Immortal Soaring Blade - Volume 3 - Chapter 67

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Book 3, Chapter 67 - 10 Year Grudge

“Taoist Yu Ci, why are you like a fly? I can see you wherever I go.”

A low and hoarse voice came out from the black fog. The voice didn’t panic like Yu Ci expected.

However, after the voice echoed, the black fog began to rapidly disappear. Soon, one could see a blurry figure inside.

When all of the black fog was gone, everyone could see a skinny old man with a face covered in wrinkles. The old man was wearing all black and his eyes were very unfriendly. Just looking at him was enough to give anyone a gloomy feeling.

This old man still had a stain of blood on the corner of his mouth, which likely came from Villa Master Han’s nascent soul. This made the gloomy aura around him even stronger!

“Ren Wuya, should I allow you to continue to commit atrocities as you wish? My mistake back then was not killing you and letting you escape. Thankfully, after traveling through several provinces, I found your trail in the last few years. Today we’ll settle the ten-year grievance between the two of us, and you will not be able to commit any more acts of evil.”

The closer Yu Ci got to Ren Wuya, the uglier his expression became. He didn’t hide the killing intent in his eyes at all.

After what happened back then, Yu Ci had traveled through several provinces with his two disciples, searching for Ren Wuya. He had to deal with this problem because a Spirit Sea Realm corpse cultivator could set off a catastrophe.

Ren Wuya’s expression was a bit dull and he muttered to himself, “Ten year grievance? End it?” He seemed to be recalling the past, and after a while, his expressions suddenly turned fierce.

“End it, yes, it's time to end it. It’s good that you came today. Even if you hadn’t come, I would have come to find you once I recovered. You seriously injured me back then, and I was fortunate to escape. Now you dare to say you came to end it, so yes, it's time we end it. Let’s see if you die or I live today!” Ren Wuya roared. 

The gloomy aura around him became even more intense and the spirit force pressure he gave off became even stronger. The surrounding cultivators all began to sweat, and they felt like they could barely breathe.

“Hmph, a sinner like you can’t be allowed to live. Even heaven won’t allow you to live! And all those resentful souls that died at your hands also won’t allow you to continue living!”

Yu Ci let out a cold snort. The spirit force pressure Ren Wuya had released disappeared and the surrounding cultivators let out a sigh of relief.

When Zhao Jiuge and company saw this, they secretly started wondering who these two were and how powerful they were!

The moment Yu Ci spoke, Ren Wuya’s chest began heaving up and down and killing intent erupted from his body. He thought about what had happened ten years ago.

He was already at the late stage of the Spirit Sea Realm ten years ago and had been stuck at that bottle neck for hundreds of years. However, that bottleneck was extremely difficult, so he had attempted a risky method to get past it. He was going to use the vitality inside mortals, along with the corpse energy produced after they died, to attempt to break through to the Dao Origin Realm.

It was an extremely risky move because the auras of mortals were very weak, unlike the auras of cultivators. Therefore, a few people wouldn’t be enough. He would need hundreds, if not thousands of mortals.

Once he killed that many mortals, he would be hunted by righteous cultivators and be put onto the Demon Hunting List. Righteous cultivators allowed these evil cultivators to exist, turning a blind eye to them. However, if they committed a heinous act, then no matter how great the price, these evil cultivators would be hunted down.

Everyone had the right to live, whether it was demons, devils, corpse cultivators, or ghost cultivators. However, the moment you crossed that invisible line, the righteous cultivators would eradicate you. You could secretly kill a few people and no one would know or care. But if you killed thousands of people, the consequences would be great.

In the end, his desire for strength completely triumphed over his reasoning. Not to mention that as a corpse cultivator, his hands were already covered in blood after getting this far.

After making a decision, he found the perfect place with a relatively large village. He killed more than 1,200 people in the village. They were all mortals and none were left alive—it was a bloodbath.

At the time, Taoist Yu Ci, who was a rogue cultivator who wandered the world with his two disciples, encountered him. Taoist Yu Ci was also at the late stage of the Spirit Sea Realm when he found the blood-soaked village. He immediately checked the situation with his origin soul and was shocked by what he saw.

Then Yu Ci found that all the corpse energy from the village was gathering toward the center of the village. That was where he found Ren Wuya cultivating with the help of the corpse energy. Enraged, Yu Ci launched a sneak attack with his most powerful spell, forcing Ren Wuya to stop.

Although Yu Ci had the advantage as the fight dragged on, he was no match for a corpse cultivator at the same level. However, Yu Ci sacrificed a treasure and landed a near-fatal blow on Ren Wuya. Unfortunately, he was still skilled and was able to escape Yu Ci’s pursuit. Not to mention, Yu Ci still had to take care of two children.

Ren Wuya had sustained serious injuries in that battle, and not only had his cultivation not improved, it had instead regressed greatly. However, he was secretly glad that Yu Ci had attacked him out of anger right away. Had Yu Ci prepared a bit earlier or called for help, he would have certainly died.

