Legend of Swordsman - Chapter 2730

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Half a month passed in a flash.

Long Xianzi and Devilish Wind King had recovered from their injuries within that half a month.

“Let’s go,” said Saber Master as the group of five carried on their journey.

They went through a day without extraordinary incidences.

Finally, the five of them arrived at the center of the ancient castle—the castle’s core.

They faced yet another cemetery.

The difference being the cemetery was much smaller than the one they previously had been as there were not as many stone coffins in the cemetery.

However, the edifice transparent stone coffins suspended in that cemetery stood tall with each being more than 10 feet long.

Jian Wushuang and the others could see through the stone coffins and observe the figures lying within from the cemetery’s edge.

All of them had their eyes on one particular stone coffin before them.

A woman lying peacefully in the stone coffin.

The more than two yards tall woman looked tall and slender in her white robe. Although she was laid to rest with her eyes closed, her ethereal appearance gave away a somewhat holy feeling.

She looked like a saint.

“This woman…”

Jian Wushuang and the others were awestruck from looking at the white-robed woman.

She had obviously passed on for many years but her corpse still could gain the respect from those few Grand Ultimate Gods.

“She must at least be an Undying Saint and I’m guessing she must be some extremely powerful Undying Saint,” commented Devilish Wind King.

“Will she be awakened from her stone coffin just like those corpse puppets we saw earlier?” Long Xianzi asked nervously.

Jian Wushuang and the rest felt their hearts skipped a beat.

In the previous cemetery, the stone coffins had corpse puppets that were extremely difficult to deal with—especially Gold-armored Corpse Puppets. The group of five could do nothing but flee frantically when those terrifying corpse puppets appeared. The woman before had crossed the boundaries of an Ultimate God. None of the five would survive if she was also reanimated as a corpse puppet and stepped out of her stone coffin.

“I don’t think she’s a corpse puppet as there isn’t any corpse poison in this cemetery. In addition, she doesn’t look like a corpse puppet,” said Saber Master.

The rest nodded and expressed their agreement.

All five of them then unleashed their soul power while trying to find out more about the stone coffins—if there were opportunities or treasures left behind.

However, just when their soul power was about to touch the first stone coffin…

“Get out of here!”

They suddenly heard someone bellowing.

The voice rang in their ears along with an oppressive force none of them could resist.

Jian Wushuang, Hong Chen, Long Xianzi, Devilish Wind King, and the most powerful of them all—Saber Master—instantly turned pale.

They shuddered.

“T-this is…” Devilish Wind King widened his eyes.

“It’s the power of consciousness!”

“Oh gosh, she had passed on for so many years yet her power of consciousness remains terrifyingly strong?”

Jian Wushuang and the others were taken aback.

The power of consciousness—any powerful cultivators would possess their very own power of consciousness.

Likewise Ultimate Gods such as Jian Wushuang and the others. The power of consciousness grew in correlation with one’s cultivation realm and strength. It represented a person’s will.

However, even if an actual living Undying Saint stood before them and displayed his power of consciousness, all five of them would still not be so fearful.

Therefore, they were utterly surprised the woman who had been dead for so long could exhibit such a tyrannical power of consciousness.

Her strength was simply unfathomable.

“Let’s try some other stone coffins,” suggested Saber Master.

The five of them began looking for their next target.

Although the cemetery was not as huge as the one before, there were dozens of stone coffins with figures lying in them.

The group of five tried sending their soul power to the other stone coffins and the same thing happened.

Every expert in those stone coffins had been dead for many years, but each of them maintained a very strong power of consciousness.

Not a single one of them was weaker than the holy woman they first saw. The group of five was astounded by every power of consciousness they came in contact with.

“D*mn it, every stone coffin contains such terrifying power of consciousness. We won’t be able to get them even if there are treasures and opportunities left behind by these experts because we can’t even get close!” Grand Ultimate God Hong Chen complained.

Jian Wushuang and the rest were awe-struck.

They were aiming for those various treasures and opportunities when they decided to visit the secret realm.

They went through various obstacles to arrive at the cemetery and saw the corpses in the stone coffins with their collected treasures during the deceased cultivators’ lifetime. It was definitely a great opportunity for the five of them to get their hands on those treasures, but they were disappointed in the end because of the power of consciousness.

Grand Ultimate God Hong Chen was right to say that they were not qualified to get near those stone coffins with the existence of such a strong power of consciousness.

They might have to reach the Undying Saint realm to withstand the power of consciousness.

“We can only look at those great opportunities in front of us.” Saber Master looked dejected.

Jian Wushuang, Hong Chen, Devilish Wind King, and Long Xianzi felt the same.



A strange light condensed in front of them.

The grayish ray of light gradually took the form of a human figure.

The gray-robed old man looked extremely simple and amiable. His hair was quite messy and with no breath of aura present. He might have been unnoticeable had the group of five closed their eyes.

The gray-robed old man appeared before the five of them.

Jian Wushuang, Saber Master, Hong Chen, Devilish Wind King, and Long Xianzi were looking at the gray-robed old man.

The five of them had a solemn look.

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