I’m Actually a Cultivation Bigshot - Chapter 549

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Chapter 549: Bring Me To My Love’s Side

Qin Zhongshan and Shi Ye involuntarily exchanged glances with each other, their own embarrassment reflected back in the other’s eyes.

It was precisely because of what happened with Junior that their Heart Dao was damaged causing them to not only be unable to progress in their training but regress a little day by day.

“Brother Tianyu, let’s not bring up the past. Life is not a bed of roses, neither it is full of thorns.” Shi Ye shook his head and let out a small sigh. “At least Junior is survived by her two kids. Even though they’re not yours, how could you still do this to them?”

“Brother Tianyu, as long as you’re willing, the three of us can raise Yun and Chuyue together,” said Qin Zhongshan. “I would even ask them to call you father.”

Shi Ye’s people-pleasing personality immediately grabbed hold to the suggestion. “Perfect! As long as Junior’s the one who gave birth to them, who cares which of us is the father. I’ve always treated them as my own flesh and blood.”

Qin Chuyue and Qin Yun were listening to all the gossip with enjoyment but became puzzled at the turn of the event.

“Hahaha, hahaha. Raise them as my own? I refuse!” said Tian Yu. “Since ancient times, the person who loves the most has always lost out. The more you care the more you’ll get taken advantage of. I’m going to be ruthless and unflappable by matters of the heart from now on!”

Tian Yu’s eyes were as cold as ice. His face started twitching when he thought back to the past. “The ultimate destination for Love Dao is Loveless Dao! One can only be the strongest when they’ve become loveless.”

He kept on looking at the caterpillar on his hand while talking. It was lying in the palm of his hand — spent — only dripping out the little Luck it has occasionally.

How could this continue on? It was definitely running out of Luck. This was too cruel.

He had no place to vent out his anger and the air around him cracked manically with a palpable tension.

“I have some business to attend to today so I have no time to fight with you all. Get out of my way now!”

Big Elder had been waiting for his turn to say something so he took a step forward. “You know we can’t do that,” he said coldly.

“If that’s the case, you leave me no choice but to kill you all!” Tian Yu gave out a loud shout and activated a spell without any hesitation.

The spell opened up the laws of heaven and earth. It was intangible and unavoidable — like birth, old age, sickness and death. It represented the will of heaven and earth and could only be opposed by the power of law.

If Daluo Golden Immortal was the perceiver and user of the laws of heaven and earth then Chaos Daluo Golden Immortal was the creator of the laws of heaven and earth. The latter would be able to crush countless Daluo Golden Immortals by only lifting up his little pinky.

What’s more, Tian Yu was a veteran Chaos Daluo Gold Immortal infamous for his strong cultivation.

“We haven’t sparred for a long time so show me what you got now!” said Tian Yu.

Qin Zhongshan took a step forward and activated a spell too.

In an instant, the two attacks were intertwined but there was no sound of the collision. The spells cancelled each other out. This is truly the fight of the century between each person’s Dao.

The next moment, they took another step forward at the same time and disappeared from the palace in the blink of an eye. They had gone somewhere else to continue their fight.

At the same time, the Big Elder and Ye Shuanghan had also begun their own fight.

Ye Shuanghan’s weapon was a big sword and every cut was enough to kill thousands of laws, split the entire sky, and destroy everything. The sword had already transcended the Laws of the Universe and imbued with the power of Loveless Dao.

Generally speaking, the Laws of the Universe govern the rules of the world. But beyond that, it is Dao! The source of everything in the world.

As the saying goes, Dao begets one, one begets two, two begets three and three begets everything.

As long as one completely masters a kind of Dao, one can detach from oneself and arrive in the Heavenly Realm.

The Big Elder’s face was solemn, he could feel the power behind the sword’s slashes. He raised his hand and immediately summoned a jet-black stone wall. The stone wall acted as a shield to protect his whole body.

He raised his hand again, took out a black feather fan, and waved it. Suddenly the Godly Fire of Seven Emotions rushed towards Ye Shuanghan.

However, Ye Shuanghan managed to slash the flame apart with his big sword. He then turned his sword to the jet-black stone shield, making the shield crumble under the attack.

His power was just too amazing, aggressive and unstoppable — as if nothing in the world could stop him.

He did not display any emotions at all but kept out chanting under his breath the same sentence over and over again — If there is no woman in one’s heart, one’s swordsmanship would naturally be powerful.

“Ye Shuanghan!” shouted Qin Chuyue. She took out the TV and activated her thoughts so it would start showing the scenes of them together. “Wake up! Do you remember how we were before? Do you still remember the vows we took together?

Tian Yu was shocked. “Is that an Ultimate Chaos Treasure?!” But soon, he relaxed. “It’s only a treasure that’s good for screening.”

Tian Yu was amused by their naivety. “How naive could she be? This is absolutely a joke. Do you think we’re playing house right now? Showing him those boring scenes would not change anything at all.”

