Lady Su’s Revenge - Chapter 520

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“Although I join the Sect for a short time, fortunately, Master always takes me with him. He doesn’t tell me many things, but I can guess something with what I saw and heard in the Sect.”

After speaking out “Immortal of Ghost”, Wen Hun seemed to free from the shackles in his heart. On the way back to residents, he told Su Li all he speculated.

“Immortal Cultivation Tactics of the Sect includes two chapters. One is Human Chapter and the other is Ghost Chapter. A long time ago, the Sect was divided into two factions of human and ghost. Master didn’t tell a lie in the square half a month ago. The inherited Immortal Cultivation Tactics indeed lost, and only the first three realms remained. But the lost part is just the Human Chapter. The Ghost Chapter is intact!”

Upon hearing this, Su Li stretched out her hand and lit up a touch of spiritual light in the void.

Wen Hun was a little uncomfortable when he sensed the spiritual light, though, he still nodded with appreciation, “Your cultivation had matched with the second realm of Human Chapter. It seems that you don’t slack off during this period of time.”

“Senior Fellow Apprentice, since the Human Chapter is incomplete, why doesn’t Master pass on the Ghost Chapter?”

Su Li got a clue from his words and continued to ask.

Wen Hun’s expression became gloomy suddenly. He was silent for a moment, and continued to transmit sound. But his voice was a little bit anxious and heavy.

“Since it is Ghost Chapter, only the real ghost can practice it. If a living person practices it forcibly, he will become a lunatic, who will be neither a ghost nor a human being!”

Then Wen Hun paused, as if he was accumulating courage. Then he seemed to figure out something and said with a weak smile, “I, I am practicing Ghost Chapter.”

Wen Hun stopped, and the wind seemed to still at this moment.

Su Li turned her eyes in curiosity, and her bright eyes were like the sunshine penetrating a dark room, without any fear in them.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice, are you a ghost?”

Wen Hun froze, and then nodded bitterly.

“It is difficult for a ferocious ghost to reincarnate since ancient times, but I am the reincarnation of a ghost, semi-human and semi-ghost, so…Master accepted me.”

With her eyes brightened, Su Li raved, “Senior Fellow Apprentice, you are amazing! We are unable to practice Ghost Chapter!”

With his eyes opened slightly, Wen Hun fell into a daze again, and even was at a loss. He had imagined in his mind the reaction of the little junior sister apprentice for countless times when she heard it, but he didn’t expect this little girl thought outside the box.

“Junior Sister Apprentice, what I said is true!”

Wen Hun was anxious. The snow-white clothes suddenly turned light red from the corner of the clothes.

“Ferocious ghost in red. This guy is really the reincarnation of a ghost. It’s really rare!”

Black Lotus’s exclamation came into Su Li’s ears. With light flashed in her eyes, Su Li took Wen Hun’s face with warm hands.


Wen Hun goggled his eyes and froze in situ, as if being subjected to a motionlessness skill. The blood red of the corner of his clothes faded like a tide, and then concentrated on his face.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice, your face is flushed and hot. Is the wound not healed?”

Su Li blinked and showed a trace of worry just right. Wen Hun earthed to himself, and quickly made a move in embarrassment. He, who had reached the Yuanying Realm, should lose his balance and almost fall.

“Master, you are not a kid anymore. When can you change the temperament of teasing others…”

Looked at Wen Hun with a blush, Black Lotus sighed that what a poor boy.

“Junior Sister Apprentice, what I said is true! Don’t take it as a joke. In the book pavilion, the isolation tower, and the deep mountain, there are many ghosts who practice the Ghost Chapter and go crazy. When you see them, you must pretend you can’t see them, and don’t talk to them. If Master gives you the practice method of Ghost Chapter, you must not practice it, and pretend to be unable to get start. Then you will be safe… Junior Sister Apprentice, don’t run away!”

“Senior Fellow Apprentice, I remember it! It’s getting dark. I need to cook dinner.”

Seeing Su Li walked far away, Wen Hun sighed. Fine, the little junior sister apprentice was still young. Even if he was in the Erosion Period, he could hold on for a few more years, and he still had time.

After a hearty dinner, Wen Hun felt his physical body was fully recovered and then left with a gloomy face.

After watching him leave, Su Li closed the gate of the yard with a trace of enlightenment in her eyes.

“Wen Hun is eager to explain it to me, because he knew that he is in crisis. Since Ghost Chapter can only be practiced by real ghosts and the guy is only semi-ghost, it definitely has side effects. My medicine makes him mistakenly think that the side effects arise.”

After figuring it out, Su Li smiled slightly and returned to the adytum to absorb the power of soul from the meat in the dinner.

Until the middle of the night when all was quiet, the whole Immortal Cultivation Sect fell into dead silence.

At night, no disciple was allowed to leave the residence in the Sect, which had been a tradition and not changed for thousands of years. Those disciples who violated the rule all vanished, without exception.

And now, it was the midnight.

Su Li raised her head and glanced at the crescent moon hanging in the sky. Then she gently pushed open the door of the book pavilion with her eyes squinting slightly.

