Lord Chu’s Wife is Wild - Chapter 321

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Chapter 321: A New Year’s Gift For My Future Aunt

“Mother, what should I do? I don’t want to spend my life with that fool!”

Zhang Xiaohua, who regained her senses, wept in despair.

“You can forget about marrying He Qin for the rest of your life.”

Zhang Hui said, “The Zheng family is not bad either. Although they can’t compare to the current He Qin, you’re pregnant now. If you can give birth to a son for the Zheng family in the future, won’t you lead a good life?”

Mdm Luo agreed.

“Xiaohua, in the future… just stay in the Zheng family.”

Zhang Xiaohua glared at Zhang Hui and said agitatedly, “It’s all your fault. If not for you, why would I break off my engagement with He Qin? If not for you, why would I marry a fool? It’s all your fault. You destroyed my life!”

As she spoke, she jumped up from the stool and pushed Zhang Hui while crying and scolding.

Mdm Luo wiped her tears silently.


After being pushed a few times, Zhang Hui could not help but flare up.

“Can you blame me for breaking off your engagement with He Qin?” He laughed coldly and said, “Didn’t you say that he was too poor and wanted someone else? I ruined your life? Wasn’t it glorious when you got married back then?”

In the entire An Mu Village, which girl had received a betrothal gift of thirty taels?

Even He Zhang’s daughter, He Jing, with her flawless looks and personality, only received a betrothal gift of ten taels.

Other than crying, Zhang Xiaohua could not retort.

The Zheng family received the news quickly and came over to fetch Zhang Xiaohua that afternoon.

When the Duan family heard about today’s incident, they were both touched and delighted.

When Mdm Xia, Duan Yu’s wife, heard that, she sneered. “The Zhang family is really embarrassing.”

Lu Sheng happened to hear this when she entered with her things.

She pursed her lips and smiled faintly.

“Uh… Who are you?”

At that moment, everyone was still cooking dinner. Mdm Zhao wanted Lu Sheng and Lu Ran to return after dinner.

However, Lu Sheng said that Lu Jiang and Lu Xin were still waiting for them to go back and cook dinner, so she rejected them.

Before she left, she suddenly remembered that she had not delivered the New Year goods to the Duan family yet. Hence, she asked He Qin.

He Qin pointed at the second house on the left-hand side of the village. She had wanted to ask He Qin to send it over, but they happened to pass by the Duan family on the way home. Hence, Lu Sheng personally sent it over.

“Hello, Aunt!”

Although Duan Yu was only twenty-five or twenty-six years old and Mdm Xia was only twenty-one or twenty-two years old, in terms of seniority, Lu Sheng should indeed call her that.

“He Qin is my uncle.”

Under Mdm Xia’s doubtful gaze, Lu Sheng revealed her identity.


Mdm Xia was suddenly enlightened. “You’re Lu Sheng, right?”

Lu Sheng nodded.

“Quick, come in and sit.”

Mdm Xia hurried forward to greet her. She even called Duan Xiang and Duan Yu out and introduced Lu Sheng.

When Duan Xiang heard that, she was a bit embarrassed. “So, you’re the Xiao Sheng that Brother Ah Qin often refers to?”

He Qin admired his little niece exceptionally. Every time he mentioned her, he would praise her non-stop.

Lu Sheng raised an eyebrow. “Uncle often mentioned me to you?”


Duan Yu smiled and said, “You’re the person your uncle admires the most.”

Lu Sheng chuckled softly. She thought that He Qin would not praise her.

“Oh right, have you eaten?” Mdm Xia smiled and said, “Why don’t you stay for dinner?”


Lu Sheng passed the New Year goods to Duan Xiang. “This is for my future aunt. It’s a gift.”

Duan Xiang blushed when she heard that.

Mdm Xia smiled and glanced at Duan Xiang. She smiled at Lu Sheng and said, “Oh, it’s enough that you’re here. Why did you bring the New Year goods over?”

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