Invincible - Chapter 2308

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Chapter 2308: Devil Palace?!

“I’ve never heard of the Patriarch having a friend called Di Huai.” The experts stared at Di Huai coldly. “Isn’t it a little too coincidental for you to come now?”

Di Huai’s expression sank, and he growled, “What do you mean by this?”

The expert from the Emperor Yu Holy Grounds was one of the Hall Masters in their Holy Gate. and he was called Li Libo. A look of mockery appeared on his face as he continued, “What do you think I meant? Stop pretending. Aren’t you spies from the Devil Palace sent here to mess with us?! Our Patriarch was injured by the b*stards from your Devil Palace. Stop wasting my time here!”

Spies from the Devil Palace?

“What?! Emperor Yu is injured?” Di Huai frowned.

Li Libo sneered, “Pretty good acting. How can you be unaware of Emperor Yu’s injuries as his friends? We have caught tons of spies from the Devil Palace these few days. Since you’re all suspicious, take a trip back with me.”

Too bad Di Huai wasn’t planning to deal with any of their b*llshit. Reaching out with a single hand, he pulled Li Libo towards him. As a First Tribulation half-True Saint, no matter how strong he was, he wasn’t able to put up the slightest resistance when facing a True Saint.

The experts around them couldn’t help but suck in a deep breath.

“Release Hall Master Li at once!”

Someone in the crowd raged.

Li Libo was enraged, but he was surprised at the same time. Fire spewed out from his eyes as he screamed, “You better release me! Or else….”

“What? Do you really think that you can do anything to me?” Di Huai looked into Li Libo’s eyes, and caused the man’s heart to tremble in fear.

“Take me to Emperor Yu now!”

“In your dreams!”

“What did you just say?!” Di Huai was finally unable to endure the disgusting treatment he was getting, and he shot towards the holy ground with Li Libo in his grasp.

Huang Xiaolong and the others didn’t dare to dilly dally. They followed behind Di Huai as everyone entered the Emperor Yu Holy Grounds surrounded by layers upon layers of guards.

Huang Xiaolong stared at Li Libo whose neck was held firmly in Di Huai’s palm before turning to look at the scores of experts beside them. He couldn’t help but laugh.

Who would have thought that they would run into trouble while visiting a friend?

Soon, Di Huai’s party entered the holy ground, and they flew towards the headquarters of the Emperor Yu Holy Gate. However, before they could arrive, a large group of experts emerged from the headquarters and stopped them.

An Eminent Elder of the Emperor Yu Holy Gate stepped forward and spoke to the ‘intruders.’

“What is your identity in the Devil Palace?!” The Eminent Elder stared at Di Huai coldly and snorted, “You better release the member of our Holy Gate now!”

Di Huai’s frown became deeper, and he growled, “Are you a new Eminent Elder from the Emperor Yu Holy Gate?”

The Eminent Elder, who had come to ‘welcome’ the party, had indeed newly ascended. After all, a Eminent Elder who had held the post for a long time should know his identity.

Like Di Huai had expected, the person who had stopped them had ascended to the position of a Eminent Elder a billion years ago!

Hearing Di Huai’s question, the Eminent Elder waved his arm and ordered the experts from the Emperor Yu Holy Gate to surround the group.

Right before he could order them to attack, Di Huai grabbed the space before him and dragged the Eminent Elder towards himself.


Everyone stared at Di Huai as though he was a monster.

The Eminent Elder, who had appeared, was leagues ahead of Li Libo in strength, but the other party captured him like a dead chicken along the street!

“Stop!” A voice boomed through the air as terrifying pressure emerged from the headquarters.

The figure of a young man who was shrouded in holy light shot out from the headquarters, and all the Eminent Elders of the Holy Gate followed behind him.

“We greet Your Majesty, Emperor Yu!”

The members of the Emperor Yu Holy Gate widened their eyes in shock as they kneeled on the ground to greet the Patriarch.

It was clear that the person who had arrived was the one and only Emperor Yu!

Ignoring those who were on their knees, Emperor Yu looked at Di Huai and a brilliant smile appeared on his face. “Brother Di Huai, it’s been too long! You look better than ever!”

Brother Di Huai?!

The members of the Emperor Yu Holy Gate stared at Huang Xiaolong’s group and felt a bomb going off in their heads.

It was especially so for Li Libo and the Eminent Elder who had tried to stop them previously.

“Senior…! We didn’t know that you were really a friend of the Patriarch!” Li Libo looked at Di Huai with a terrified gaze and apologized.

“You had no idea?” Di Huai tossed them away. “Didn’t I tell you that I was a friend of Emperor Yu?”

The Eminent Elder standing behind Emperor Yu didn’t hesitate as they stepped forward to greet Di Huai. “Lord Di Huai, please quell your anger!”

Emperor Yu chuckled and spoke up for his subordinates. “Brother Di Huai, they have no idea who you are. Moreover, there were people messing about in the holy ground recently. It’s all a misunderstanding.”

With his status as a True Saint, Di Huai was too lazy to pick on people like Li Libo and the other Eminent Elder. He nodded his head and decided to let the matter pass.

Without anything else to stop him, Di Huai introduced Huang Xiaolong to Emperor Yu and the others. When Emperor Yu heard that Huang Xiaolong was the chief disciple of the Holy Princes, the look in his eyes changed. A look of interest formed on his face as he sized Huang Xiaolong up.

“Little one, come greet Senior Emperor Yu.” Di Huai chuckled and called out to Huang Xiaolong.

Cupping his fists, Huang Xiaolong bowed, “Huang Xiaolong greets Senior Emperor Yu!”

When the members of the Emperor Yu Holy Gate saw Huang Xiaolong’s actions, they couldn’t help but frown. Wasn’t he acting a little too rudely? Even as the leader of the Holy Princes of the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate, he should be kneeling when greeting the Holy Emperor of the Emperor Yu Holy Gate!

Emperor Yu frowned as well, but after thinking about it, he nodded towards Huang Xiaolong. “Alright.”

After speaking a single word to the disrespectful youngster, he no longer bothered with Huang Xiaolong. He turned to Di Huai and said, “Brother Di Huai, it’s a rare occasion for you to visit! You have to stay for several days before leaving!” As soon as he spoke, he invited everyone into the headquarters.

A smile broke out on Di Huai’s face, and he started to ask about the Devil Palace.

When he heard that Emperor Yu was injured by a Eminent Elder of the Devil Palace, he jumped in fright. “Dou Rui?!”

“That’s him!” The look in Emperor Yu’s eyes turned deep, and he continued, “I had never thought that Dou Rui would improve so quickly! He managed to obtain a Saint Fate in a hundred thousand years and enter the True Saint Realm! He was even able to injure me!”

“Has he already entered the Second Heavens?”

Emperor Yu nodded his head. “Even if he hasn’t, he wouldn’t be too far away.”

“How will you rate Dou Rui’s talent?” Huang Xiaolong interrupted them all of a sudden?

A frown quickly formed on Emperor Yu’s face. As Di Huai and himself were both True Saints, they were able to converse as friends. However, as a Holy Prince of the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate, Huang Xiaolong interrupted him, and a trace of irritation appeared in his heart.

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