I Became Close to the Villain - Chapter 3

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“… . ”

“Thank you . ”

He told me out of the blue .


“Thank you for your help . ”

His words stunned me . I was embarrassed and stunned speechless at his comment .

As a matter of fact, I had never seen Idris say such a thing in the novel .

It’s amazing how innocent and gullible he was in his younger days .

“Don’t worry about a thing, I’ll secretly get you a little bit of this and that . My family’s rich, so it wouldn’t be too obvious . ”

“…you’ll help me to that extent?”

“We’re friends now aren’t we?”

‘Right?’ I looked at him again for confirmation .

He gave me an indescribable look .

“Then how about this! If you’re grateful, you can pay me back by playing with me . ”

I felt that this was the right time to say that again .

Idris smiled, this time his expression was far more relaxed .

“Okay . ”

“Okay . ”

I cheered inwardly when I heard his affirmation .

That day was the day I befriended Idris, not Idris the villain, but Idris the little boy next to my house .

My first step was a success .


It was a few days after meeting Idris .

Mother called our family and announced, “To expand our business this time, me and your father decided to stay in the capital . It won’t take a long time, but we need you to stay here and safe, the capital is dangerous . We’ll leave a lot of servants here . ”

‘Does this mean I can act out as much as I want for the time being?!’

“Yes, mother . You don’t need to worry about me . I’ll see you guys later,” I replied as I restrained my smile .

‘I’m free!’


After my parents left, I began to bring Idris over to my house .

My parents went to the capital city leaving some of my trusted servants . With no higher authorities in the house, it was an easy feat for me to silence them .

We had an agreement . As long as Idris didn’t come inside, the servants wouldn’t utter a word .

At first, Idris was awkward and out of his comfort zone, but slowly over time, he got used to me and Liliel .

We would sit around in the garden, eat snacks, and play together .

Sometimes we would find beautiful wild flowers in the meadow and play hide and seek among the trees .

Even though the long summer had passed and autumn came, the three of us kept playing together .

‘Come to think of it, we’re a very unusual combination . The heroine, the villain, and an extra . ’

The character Vianne Astahilt was an extra in the novel <It’s dangerous! Run away!>

Perhaps, Vianne was one of those dead extras in the scene where Idris wiped out all of the villagers .

But now, I was caught up in a relationship with the main characters .

But this was only the beginning .

‘I’m going to change the villain’s childhood in the novel . Let me apologize in advance, writer . Although I must admit, I do enjoy your novel . ’

“Vianne . ”

In the afternoon, Liliel gave me her craft she had been fiddling with .

It was a ring made by tying both ends of the grass .  

I smiled jubilantly and slipped it on my finger .

“Pretty . ”

“Vianne . ”

This time Idris called me . On his hand was a flower crown made of grass and flowers .

“Yes, Idris?”

To be honest, Idris made it much better . He’s great at these kinds of things .

Idris came to me and placed a flower crown on my head .

“You didn’t buy it, did you?” I joked, subtly praising his crafts .

He grinned, “You saw me make it . ”

“That’s true . Thanks anyway guys . ”

That afternoon, I was in a good mood . I got a present from the heroine and the villain at the same time .

“But why only me? You guys should make one for each other too,” I suggested .

I wanted them to get along well to prevent them from becoming enemies in the future .

“Oh no, it’s a little hard . ”

“I’m not good at making things like this . ”

‘… are they fighting behind my back?’

Even though the seasons had changed and we had spent quite some time together, the two of them still hadn’t got close . This was my biggest concern these days .

At that time, I thought I had successfully gotten close to Idris, and I thought I had pulled the death flags from everyone . But I wasn’t so sure anymore .

“Oh, come on . We’re friends with each other . ”

“Not really . ”

Liliel clung to me while saying so . Idris’ expression quickly darkened .

“Get away from Vianne . ”

“I’ll think about it if you take this flower crown off her . ”


“Hey, guys? What are you doing…” I moderated them weakly, but to make it worse, both of them had a stubborn personality .

“What is wrong with both of you?”

I shook my head as Liliel answered quickly .

