Lord Chu’s Wife is Wild - Chapter 320

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Chapter 320: Indeed, She’s Pregnant

“How shameless. She’s already married and yet she’s still meddling in other people’s affairs. Why didn’t the Zhang family say anything?”

“If the Zhang family had the heart, they wouldn’t have married their daughter to a fool for thirty taels.”

As everyone spoke, Mdm Luo’s face darkened.

Mdm Xu turned back to look at her before saying to the crowd, “Zhang Xiaohua just told Ah Qin that she still has her chastity. Unexpectedly, she’s already pregnant.”

“Oh my!”

Someone exclaimed.

“She’s too shameless. Is she trying to find a father for her son?”

Zhang Hui turned his head in shock. Mdm Luo stood up and said angrily, “Mdm Xu, the doctor hasn’t seen her yet. How do you know that my Xiaohua is pregnant?”

“Hey, isn’t that Doctor Hu?”

Someone shouted outside.

Everyone followed that person’s gaze and saw an old man carrying a medical kit walking over.

“Doctor Hu, you came at the right time.”

Mdm Xu waved at the old man. “Miss Xiaohua from the Zhang family is not feeling well. She wants you to take a look at her.”

Mdm Luo did not believe that Zhang Xiaohua was really pregnant, so she did not object when she heard Mdm Xu’s words. Instead, she sneered and said, “Mdm Xu, what would you do if my Xiaohua isn’t pregnant?”


Mdm Xu looked at Lu Sheng and saw her nod slightly.

For some reason, Mdm Xu felt that since Lu Sheng was so certain, there was definitely nothing wrong. Zhang Xiaohua was probably already pregnant.

When she thought of this, Mdm Xu raised her chin and said, “If your Xiaohua is not pregnant, I’m willing to compensate you with twenty taels.”

“Twenty taels!” Zhang Hui’s eyes lit up.

Mdm Luo smiled and nodded. “Okay.”

Lu Sheng was only a teenage girl. She did not believe her words.

“What happened?”

Doctor Hu walked in and asked suspiciously.

Mdm Luo said to Doctor Hu, “Doctor Hu, come and take a look at Xiaohua. See if she’s pregnant.”

Zhang Xiaohua was already in a daze, so she did not pay attention to Mdm Luo’s and Mdm Xu’s conversation.

There was only one thing on her mind. She had been drugged by the Zheng family to sleep with that fool.

Without her chastity, even if she was not pregnant, she could not marry a good family anymore, let alone He Qin, who had everything now.

The sun was shining brightly outside, but she felt exceptionally cold.

With Mdm Luo’s permission, Doctor Hu went forward and checked Zhang Xiaohua’s pulse.

After a while, Doctor Hu stood up.

“Doctor Hu, how is it?”

Before Mdm Luo could speak, Zhang Hui could not wait to ask.

Twenty taels was not a small amount. If they could get it, he could let his wife and children lead a good year this year.

Doctor Hu looked at him and said lightly, “Congratulations, she’s indeed pregnant.”


Doctor Hu’s words were like a clap of thunder, stunning Mdm Luo and Zhang Hui.

“Oh, hahaha—”

Mdm Xu laughed gloatingly. “Listen, even Doctor Hu said that your Zhang Xiaohua is pregnant. She even said that she’s innocent. How hilarious.”

Lu Sheng smiled faintly and did not speak.

The onlookers looked at the Zhang family mockingly.

“In the future, don’t be so shameless as to destroy our Ah Qin’s marriage. Our Ah Qin won’t be a cheap father to others.”

After speaking, Mdm Xu happily held Lu Sheng’s hand and left the Zhang family.

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