Immortal Soaring Blade - Volume 3 - Chapter 68

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Book 3, Chapter 68 - Sword Pierces the Mountains and Rivers

Dao Origin Realm?

After Ren Wuya roared out those words, everyone was startled. They looked at Yu Ci in shock and then back at Ren Wuya. From his expression, it didn't look like he was lying.

Someone at the Dao Origin Realm could do as they wished in the Hua Xia Dynasty. With the decrease of Mahayana Realm cultivators over the past thousand years, the status of Dao Origin Realm cultivators had increased.

The kind old man turned out to be a Dao Origin Realm cultivator. Everyone was dumbfounded by this revelation.

Feeling everyone's gazes gathering on his teacher, Yu Luo subconsciously straightened his back and was filled with a sense of pride.

"Still not going to give up and accept your fate?"

Yu Ci stared at Ren Wuya emotionlessly. He wasn't affected at all by everyone's gazes.

Ren Wuya felt bitter, but he gradually calmed down. He never would’ve guessed that Yu Ci would reach the early stage of the Dao Origin Realm after only 10 years while he was still at the late stage of the Spirit Sea Realm. He was just feeling complacent because his strength had improved due to the extreme yin here. Yet now he realized that Yu Ci had completely outstripped him.

He didn't want to believe it. Why was he stuck in the Spirit Sea Realm for hundreds of years while someone else was able to so easily reach the realm he had always dreamed of?

"Speaking of this, I have to thank you. Back then, I hated myself letting you escape after you caused the deaths of countless innocent people. I spent years looking for you to give peace to the 1,237 people you killed in that village. During these past 10 years of travel, my dao unknowingly reached completion and I gained a greater understanding of the grand dao, allowing me to enter the Dao Origin Realm. If not for you, I might have been stuck at the Spirit Sea Realm for many years like you."

At the end, Yu Ci smiled before his expression became stern again. He let out a cold snort and continued.

"However, not even the heavens can tolerate an evil-doer like you, and you dare to seek longevity. Dream on!"

Ren Wuya's expression was complicated. At their level, they fully understood how big the gap between each cultivation realm was.

Ren Wuya's mouth moved like he was going to say something, but in the end he didn't speak a word. He looked at Yi Ci with resentment in his eyes and muttered, "The heavens aren't fair!"

Although his voice wasn't loud, everyone present was a cultivator, so they all heard him very clearly.

Yu Ci laughed in anger before he stroked his beard and shouted, "Heaven is unfair? Heaven always leaves us with one path of survival. How dare someone who has committed such atrocities talk about heaven being unfair!"

After he discovered that Yu Ci had reached the Dao Origin Realm, Ren Wuya knew he was no match, so he didn't act recklessly.

Hearing this, Ren Wuya became furious. His already skinny and bony face became even more ferocious. He roared, "Is it not unfair?! Why can some people's cultivation level increase by leaps and bounds, while others can't cultivate for their entire lives!?"

At the start, people were all good. Who would want to commit all these evil acts? They had all been forced into it. In his younger years, Ren Wuya was unable to cultivate and was often bullied. With no path left, he ended up becoming a corpse cultivator. His heart became more wicked and greedy over time, causing him to commit more and more atrocities, until he reached this point.

"Everyone's hearts are flawless at the start, but they are eventually contaminated by the world itself. How you change depends on yourself and whether you can see through your own nature. You created your own karma and now you must face the consequences. No matter what you say, it's useless because it can't wash away the layers of blood that cover your hands."

Yu Ci's words were filled with spirit force, so they echoed in everyone's ears. His words weren't just for Ren Wuya, but for everyone here.

"Hahahaha, so what! Even now, I have no regrets, and even if I could do it all again, I would still choose the same path. Also, don't think you’ve caught me. I was able to escape from you back then, I can escape once more today!"

Ren Wuya's hair was disheveled and he laughed like a crazy old man. The black light around him appeared once more. From the sound of his words, he seemed to want to escape.

A waterfall of spirit force appeared before him and smashed toward Yu Ci with a gust of yin energy. All the surrounding vegetation wilted and turned black from its effect.

This was not the end. Ren Wuya waved his black sleeve and a dark-yellow energy with a hint of black fire surged out. This was completely different from all the cold yin energy used in his earlier attacks. This fire was extremely hot and contained a powerful poison.

After doing all of this, the spirit force around Ren Wuya began to fluctuate—he was ready to run.

