publicity method in order to retain him. This intensified Meng Chang’s suspicion.

Did Boss Pei have to do this?

What kind of motive and motivation was driving him?

This confused Meng Chang.

However, Meng Chang suddenly felt that he seemed to have grasped a direction after sorting out Boss Pei’s reverse publicity plan and listed it out.

It seemed like as long as he studied the reverse publicity plan given by Boss Pei carefully and understood the deeper meaning, he would be able to find Boss Pei’s true motives!

At that thought, Meng Chang looked at the computer screen again to check the “Pei family publicity method” that he had summarized after careful observation.

The first rule of the Pei family’s publicity method: choose carefully, refined segmenting.

A very important reason for Meng Chang’s previous failure was that he did not separate different projects.

Meng Chang had not realized this even though he could choose the publicity project himself, causing the difficulty of publicity to increase.

On the other hand, Boss Pei immediately divided the VR glasses project from the game “Animal Island” after Meng Chang selected it for publicity.

The publicity glasses would definitely not involve Animal Island at all.

One had to know that Tengda’s projects were highly connected. Many departments had natural connections. If they could not cut these related projects apart, the chances of failure of reverse publicity would naturally increase.

On the other hand, the reverse publicity of a single product would be easier to succeed as long as it was divided.

Of course, this division could not be done casually. He had to achieve the second point.

Pei Family’s publicity method number two: Undergo deep understanding and complete control.

Previously, Meng Chang had only managed to understand these projects but not control them.

Boss Pei forcefully delayed the release of “Animal Island” in order to promote the VR glasses project. This obviously provided assurance for the first point of “division”.

This meant that if Meng Chang wanted to succeed, he could no longer just focus on publicity and ignore everything like before. He had to deeply participate in projects related to the plan. He had to even delay the release of the project. That would increase the success rate.

The third rule of the Pei family’s publicity method: Cutting reputation and cutting ties.

Tengda’s reputation was so good that netizens naturally had a good impression of projects that had Tengda’s halo. Naturally, reverse publicity would not be successful.

Thus, he had to think of a way to separate the reputation of this project from the reputation of the entire Tengda Corporation so that netizens could examine it objectively and fairly. He did not subconsciously think that this was definitely a good product.

The fourth rule of the Pei family’s publicity method: If you want to suppress it, first raise their expectations.

He had to heighten the netizens’ expectations. That way, once the real thing was released, netizens would feel disappointed and feel that this thing was not worthy of its name. Even if it was a good product, the short-term response would not be good. The reverse publicity would naturally be completed.

The fifth rule of the Pei family’s publicity method: limited edition, guide reputation.

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In order to allow this bad review to continue, he had to limit the number of purchases in the beginning and guide public opinion through the fake reviewers.

Most netizens would not buy the products. They were anxious because of the limited number of purchases. They could not tell if the people who said good things online were fake. This bad review would naturally continue.

Pei family’s publicity method number six: Split the time and plan accurately.

No matter how much he tried to hide it, he could not hide it forever. Thus, he had to accurately plan the time. He had to let this state continue for two weeks, and then continue until the end of the month. He had to calculate the reactions of every time point in order to ensure the final success of the plan.

Meng Chang realized that he could indeed complete the reverse publicity steadily as long as he could do work on the six points like Boss Pei.

Even if the last point was not done so perfectly and there were some problems with time control, it would not be a big problem to last for two weeks to get the guaranteed commission. He would achieve nothing like before.

In other words, Boss Pei’s publicity plan was indeed showing him an efficient and feasible reverse publicity method.

Meng Chang could also get a commission steadily as long as he followed seriously, trained more, and imitated. He might even have a chance to charge a high commission after he became proficient.

The most important question was why did Boss Pei do that?

What would Boss Pei gain for himself if Meng Chang learned how to advertise every plan in the future, the project would not become popular, and Tengda would not make money?

Meng Chang did not understand.

He vaguely felt something, but it was still a little fuzzy and he could not be sure.

There seemed to be other things that he had not summarized after the ‘Pei Family Publicity Method’.

This thing was very important. It could even be said to be the core and essence of the entire “Pei family’s publicity method”. It was also the ultimate answer that could answer all of Meng Chang’s questions.

What exactly was it…?

Meng Chang frowned and fell into deep thought.

Pei Qian heaved a sigh of relief in his office at the same time.

He could relax after confirming that the guaranteed commission had been sent to Meng Chang!

He had used all his means to achieve huge success in reverse publicity!

It looked relaxed but Pei Qian was actually not confident. He had put in a lot of effort to last two weeks for the reverse publicity plan.

He even hired fake reviewers out of his own pocket. It could be argued that he spared no expenses.

Fortunately, all his hard work had paid off.

Two weeks had already passed. According to the previous agreement, Meng Chang would definitely not leave.

As for what Meng Chang would comprehend from this demonstration… That was not something Pei Qian could expect or control.

No matter what, one good brother Eric had already left. He could not lose another good brother, Meng Chang.

Now that he understood this matter, the huge stone that had been hanging in Pei Qian’s heart was finally lifted.

“Alright, the game can be released.”

Pei Qian used the internal chat software to send a message to Slow Movement Studio, telling them that “Animal Island” could be officially released.

Pei Qian especially found many reasons in order to ensure that the reverse publicity plan was foolproof. For example, he wanted to test Animal Island more and fix more bugs before publishing it.

It dragged on for more than a week.

He had already obtained the guaranteed commission that he had promised Meng Chang. What’s more, there were less than two weeks to the settlement. It was about time to let the game be released and cancel the limited sales volume of the VR glasses.

In just two weeks, they probably would not be able to sell many copies. It was impossible to recoup their costs.

Of course, the pressure on profits would extend to the next cycle.

However, the next cycle was some time away. He would think about it when the time came.

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