“Idris started it first . ”


Idris asked back .

“Yes! You’re jealous of me and Vianne . ”

“You’re talking nonsense . ”

“It’s not nonsense, it’s the truth!”

“……why don’t you stop?”

Idris looks really angry now .

‘What’s going on here? Have they been fighting behind my back? But why?’

I have no idea what happened, Idris reached out to me and to Liliel .

At that moment, I suddenly recalled a scene in the novel .

The scene where Idris Schneider, the ruthless villain who held Liliel a hostage, flashed before me… .

I reflectively hid Liliel behind me .

“…Vianne . ”

I was startled to hear his trembling voice .

We’re in trouble . This felt like I was protecting Liliel from him . It seemed like I treated him as a threat .

“Idris, this…”

I looked into Idris’ eyes as I searched for an excuse . I regretted my action immensely .

Idris was crestfallen, his sadness was apparent to all of us .

“Did you think I was gonna hurt her?”

“No, you guys are fighting, I was a bit surprised . ”

“Do you think of me like how others think of me?”

“… . ”

‘Oh my goodness, I just made a huge blunder . How do I fix it?’

While I was agonizing inside my mind, he already turned away before I could even formed an explanation .

I tried to catch up to him but he had gone back to his house .

The atmosphere became cold . Liliel looked towards Idris’ house with a shocked face .

“I didn’t mean to be like that . I was wrong . ”

“I made a mistake too . He obviously didn’t mean to attack you, but that just reminded me of the wrong thing at the moment…”

“Vianne, what should we do?”

“I’ll apologize first . Let’s solve your misunderstanding afterwards . ”


I sent Liliel back after dinner .

When I came out again, the sun was long gone into the horizon . I informed the servants that I would take a walk in the backyard .

When I was out of their sight, I went straight to the corner and passed through a hole .

Idris’ house was very quiet, the grasshoppers’ chirping could be heard clearly over the silence .

Even if he hung out with us often, he would inevitably feel lonely and scared when he came back to this house . I should’ve been more considerate of him .

“Idris? Can you come out for a second . ”

He had a sharp sense, he’d know I was near his house even if I called him from the outside .

“It was my fault . I’m sorry . ”

Still the silence remained while the small figure I had been expecting didn’t show up .

I entered the building cautiously .

The darkness on the inside was apparent as soon as I came in . All the lights in the mansion were out .

I hesitated for a moment, however, soon I gathered my courage and kept walking .

“I have a secret that I haven’t told you yet . And your appearance reminds me of my secret, that’s why I got a little confused . But I never regard you as a bad person . ”

There was no one on the first floor .

The wind blew heavily through the mansion as I stepped up the stairs leading to the second floor .

Creak . The sound resounded in the still silence .

Honestly, it was a bit scary .

‘What’s he doing with the lights off?’

“Idris, Liliel didn’t say that because she didn’t want to be friends with you . I guess it’s because your personalities just didn’t match . ”

My heart was pounding .

If I had known this would happen, I would’ve brought a candle .

“I think you guys would get along well with time . ”

Even so, no reply came . The stillness and gloom in the mansion started to frighten me . I was starting to get paranoid, afraid a ghost would come out . I shifted around nervously .

I arrived on the corridor of the second floor . There seemed to be something at the end .

“Idris, can you come out, I’m scared…”

I said so not to bait him out, but because I was truly scared witless .

I took another step .

Just then,

Something behind me passed like the wind,


Goosebumps ran throughout my body .

‘Is it a ghost?’

My legs gave out as I fell down in fright .

My head was spinning and my vision was dimming . I felt suffocated .

‘What’s happening? My body won’t move . ’

“… . Vianne, breathe!”

I barely came to my senses at the shout .  

‘It hurts so much!’


I laid on my stomach, I couldn’t breathe, but my condition was gradually getting better .

“Hah… I-I just came back from death… . ”

It felt like when I was running for an hour on a hot summer day . Suddenly, I could feel someone touching my shoulder .


I looked up and saw the owner of this hand .

It was Idris .

His eyes were gleaming with undisguised worry .

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