I Became Close to the Villain - Chapter 17.2

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Soon after, he turned around and walked over to his desk. He opened the drawer and took out a small piece of paper.

He didn’t even have the guts to start writing.

What exactly should he say to her? He’s still alive, he has been livinh on the island, and he had grown into a person she might despise? Is it possible for him to say it that way?

Idris sighed as he placed a hand on his brow.

No way.

He didn’t have to write down too many details as he could contact her whenever he wants now.

He grabbed the pen and scribbled down only a couple of sentences. After the ink had dried, he placed the letter between his fingers and flicked it lightly.

The paper that flew out the window fluttered and moved away as if it had wings.

When he couldn’t see the paper anymore, he turned around and sat against the wall.

His head was pounding for some reason and he was overcome by extreme exhaustion.

But he would do it all over again, even if it meant walking through hell once more in order to achieve his goals.


Following my visit to the knights, I came to a conclusion.

As expected, I’m doomed.

A person far more powerful than Idris, the novel’s villain, showed me an unexpected favor. It was a terrifying experience.

I knew Idris’ spell on my body had been broken. All I could do was run away and hide.

Venus said he would strengthen patrols and put many people around me. However, the knights were not a threat to the mages.

What should I do? Should I run away from this country? Wouldn’t they give up chasing me if I ran as far as I could?

No way. I think they will find me anywhere in the world soon.

“What if…”

I was stuck in the room all day and was drowning in my thoughts. As a result, the night arrived quickly.

Liliel said that she would spend the night at my house. But I pushed her away.

Now that I’m the target, I’m the most dangerous thing for Liliel. Marquess Lahrat was also sent home earlier for the same reason.

I was aware that it would be difficult to survive as an extra in the novel, but the difficulty level was far too high for me. It was made worse by the fact that I possessed mana.

“I don’t want to die…”

Feeling frustrated, I opened the bedroom window.

The bright moon was hung in the night sky.

I rested my elbow on the window sill.

However, when I shifted my gaze to the side, something caught my attention.

A small piece of paper was stuck around the outer window frame. It was smaller than a postcard, but larger than a bookmark. I picked up the paper.

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“Is this a letter?”

My attention was drawn to the delicate and beautiful handwriting. I wondered who wrote it and came all the way here because it was blown away by the wind.


However, my name was written at the beginning. This was a letter to me.

 [It’s me, Idris.]

 I was startled and dropped the paper.

‘What kind of ignorant bastard sent such a prank letter?’

I tried to throw away the paper, but then I picked it up and read it again.

Just in case it’s real. I know it makes no sense, but this was a lingering regret. People who have lost our loved ones, such as myself and Liliel, will understand how I felt.

[I didn’t die that day. The body was made by the person who took me to avoid suspicion. It is true that I gave up my life when I left you to Liliel, but I am still alive.]

But somehow, the sentence…  …  .

“It’s not a prank letter…?”

It seemed so real.

Come to think of it, only a few people knew that I was friends with a child named Idris, who was abandoned in a small village 10 years ago. No one knew the situation on the day of the accident well enough to accurately describe it.

At best, only the person in charge of investigating the case at the time will know. But what’s the point of them teasing me?

If that’s the case, there shouldn’t be anyone around to pull this kind of prank.

What is up with this letter?

[I haven’t been able to tell you that I’m alive because I’ve been living on the island of mage for more than a decade, cut off from the rest of the world.]

My hands trembled relentlessly.  

What exactly did I just read?

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