The two doors opened inward silently. At this moment, all the sound disappeared, and there was no light in the dark and hollow book pavilion. The door was like a terrifying huge mouth.

With a calm expression, Su Li came into the book pavilion, and the two doors suddenly closed without making a sound.




The candle on the wall suddenly lit up of itself and illuminated the entire hall on the first floor. However, Su Li always felt the lighted flame filled with coldness.

“There is someone studying in the book pavilion so late. How assiduous.”

An old voice came through. Su Li followed the voice and saw an old sweeping servant in grey walk out from a bookshelf with an oil lamp in his hand. There was a kind smile on his face.

He reminded Su Li of He Jiu for some reason.

Their kind smiles were two peas in a pod. Or perhaps… the ghost in front of her imitated He Jiu’s smile deliberately.

Su Li changed her mind and didn’t speak. She ignored the old servant and walked to the bookshelf on which the Essay was placed in her memory. As expected, the familiar booklet was there.

She picked up and browsed through the booklet causally. Then she found the ending of the first story immediately.

“The woman did not live alone in the deep mountain. There was also an old woman and a little girl in the house. Although the life in the mountain was hard, it was happy and peaceful. After the scholar spent the night here, he thought that seeking for fame and honor was insignificant. Therefore, he determined to abandon secular purposes and stay in the deep mountain forever to live an ascetic life.”

Reading this, Su Li directly closed the booklet, and a glimmer of sarcasm flashed in her eyes.

Every word was illogical and imaginary. Even if she did not encounter the ghost that disguised itself as Wen Hun that day, she would not believe this naive ending.

“It seems that you are not satisfied with the ending?”

The sweeping old servant came to Su Li’s side somehow. Instead of looking at the booklet, he looked at his tiptoes and changed his voice slightly.

Su Li turned around abruptly, and was back on to him. She happened to avoid the old servant’s sharp claws.

She scanned books on the bookshelf with divine awareness. Suddenly, her eyes condensed, and she came to the bookshelf to pick up the black booklet—Ghost Chapter.

“I remember that it’s Human Chapter here during the day. That is interesting.”

The thought flashed in Su Li’s mind. She tried hard to open the booklet, but failed, as if the pages of the booklet were glued together so that she couldn’t open it at all.

“Junior Sister Apprentice!”

A figure flashed around Su Li, and a woman in indigo cloth with hair disheveled showed up. She looked pale, but was delicate and pretty. Only her eyes bulged and destroyed the beauty. She stood on tiptoes and stared at Su Li’s face. Her voice was as sharp as an owl, almost piercing the eardrum.

“You don’t have the Immortal Edict to practice this method. Put it back!”

“Immortal Edict?”

With her head tilted, Su Li smiled and put the black booklet in her arms. Then she looked at the woman in indigo cloth, “What is the Immortal Edict?”

Su Li had not finished her words.

The delicate face of the woman in indigo cloth immediately became hideous, and her clothes seemed to be stained with blood. Her hair got longer and turned into a huge black wave within a few breaths, which fully submerged Su Li.

“Tut-tut! Ignorant human beings. You are my sacrifice!”

The gray-clothed old servant turned into a wisp of smoke in awe to enter the oil lamp on the bookshelf. Then he popped the head out and licked his lips unwillingly.

The poor Human Clan should draw forth a ferocious ghost. It had been a long time that no one courted death in the book pavilion at night. He originally wanted to enjoy delicious meal. But…


All of a sudden, there was a terrible bang in the black hair, and countless hair turned into black scraps in the sky and fell on the ground. The oil lamp shook, and illuminated the frightened eyes of the gray-clothed old servant.

Su Li and the evil ghost fused together. She wiped corners of her mouth. Then she rolled her dark and deep eyes and looked at the oil lamp, as if she was looking at an extremely delicious food.

“It’s the first time that I have used the fusion talent after I awakened it. It turns out that the five senses of the evil ghost are very different from mine. If it were the real body, it would definitely not think the ferocious ghost is delicious…”

When Su Li thought it, she picked up the trembling real body of the gray-clothed old servant—the oil lamp, and said with a chuckle, “Answer my question. Otherwise… I’ll eat you.”

The gray-clothed old servant was very helpless, and his body trembled more severely.

Who was the ghost on earth?

The book pavilion at night was cool, and the croak came outside the window from time to time. It was quiet and harmonious.

In such harmony, Su Li held the oil lamp which strove to burn in the wind, and spoke in a low voice.

“I really told you what I know. In fact, I’m just a little ghost and practiced for just three hundred years! If you want to know the truth about this sect, ask the ferocious ghosts in red. They definitely know it!”

The gray-clothed old servant was alarmed and panicky. He almost cried to make a pitiful face.

“But you also see that after I ate the kind senior sister apprentice, no one else came out. Look… even the book pavilion also returns to normal. It’s not easy to handle.”

Su Li’s face revealed a trace of annoyance, as if she was annoyed that she ate the senior sister apprentice too soon, which made the gray-clothed old servant break out in a cold sweat.

“Sir, what should I do? I need to go back to make breakfast for my senior fellow apprentice before dawn!”

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