Legend of Swordsman - Chapter 2731

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The gray-robed old man stood in front of Jian Wushuang and the others, but they felt that the old man was intangible as though he had blended into the void around him like he was one with the secret realm.

The old man indifferently swept his gaze across at the group of five—stopping at each of them to take a good look.

He slowly said after a long time, “Kids, welcome to my master’s secret realm. I’m the steward. You can call me Old Gu, or Master Gu.”

“Did you say that this is your master’s secret realm? Are you the secret realm’s spirit?” Saber Master narrowed his eyes and stared at the gray-robed old man called Old Gu.

“Yes.” Old Gu nodded and admitted.

Jian Wushuang and the others gave their countenance.

It must have cost a lot to set up the secret realm.

The person who set up the secret realm was unmistakably a pinnacle expert in Ancient God Domain.

The secret realm’s spirit was most probably bestowed by the expert and probably had its consciousness which allowed the spirit to control the secret realm.

The old man was the secret realm’s spirit.

“My master has created this secret realm for a long time with none who has been able to reach here until now. You have good luck as Grand Ultimate Gods.” Old Gu smiled faintly. “Come with me.”

Old Gu turned around and headed toward the end of the cemetery.

Jian Wushuang and the others looked at each other before immediately going after the old man.

“Old Gu, these experts in the coffins must’ve been extraordinary during their lifetime?” Jian Wushuang curiously asked.

“These experts?” Old Gu smiled. “Yes, they were very good with all of them being rather extraordinary, which was the reason their bodies can stay here.”

Old Gu began explaining about the secret realm. “My master is someone extraordinary. As for his name and cultivation realm, all of you don’t have the right to know. My master is fond of collecting experts’ corpses during his lifetime—especially those experts whom he killed.”

“This cemetery you’re in now has dozens of experts’ corpses who were my master’s prized possessions with all of them killed by my master. They must possess remarkable strength during their lifetime to be killed and kept in this cemetery by my master, hence they were at least an Undying Saint and exceptionally outstanding among their peers.”

Jian Wushuang and the others in the group were impressed.

Only the best among the best Undying Saint or above corpses could stay in the cemetery.

“Just like this woman…” Old Gu pointed to the saint-like woman next to him.

It was the woman Jian Wushuang and the others first saw.

“She is called White Lotus Saint—an Undying Saint who was invincible even amongst experts in Third Heaven with her strength at the Peak Undying Saint. She was once besieged by ten remarkable Undying Saints who tried to kill her but were single-handedly killed by her instead.

“Her strength had reached the very pinnacle of what an Undying Saint could achieve. She was indeed powerful but unfortunately too proud and complacent. My master met her and intended to take her as a concubine, but she did not cherish her great opportunity and blatantly rejected my master. My master was furious and killed her on the spot with a single finger movement,” said Old Gu.

He sounded so casual as though it was the most natural matter.

However, his words sounded completely different in Jian Wushuang and his group’s ears.

An invincible Undying Saint capable of defeating 10 powerful Undying Saints single-handedly was killed just because she refused to be the concubine of Old Gu’s master?

Old Gu’s master was rather overbearing, was he not?

In addition to being overbearing, his action reflected his brute strength and capabilities.

How powerful was the master capable of killing an Undying Saint with a finger?

“This person here is Lord Goldsnow. He was stronger and more famous than White Lotus Saint.” Old Gu pointed to a middle-aged man in snow-white armor laying in a stone coffin next to him.

“Lord Goldsnow was one of the most phenomenal Undying Saints who came from a remarkable background. He was from the Eight Heavenly Sect whose master was indomitable in the Ancient God Domain. Unfortunately, he was too ostentatious and arrogant. He disdained my master and thought my master wouldn’t dare to kill him. As a result, my master killed him right in front of his master.

“His master was furious and wanted to avenge him, but my master’s excellent life-saving methods allowed him to easily escape. Lord Goldsnow’s master and the entire Eight Heavenly Sect could do nothing to my master.”

Old Gu looked proud as he narrated the event.

Saber Master, Hong Chen, Long Xianzi, and Devilish Wind King might not know much about the Eight Heavenly Sect which Old Gu mentioned but Jian Wushuang knew a great deal about the sect.

The Seven Stars Black Sect was the paramount sect in Ancient God Domain.

However, the Seven Stars Black Sect had been destroyed with the next in line being Three Great Sacred Realms, Four God Tribe, and Eight Heavenly Sect.

Those were the recognized top forces in Ancient God Domain.

Those forces were overlords who held great prestige in the Ancient God Domain’s core and were incomparable to those sects and forces in Danyang Holy Domain or the Nine Realms of Golden Crow.

One could simply imagine the strength of the Eight Heavenly Sect for being able to be one of the Ancient God Domain’s great overlords.

The Eight Heavenly Sect could not avenge Lord Goldsnow despite being so.

It just shed light on how powerful Old Gu’s master was.

“This person…”

Old Gu was introducing other experts in the remaining stone coffins to Jian Wushuang and his group along the way.

There was no doubt those experts were remarkable figures in Ancient God Domain with any one of them enough to frighten the group of five.

Unfortunately, they became corpses laid in the cold stone coffins.

“My master had killed countless experts but those qualified to be remembered and placed in this secret cemetery are these. Although there are only a few dozen of them here, they were truly powerful and not someone an ordinary Undying Saint can compete with.

“The most famous Undying Saint my master encountered was Sword Lord Tong Xin when my master first arrived at this territory. He was a rather powerful Undying Saint but unfortunately didn’t qualified to be kept here.”

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