I’ll Be the Male Leads Sister-in-Law - Chapter 142

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Gone out?” one of the friends frowned and asked, “Where did she go?”

The shopkeeper smiled and said: “Princess An is in the mood today, and she has gone to serve Princess An.”

It turns out that she was called away to Prince An’s Manor. The woman who had just spoken fell silent and secretly looked at Jiang Mingwei. On normal days, as Jiang Mingwei was the princess, no matter where she goes, everyone just lets her have her way. No one would dare to take what Jiang Mingwei wanted. However, she was the only exception.

They had just used her princess title to oppress the others, but they didn’t expect it would backfire on them. The person on the other side was also a princess, and it was the only person that they couldn’t cross.

Jiang Mingwei’s expression didn’t look too good when she heard about the An Manor. Later, when she heard that the female attendant was going to serve Mu Mingtang, Jiang Mingwei’s smile turned completely cold. She felt that everyone was watching her, Jiang Mingwei kept her demeanor in place, and said softly: “What a coincidence. Since my sister-in-law had summoned her, I shouldn’t fight on, let’s just head to another store.”

Upon hearing Jiang Mingwei’s words, the others agreed. The shopkeeper looked like he wanted to say something, but in the end, he didn’t.

Forget it, it’s none of his business, he just needs to send these troublesome women out of his store quickly.

Jiang Mingwei and her close friends went to another shop, but when they walked in, the shopkeeper, who greeted them, also looked distressed.

Jiang Mingwei had a bad feeling about this.

“Princess, please forgive me. Unfortunately, my mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have both gone to the An Manor. Do you want to take a look around first?”

It was Mu Mingtang again. Jiang Mingwei got angry and asked, “How could there be such a coincidence? The shop that I went to just now also said that they were ordered to the An Manor. It’s half a street away from here. Why are your people also called away? “

The shopkeeper also felt distressed. They were only a small business and couldn’t afford to hire too many people. Besides, there were not many women who were willing to work. It was already a blessing to have one or two female servants in the store. In the morning, people from the An Manor came to spread the news. When the shopkeeper heard that they had to enter the palace to do business, he naturally sent over their smartest ones. If it weren’t for the fact that men from the outside were not allowed to enter, he himself wanted to follow along.

In the absence of the person who specializes in serving the ladies, the shopkeeper and the male servant temporarily stepped in. Ordinary guests were not so particular about it. Even if they asked, they would totally understand when they heard that the female servants were sent to the palace. Who knew that it would be such a coincidence. High-ranking nobles who rarely came, two actually appeared today.

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The shopkeeper smiled and said cautiously: “I dare not deceive the princess, my mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were indeed called away by the An Manor. It’s not only our shop, but the entire street was called to the An Manor to accompany the princess to choose the clothes that she wanted.”

“The whole street?” The woman who was with Jiang Mingwei was surprised and almost yelled, “So the whole street has been summoned?”

The shopkeeper smiled and nodded: “To answer your question, It’s not only this small shop. If you walk forward, there is probably no one in the shops. Please forgive us, Princess Jin and my ladies, for the poor service.”

A lady, who covered her mouth with a fan, said in awe: “How wealthy can they be to summon the whole street. She’s just a newly married bride, who has not even given birth to a child. How can she be so emboldened?”

In order to clarify himself, the shopkeeper hurriedly said: “The aunt who came to pass the message, was holding Prince An’s token.”

The most important thing for a trader is to be well informed. The common folk rarely hears about what is happening in the palace, and few people knew who Prince An was, but Prince Qiyang had a great reputation. When the shopkeeper saw Prince Qiyang’s token, he didn’t dare to say anything to it, and nodded to what the female officer had to say.

It turned out to be Xie Xuanchen’s order, and the group of women looked at each other, and finally looked towards Jiang Mingwei. There was no one who didn’t know who Xie Xuanchen was, and there were only a few people in the capital who weren’t afraid of him. These women were accustomed to being pampered. If others dared to preempt them, they would fight for it, but Xie Xuanchen…….

Just forget about it.

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