Inhuman Warlock - Chapter 460

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"Exactly. It's already annoying that we have to think so much before attacking the Divine Empire, but we don't need to do that when we're dealing with a minor enemy, do we?" 

"I also support the decision. It's been a long time since we were active. I guess that's why these kids are getting arrogant. They forgot that there is always a mountain beyond a mountain."

All the Warlock Council leaders started showing their support for the attack, putting a little pressure on the old man. 

The old man sighed, observing everyone's reaction. An overwhelming majority supported the attack, while only a rare few existed who remained completely silent. 

"Alright. Since everyone supports the decision, I've decided that we'll destroy Elisium and recover the stone with force." 


"Now the question remains. Who shall we send? Of course, it's clear that all of us won't be needed. Moreover, if too many of us had to go there to take a small nation down, it would be downgrading. So how many shall we send and who shall we send?" the old man asked. 

"I think two of us should be enough with their teams. No need to deploy the Warlock Council forces to a large extent." Julien was the first one to suggest. 

"Moreover, I think we already have volunteers. Send the two people who were talking about going there in the first place. I'm sure my kind friend won't mind," he further added, smiling. 

Everyone understood who he was implying, including that person himself. 

"Julien, do you really think you're getting back at me by nominating me? Instead, you're only helping me. Because of course, I want to go! It's not always that we get to destroy such arrogant enemies." 

The targeted noble didn't fire back. Instead, he accepted his nomination.

"That's great then. I wish you luck. Now that the person going is decided along with the course of action, I suppose we can consider this meeting to be over?" Julien smirked.

"If the others agree with it, then why not," the old man let out. "So, do all the members support the decision?"

"I do."

"I do too."

"That's right. Let them take care of this mess."

"I'm fine with anyone going. What matters is that this problem gets solved."

"I also agree."

One after another, all the Warlocks expressed their confirmation to support this nomination. 

"Alright. In this case, it's final. Zhu and Hanzi would go to Elisium with their teams to take that place under the Warlock Council's control and to bring back the stones. In the meanwhile, Andreas will continue working on securing the Divine Empire part of the stone."

"That's good. Now I can finally leave," Julien let out, smiling. He stood up, picking the crystal bottle that he carried with him. " I'll take my leave now."

He started drinking from the water bottle while walking to the door. Soon, he left the chamber.

Other Warlock Council members also left, one after another, vacating the chamber until only the old man was left inside. 

The man sat on the couch, sighing. "Did I make the right decision? Why is it that I have an uneasy feeling about this?"


Milena sat in a dark room where not a single speck of light could be seen. In the room, she was the only person, or at least that's what appeared to be. 

She was looking in the direction of the wall as she started talking. She only spoke in random words though, which were hard to understand. It didn't even seem like her words made any sense. 

For the most part, they sounded like the words from some strange language. She continued speaking for close to three hours. 

It was only after three hours that she finally stopped. She stood up and silently turned around. Soon, she left the room and started walking back to her room. 

As she walked, she soon reached one of the windows in the hallway, which had a good view of the city. She couldn't help but stop as she looked outside, observing the beautiful city that she had created. 

As she observed the city, she noticed Arthur flying towards the Palace. Her brows squinted as she glanced at him. 

She pushed the window open.

Even Arthur noticed her at this point. He saw her gesturing him to come to him. Arthur flew to her and stopped on the other end of the window. 

"May I ask where you're coming from?" Milena asked. "It's not often that you go outside."

"I went to meet Lucifer."


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"I wanted to know how he knew my name."

"Did you get your answers?"

"I did."

"And what's the answer? How did he know?"

"He claims that he saw it in a dream. Apparently, it's some power of his."

"A power of his? Tell me more about it."

Nodding, Arthur started explaining what Lucifer told him about his dream and the restriction about only being able to see it once a month. 

"Ah, is that so. That certainly explains why he had witnesses ready. That was the only thing that made me suspicious about him. But if what he says was true, then he certainly wasn't the one who infiltrated the palace? Who was it then?"

The story that Lucifer intentionally told Arthur worked its miracle and removed even more suspicions from him.


"I don't understand. Why did you tell Arthur about that dream thing? Did you really have to be honest?" Salazar asked Lucifer about the same thing.

He hadn't been able to ask about this last time when Arthur was here, but now that they were alone, he got the opportunity.

That dream thing was their trump card. Now the enemies were going to be even more suspicious of them, as he believed. 

"How else do you think I would have explained why we had a witness ready? Do you think no one doubted that? Just think clearly."

" A crime happened, and the most suspicious person happened to have a witness ready late at night? I knew Milena was going to be suspicious about this. But she wasn't going to do anything right away. At least that's what I believe, and it turned out to be true."

"That's also why I intentionally let out Arthur's name in that court. I wanted him to wonder why I knew about it. I wanted him to ask me right there. I wanted the opportunity to justify this while talking about the dream."

"Unfortunately, he didn't ask right there. That was a slight problem in the plan, but it didn't matter. I knew that I had placed the seed of doubt in his head, and he was going to come to me."

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