Sure enough, Ye Shuanghan was not moved at all. His attacks became more vicious instead.

At this moment, a very strange sight suddenly appeared in the sky.

The four Chaos Daluo Golden Immortals were fighting for their lives and their power was bursting everywhere with its might causing the sky to fall into disorder. It was indeed a fierce battle.

Next to the sight, a romance show was screening. A man and a woman traveling in the mountains and rivers, whispering sweet-nothings, swimming in the lake, flying kites, stargazing, entering the woods…

All these were played in a loop.

Not only that, the scenes were accompanied by dialogues — making it even more cringey.

“Even when all the mountains have crumbled into dust and even when all the rivers have dried up…”

“I will still stay by your side.”

“You sneaky b-tch!” Tian Yu’s face was contorted with anger. “You’re not doing this to help Ye Shuanghan recover his memories. You’re doing it to disgust me so I would lose focus on my Heart Dao!”

“Bullsh*t! She is clearly indiscriminately attacking everyone, disgusting everyone!” retorted Qin Zhongshan.

The only person unaffected was Ye Shuanghan. His attacks continuously became more and more vicious with no gaps in between.

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“This is not good,” said Shi Ye with a frown. His eyes showed deep concern. “Master and Big Elder’s Dao Path was cut off and their power has regressed but Tian Yu and Ye Shuanghan have taken the path of evil making their power increased by leaps and bounds. I don’t think Master and Big Elder can last much longer.”

Almost at the moment when Shi Ye had finished his sentence, Ye Shuanghan dealt out his eleventh blow! This blow was unprecedentedly overbearing. It unleashed the full power of Cutting Off Love Dao, making the sky darkened as if the blade had cut through the fabric of space. The sword was originally high up in the sky but came down hard on Big Elder’s head in an instant.


The black shield was blasted into smithereens causing the Big Elder to retreat hastily. He could taste the metallic taste streaming out of the corner of his mouth.

He took a deep breath and said in a raspy voice, “Chuyue, turn off the sound now. I don’t think I can listen to it much longer.”

“How did things turn out this way?” Chuyue’s eyes dulled with shock. She found it hard to believe Ye Shuanghan could stay unmoved after watching the TV. “It’s illogical to think that the expert would give something useless to us.”

Qin Yun considered this for a moment. “It could be because the scene is not exciting enough. Why don’t you show him what happened in the woods?” he suggested.


Qin Chuyue landed a punch on Qin Yu’s head. “Seriously? You still want to tease me in this situation?” Her face was as dark as a thunderstorm cloud.

Qin Yun rubbed on the spot on his head where a bump was forming. “Ow…”

“Thank you, stupid brother,” said Qin Chuyue suddenly with a determination she never head before. “You were the one who saved my life, I should not gamble it away. But… you won’t blame me right?”

Qin Yun’s expression changed. “Don’t do anything stupid, sister. We can always run away if you can’t win the fight.”

“I made a wish to the Suffering Sea, not knowing whether money can buy love. But now, I would like to find out,” said Qin Chuyue. Then, she took a step forward. “I give all my worldly possessions in exchange for bringing me to my love’s side.”

As her voice fell, an Insights Circulation flowed down immediately, forming a Law, and she disappeared from where she was standing only to appear in front of Ye Shuanghan.

Ye Shuanghan was still unmoved. He raised up his sword and with a thrust, stabbed Qin Chuyue in the chest.

However, a lollipop was slowly delivered into his mouth by Qin Chuyue.

At this moment, a sudden sparkle returned to Ye Shuanghan’s emotionless eyes. He kept his sword still. It was as if they were frozen in place.

Everyone was surprised by the scene before them.

Qin Yu stood motionless and pursed his lips. “How could you be so foolish, sister?” he asked softly.

They could have run away but he knew that Qin Chuyue would never abandon Ye Shuanghan.

Blood started to blossom on her clothes. “Ye Shuanghan, please answer me if you’ve recovered your memories — did you ever love me?”

“Fool!” laughed Tian Yu mockingly. “It’s just as I’ve said — love is the biggest weakness, it would only make us weak. Finish her off, Ye Shuanghan, my beloved follower”

Ye Shuanghan kept still on the sword’s handle, his expression did not change much.

Qin Zhongshan and the rest of the group were seething with anger. They wanted to save Qin Chuyue but it was impossible as she was too close to Ye Shuanghan. They could not risk making any sudden movement.

The fight came to an abrupt end at this point, and only the TV was still broadcasting their love story in a loop, which became the backdrop for this pair of young men and women.

“Finish her off now!”

The sword whistled through the air. Once again, the sky darkened and the glint of the black blade caused everyone’s heart to beat crazily.

The sword found its way to Tian Yu’s chest and a faint reply could be heard.

“I… did.”

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