Inhuman Warlock - Chapter 348

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"Where are they?" Lucifer asked Kellian after finding the room empty. 

Kellian pointed down. "There's a hidden path there. I think they are trying to escape now."

Lucifer stepped forward and stomped on the ground, breaking the metallic door in the ground, which fell down to reveal the stairs underneath. 

"A hidden path?" Alicia commented. 

"Yeah. There is a network of tunnels inside. There was no mention of it anywhere, so it was probably kept a tight secret," Kellian explained. 

"So they can hide inside the network of tunnels?" Lucifer asked. "Use your shadows to find and trail them."

"I already did that. And I also found them. One of my shadows is already trailing them. From the direction they're going in, I think they're trying to leave the city," Kellian explained. 

"Only their dead bodies will leave this city!" Lucifer declared. "Bring me to them!"

Kellian jumped inside the dark tunnel. Lucifer and the others also stepped inside, but it was so dark that they could barely see anything. 

"Let me help," Alicia declared, using another of her small abilities. She simply snapped her fingers to make tens of floating spheres of lights appear that lit up everything. 

The group of four started running in the direction of Quan.


" We should've kept some bikes inside the tunnel. It would have made our jobs so much easier. I mean seriously, we have been walking for over half an hour, and we aren't even halfway there." Walking behind General Maxwell, Quan kept complaining. 

"Well, you should've thought about it before. We still have a long way to go. Even though we're taking the shortest exit, this city isn't small. So it's certainly going to take time. If I'm not wrong, it'll take us two more hours," General Maxwell replied. 

"I think you most certainly are wrong in that assumption. It won't take you two hours to get out. Instead, it'll take you more than a lifetime."

In the darkness of the cave, a voice suddenly came, surprising Quan, General Maxwell, and everyone else. Because they all realized that this wasn't the voice of any of them. 

It could only mean one thing... Someone else was here with them. And that wasn't good news since no one else should have known about this place. 

All of them stopped as General Maxwell started flashing lights everywhere to find who was there. It didn't take much effort to find the person, though. As soon as he turned the light behind them, they were all able to see a young boy standing behind them. 

The young silver-haired boy simply stood calmly with his hands behind his back. 

Kellian also came out from his shadow blocking the other side, catching them in between. 

Alicia once again brought her left spheres to light up the place, revealing herself and Cassius to be standing there as well. 

Lucifer stood with his hands behind his back, staring at Quan as if he was a dead man. 

"So, Quan... What were you saying?" Lucifer asked, frowning. "It didn't matter if I hurt you, right? That's what you said if I'm not wrong."

"H-how did you get here that fast? How did you know where we were?" Quan asked, stunned. 

"I guess you should thank you. It would certainly be harder to find you otherwise," Lucifer replied as he tossed a robe towards Quan. 

Seeing that robe, Quan was stunned. He recognized that robe. He looked towards one of his men, enraged. "You bastard! You couldn't take care of a robe? We should've left you out!"

"I think it's too late for that now," Alicia chimed in, raising her hand. She brought all of the men down to their knees as some illusory ropes wrapped themselves around them, keeping them on their knees. 


Quan roared like crazy as his arm was chopped off by the wind. This time, however, there was blood. And his scream also seemed as real as it could get.

"I think we got the right one this time," Lucifer smiled as he observed the man who cried in pain as he bled. 

Kellian kept staring at General Maxwell instead of seeing Quan cry. 

"I recognize you. Aren't you General Maxwell? The one who was incharge of the facility where Lucifer was kept?" he ultimately asked.

"Hmm? Who?" Lucifer asked, surprised. 

"Yeah. He is the one who was actually in charge of the facility. I'm certain of that. All of the wrong things that happened there, a lot of their credit should go to this guy actually," Kellian affirmed, nodding. 

Lucifer shifted his focus to General Maxwell. Heavy winds suddenly flew, and as they passed, men kept dropping to the ground, dead. As for the ones who had died, they were none other than the supporters of Quan. Only two people were alive now— General Maxwell and Quan. 

"Seeing you two together, I understand a few things I think. One had a hand in the deaths of my parents, and the other had a hand in ruining my life. A coincidence or something more?" Lucifer asked, glancing at the two men. 

" Alright. I've decided. We'll play a quiz game with you two. I'm sure you'll love it. The one who wins will get to live. And the one who loses will die. Are you two ready?" Lucifer asked, sitting right there on the ground. 

"What game?" General Maxwell gravely asked, wondering if he had a chance of surviving. Because the way things were going so far, the chances looked grim. 

They were surrounded from both sides, and the chances of escaping were almost non-existent. 

"It's a simple game actually. I'll ask each of you a question. You need to answer me. As long as you tell the truth, you get one point."

"If you lie, you lose one point. And in the end, the person with the lowest score dies. The other one gets to escape. It's my promise as the leader of Uprising, so you can trust that I'll stick to them. I respect my words too much," Lucifer explained. 

"So you two ready?" 

General Maxwell nodded. If this was a path to survival, he was ready to take it. It didn't matter what he needed to do. 

Quan's eyes were filled with tears. His face was completely pale, and he was still bleeding as well. 

"Oh right, I forgot to tell you. Our very own Alicia can see if you're telling the truth or not. She has the same powers as Veracity. So you should stick to the truth. A single lie and your head will roll on the ground," Lucifer warned them, talking about Alicia. 

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