I Became Close to the Villain - Chapter 17.1

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Then, is that really like what Venus said?

“So he simply showed up to rescue me and left?”

Venus replied as if he couldn’t believe it either.

“The idea seems to be plausible based on our research and the baroness’s statement.”

Then he looked at me and narrowed his eyes.

“In reality, there would be no way for you to shoot him…”

“He’s immune to being shot?”

Is he saying that he got hit on purpose? Does that make sense?

Seeing my perplexed expression, Venus awkwardly scratched the back of his head.

“The speculation that he let it hit him deliberately is also plausible… or maybe we could say he didn’t even pay attention to the gun at all. I believe in the latter speculation.”

“Because he would be able to heal it anyway?”

“That’s correct.”

He’s a weirdo. I couldn’t help but think of an exclamation uttered by someone I knew in a former life, but I didn’t say it.

He even went so far as to dig through his own wound. I had no idea what was going on in his head.

“So, how would you explain the bullet that was left?”

“Oh, that’s some high-level spell. Only the  objects that the caster specifies will join them as they travelled through space. For example, only the body, clothes, and necessary belongings are included, and the rest are left behind by will.”

“That is… is that even possible?”


Even Venus was perplexed by the absurdity of the situation.

Anyway, I gained a lot of information. Shannon benefited me greatly. We decided to call it a day and go back home. I returned home after signing a few confidentiality agreements.

As we were about to leave, Venus’ remarks caught our attention.

“Are you acquainted with the mage by any chance?”

Shannon’s brow furrowed once again.

“Venus, what are you saying? Remember that mages are traitors, and the baroness have been harmed by them.”

“Please accept my apologies!”

I heard his apology again for the ntn time. I just shook my head.

“No. It’s alright.”


Two days ago, in the middle of the night, a person emerged in the deepest part of the undiscovered region, which has yet to be properly drawn on any imperial map.

The man was stumbling and could only manage a few steps. Soon, he went to his knees.


The faint light of the full moon streamed in through the window, matching his pale complexion.

His hands trembled as he placed a palm on his wounded stomach.

He did not know what had caused this pain. There’s no reason for him to feel any more pain.

 He only had a gunshot wound, and… 

“What are you up to? Are you trying to distract me? Don’t do anything weird and answer the questions.”

As he recalled her cold tone, he shut his eyes firmly. She may not be able to accept him as the master of the traitors. 

He did not reveal himself as he became the successor of a man who killed her family. He thought she would feel that way.

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“Master, who made you like this?”

Camellia Jeren asked in disbelief.

He was offended by the word Camellia had chosen.

“Be quiet.”

He swallowed the blood that had pooled in his mouth.

Camellia remained silent. It was common sense not to say anything recklessly when the master was in this state.

The man conjured a magic circle with his trembling hands. It was a healing spell that required a lot of mana.

The magic circle glowed briefly before fading away. Soon, all that remained was the blood on the floor, and the wound was gone.

Idris pushed himself to his feet, his face pale with exhaustion. He wiped away the blood that had remained on his hands and waited for the trembling of his hands to diminish.

After the process was over, he looked back at Camellia sharply, as if he was not wounded at all before.

“Bring the head of Arwel in front of me. Right now.”

With a chilly expression on his face, he issued the command. 


Camellia was very quick-witted.

As soon as the mage returned home injured, the person he would look for was probably the one who somewhat had hurt him.

“Alright. What is the reason for the execution?”

He couldn’t think of any other reason to summon the head of a lower faction except to carry out an execution.

“Send the nine mages belonging to Arwel and call it the sin of targeting something that is not theirs.”

Idris decided not to go into detail about the reason.

Camellia followed his instructions and withdrew.

The room became quiet.

Once again, he was all by himself.

His cold, mature face was expressionless.  His extremely bright crimson eyes were razor-sharp. Only his white hair glistened helplessly, as if trying to imitate the moonlight.

It was Idris, who had become an adult, dressed in a white robe.

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