"Stubborn until the end. You can just die, then!"

When Yu Ci saw Ren Wuya’s actions, his expression became cold. The first attack was directed at Yu Ci to stop him, while the second attack was heading toward the group of cultivators to force Yu Ci to help them. If Ren Wuya could buy a few breaths of time, he was confident he could escape.

However, life doesn’t always go as planned, and this time was no exception.

When Yu Ci spoke, he had already begun to move. He waved his hand and his spirit force turned into a curtain of water that flew toward the fire that was targeting the other cultivators. His other hand held up his life-linked sword, prepared to attack.

While this exchange happened, the blue water droplet that had been quietly floating in the air moved again under Yu Ci’s control and rushed toward Ren Wuya’s back.

The moment the water-blue droplet landed on Ren Wuya, it disappeared and a ripple quickly spread across his entire body. The spirit force around him disappeared and his body stiffened. 

On the other side, the water curtain released by Yu Ci smashed toward the fire. The fire sizzled and was quickly destroyed. Yu Ci had dealt with that with just one blow. He had spent many years hunting Ren Wuya so that no one else would fall at his hands again. How could he just watch those cultivators die?

“This strike is for the 1,237 people you killed in that village!”

As his words echoed, his sword sliced down. A powerful surge of blue sword energy rushed out like a river dragon. It directly split the waterfall of spirit force that Ren Wuya had launched toward Yu Ci.

The sword in Yu Ci’s hand looked like it was made of bamboo and wood. However, the aura it gave off revealed it to be a top-quality spirit treasure.

A muffled groan echoed when the ray of sword energy landed directly on Ren Wuya. Both his arms were cut off and fell to the ground. After his arms fell to the ground, his fingers were still gently twitching.

It was so fast that Ren Wuya didn’t even have the time to let out a cry. There was no blood because all the blood had been instantly evaporated by the attribute in Yu Ci’s sword energy. In truth, losing his physical body wouldn’t really hinder Ren Wuya much at his cultivation level. He could easily regrow his body at any time. However, since Yu Ci had made this decision, he certainly wouldn’t give Ren Wuya the chance. Yu Ci was a sword cultivator, and his sword energy was already powerful enough to cut through the body of a corpse cultivator like Ren Wuya.

“This strike is for all the people that died at your hands over the years!”

Yu Ci didn’t show any mercy when he saw Ren Wuya’s face distorted in pain. His expression was filled with killing intent. When he thought about all the people that had died in that village, his sword moved even faster.

Another muffled sound echoed. This time the ray of sword energy targeted Ren Wuya’s legs, causing them to erupt into blood mist. Ren Wuya fell to the ground, struggling, but it was all in vain.

“This strike is from me. I hope that in your next life, you won’t be such an evil person.”

Emotionless words echoed from Yu Ci’s mouth, but this time his sword shined brighter than before and seemed much more powerful.

This time, the sound was much louder. A ray of sword energy sliced down on Ren Wuya’s head and through his body.

Ren Wuya’s head was instantly destroyed, leaving no trace. Then his body also turned to dust. Even the spirit sea inside his body was destroyed. Every part of him, from his body to his spirit sea to his soul, was destroyed by Yu Ci’s attack.

At this moment, Ren Wuya ceased to exist in this world. Although Yu Ci had said those words, how could a cultivator reincarnate? Once one walks down the path of cultivation and gains things like a nascent soul and origin soul, they can never reincarnate. Once they die, they will be gone forever.

Everyone was still in shock and hadn't recovered yet. They all stared at where Ren Wuya was. There was only a giant hole there now, and no trace of Ren Wuya at all.

Their mouths felt a bit dry and they couldn’t help but swallow a few times. A late stage Spirit Sea Realm cultivator had been destroyed just like that. How could they not be shocked?

Zhao Jiuge’s eyes were filled with yearning. It turned out that a cultivator at the Dao Origin Realm was this powerful. A cultivator at the Spirit Sea Realm could be killed this easily by one.

Pei Su Su noticed Zhao Jiuge’s expression and softly said, “Blockhead, stop looking. I believe you will be able to reach that step in the future as well.”

She had a sweet smile on her face that was like a blooming peach blossom.

“Yes. At that time, it will be my turn to protect you and take you to travel around the world. We’ll see the world slowly change and experience all the various prosperities in life.”

Zhao Jiuge nodded with determination. He was serious.

Hearing this, Pei Su Su laughed. Her laughter was dazzling and bright.

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