After suffering a big loss, Ren Wuya escaped to the border between the Yan Province and the Huang Province. He found a good spot to nourish spirit corpses and settled there. With the help of Villa Master Han, he was able to recover from such a serious injury back to his peak, at the late stage of the Spirit Sea Realm.

He had already noticed Yu Ci earlier. Even though Yu Ci was hiding his aura, he could not escape Ren Wuya’s origin soul. Originally, he intended to recover completely after Villa Master Han finished this mission. However, he had actually recovered on his own yesterday.

He had held this grudge for many years, so naturally he couldn’t wait to get revenge. Although his cultivation was still the same as it was ten years ago, he had spent ten years cultivating in this land of extreme yin, so the corpse energy inside him was vastly different from before. The reason he had chosen to come out at the last moment was not only because of Yu Ci, but also because of the four high-quality spirit corpse materials.

Thinking about this, Ren Wuya looked at Yu Ci. He smiled and shouted, “Quit speaking nonsense. Leave your life here today so I can use your body to make a Spirit Sea Realm spirit corpse. Just thinking about it makes me excited. Otherwise, it will be difficult to appease the hatred that has built up inside me over the years.”

After Ren Wuya finished speaking, he landed on the ground. A shockingly powerful spirit force surged toward Yu Ci.

However, facing this shocking force, Yu Ci was still calm, but the smile on his face disappeared and he became a bit serious. He sarcastically said, “Still can’t change your old habits. Your killing intent is still so strong.”

After he finished speaking, he didn’t bother waiting for Ren Wuya to respond. He turned back to his two disciples. He softly said, “The two of you need to stay back and avoid getting caught in the battle. Watch how I slay this demon!”

Hearing this, Yu Luo and Yu Meng retreated back to the crowd and excitedly watched their teacher.

“You should take care of yourself. You won’t be able to take care of yourself soon, yet you still worry about your disciples?”

Ren Wuya sneered and rolled up his black sleeves. He looked at the dozen drops of black corpse energy before him. They were small because the energy was very condensed, and each one was far more powerful than Villa Master Han. This was a method commonly used among Spirit Sea Realm cultivators.

Yao Lufeng took a deep breath and nervously looked at Yu Ci and Ren Wuya. He was afraid of their power, and if anything happened, he was ready to use a treasure to escape. If even Yu Ci couldn’t stop Ren Wuya, there wasn’t much he could do besides save himself. They had realized what Ren Wuya’s cultivation level was just now.

San Wu sat on the ground and didn’t get up. His expression remained calm and he merely watched the situation unfold.

Zhao Jiuge was supported by Pei Su Su. He was filled with excitement as he watched the two masters battle. He still had two of the sword energy imprints gifted to him by Elder Waning Moon, so even though Ren Wuya was powerful, he wasn’t too worried.

He had given one of the three sword energy imprints to the Mo family, but two was more than enough. Elder Waning Moon had said that each sword energy imprint was equal to the full power of a Dao Origin Realm cultivator.

The next moment, Ren Wuya let out a cold snort and those dozens of black water droplets flew toward Yu Ci.

“After this many years, you haven’t grown at all. Still this same old move?”

Faint words came from Yu Ci’s mouth. He didn’t do anything, but a water-blue droplet appeared before Yu Ci as well.

“Since you like this trick, I’ll give it back to you.”

After Yu Ci spoke, he raised his right hand and formed a seal. He flicked the droplet of water before him and sent it flying toward the incoming droplets. Although they looked very small, they were all filled with power.

The blue water droplet shined brightly and pierced through dozens of black water droplets. Every time it passed through a black water droplet, its color became a bit more intense and each black water droplet immediately disappeared.

Aside from those two, everyone else seemed to freeze. The people watching were somewhat far from the battle, but they could still feel spirit force fluctuations violent enough to cause their hearts to tremble.

Zhao Jiuge was filled with excitement as he watched them battle. At this level, there were no flashy displays and battles were decided in a moment. Even with these two shocking pressures, there was no sign of destruction around them.

This kind of temperament shook Zhao Jiuge to the core. He wondered when he would be able to reach this level.

In the blink of an eye, the dozens of black water droplets released by Ren Wuya were destroyed without causing any destruction.

The blue water droplet that had destroyed dozens of black water droplets just floated in the air. It didn’t go on to attack Ren Wuya, it was as if Yu Ci felt disdain toward attacking him. The blue water droplet had grown several times larger than before and the soft glow it gave off was a bit harsh.

It just floated there, exuding a pressure that was meant to suffocate Ren Wuya.

Ren Wuya was in shock and his eyes were somewhat dull. He looked at Yu Ci in disbelief and screamed, “You… You… You broke through to the Dao Origin Realm in just ten years! That’s impossible, that’s impossible, that’s definitely impossible!”

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