I Became Close to the Villain - Chapter 1

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I have so many worries swirling around in my mind .

What if I can’t protect my country, what if I die .

Many saw me and told me to put my worries to a rest . I could only reply yes, although I know deep down that it’s a lie .

People always tell me to lighten up, but how can I do so?

I’m the only saint in this country .

If I fall through, the barriers may break and cause danger to everyone .

Until one day, my knight told me that my sacrifice was wrong .

He told me I should end my worries .

“I would do so,” that was how I replied to him .

And that same day, that knight killed me .

My death brought me peace, I finally stopped agonizing over my responsibilities .

But ultimately, I was reincarnated into a novel .

Should I start worrying again?

What should I do if I live as the villain’s neighbor in the novel?

And what am I supposed to do if the villain kills all of his childhood neighbors in the future?

That’s what I want to ask .

I’ve become the villain’s neighbour, someone please save me!


Vienne Astahilt . It’s my new name .

I was reincarnated into a novel I read before my death, <It’s Dangerous, Run Away!> It was not long after my birth that I learned of it .

It was because I overheard Vienne, my mother, said that an ominous child was born next door .

Strangely enough, I can understand the language that is spoken here ever since my birth .

“It’s Idris . That white-haired kid . ”

The ominous one, the white-haire child, Idris .

All of the descriptions align with the villain’s features .

White hair is a rarity in this world .

It is even more so because this world inhabitant, their hair won’t turn grey even as they become older .

The villain Idris was born with white hair and red eyes . It was an ominous symbol for people of this world .

He grew up under the abuse of his parents and neighbors .

But being capable of wielding magic, Idris becomes the master of evil mages a few years later .

As he gained his power, Idris burned down his childhood village as a revenge . He even searched for his childhood neighbors and murdered them in cold blood .  

In other words, everyone in this neighborhood will die, including me .

Dying once is enough for me, I don’t want to die anymore .  

So I was determined to find a way to change the plot .

Before Idris was old enough to remember me, I even asked my parents if we could move away . However, my parents rejected the idea .

In a desperate attempt, I tried other various methods, alas every time it proved to be futile .  

While I was trying to escape this place, without realizing it, many years had passed .

“Ugh, what am I going to do?”

The six years old me sat in the garden and sighed deeply .

“What should I do…?”

Soon, I will become an eight years old child .

“I don’t want to die…”

Then, 10 years old .

After that,11 years old .

“Will he kill me if I try to get closer to him?”

After much consideration, I decided to take a leap of faith .

“He is the villain in the future, but right now he is just a child . I’m sure he won’t reject me . ”

It was a little scary, but there is no other way .

‘I’m the only one who knows the future, and this knowledge is my only advantage . ’

In this place, not only my new family but my neighbors and my best friend, the heroine in the novel also live here .

When Idris performed the genocide, the only the heroine, managed to escape from him .

Nevertheless, Idris was relentless . He went after the heroine in order to kill her .

But as long as I’m here, I won’t let such a thing happen .

“Liliel, I’ll protect you!”

I clenched my fist and shouted .

As she heard my words, the pretty heroine, Liliel Sigron, shook her head gently .

“Are you even strong enough?”

She pushes me slightly . Because my small body was unable to bear the force, I immediately fell sideways . My shiny black hair spread out all over the place like a cloth laid in a lawn .

“Ah, come on . Why are you like this?”

I sat back as I complained, brushing the dirt off my clothes .

“Look at this . You’re not strong . I’ll protect you instead . ”

Liliel looked at me with her arms folded .

It’s unfair .  

Even if I’m smaller than Liliel, she always lost arm wrestling! I also know the future better .

Our difference in height is natural because Liliel is a year older than me . I’m never small .

“No . In the future I’ll be stronger than you, Liliel . ”

I stood up resolutely .

“I’ll get some more snacks . Wait for me!”

“Yes . ”

Liliel’s magenta eyes are full of disbelief, when she sees me leaving the garden .

I’m going to take advantage of this chance and visit Idris .

It’s the perfect timing since all the people who hate the ominous white hair in my house are not at home .

I also saw the people next door going out this morning .  

“Well, kids, even if they haven’t met each other before . They’ll get close when they get acquainted . ”

This’s a quiet and beautiful village where the middle, lower-class aristocrats and wealthy commoners usually lived .

Every house in the neighborhood has a nice garden, dividing some of the rather close houses with tall trees and grass .

One of them is my house . It’s easy to get to the garden next door with little to no effort .

Adults may not know the way, but I recently found a place that dogs usually use to go through the border .

Without hesitating, I sneak through the bushes and slip inside .

It’s much harder than I expected, fortunately I arrived at the garden next door without a scratch .

“Oh… . ”

Various trees that are carefully tended to are noticeable from where I’m standing .

This is my first time here because my parents always avoid this particular neighbor .

Now all I need to do is to find Idris, and it isn’t difficult to do so .  

It is impossible for him to not know someone broke into the garden . I’m sure he’ll check it out, soon enough .

My prediction is only plausible because I know that Idris Schneider is a very sensitive person .

Even in the novel, young Idris could find anyone anywhere . It was because of one of his habits to observe people .

Other than being under an abusive parentship . His freedom was limited . He couldn’t go out and he never met anyone else . All of his knowledge, he acquired through observation .

An inherent gift as a mage .

Of course, Idris, who I’m going to meet, hasn’t discovered his identity as a mage .

He will learn the truth as he grows up .  

‘But why isn’t he coming?’


I am trying to sneak around when my feet hit something . Panic kicks in as I immediately step back to check the damage I caused .

Dressing in a white shirt and black pants, the white-haired boy was squirming from my kick .

‘Huh? Wait a minute . White hair?’

At that moment, the boy turns toward me, hesitating in his step .

It’s Idris, his eyes are glassy from suppressed tears .

‘Ugh, I’m screwed . What should I do?’

As I panicked, I can see the kick left a clear footprints on Idris’s shirt .

“Ah, haha! Hi! I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there . ”

Idris’s expression, which seems like it’s going to burst out crying at any moment, morphs into fear .

His body curls up like a frightened puppy and he seems wary of me .

“…go away!”

It was a difficult situation .

“No, look, I’m sorry I left a shoe mark on your shirt, but you should have told me you were there…”

“Go! Ugh . ”

Idris who is shouting loudly suddenly groans .

‘What . ’

Surprised, I approach him instinctively .

“What’s wrong? Are you hurt?”

“Don’t touch me!”

“…am I right?”

I ask carefully in the nicest way possible .

Idris widens his eyes in surprise .

“How did you know?”

“I saw the wound . Did the people around you do it? It looks so painful . We need to treat it . ”

“…you . ”

Idris is still wary, but his eyes observe me closely .

I wait with my hands raised up as a sign that I have no intention of hurting him .

“Vienne of the Astahilt family?”

Wow, he knew my name .

“Do you know me?”

I ask again hoping he doesn’t know .

“You live…next door,” Idris hesitates before he answers .

Damn it . There’s no way he doesn’t know . I live right next door .

As long as he recognizes me, my life won’t be spared in the future .

If I stay here, I’ll end up dead in Idris’ path of vengeance .

“Yes, that’s right . I’m Vienne, I live next to your house . I came here through the bushes . Nice to meet you,” I say as I point the bushes from where I came in .

Idris glared at me, clutching his arms .

“……get out right now . It’s not good for you to be with me . ”

“Why? Since we’ve already met, let’s just be friends . We’re neighbors, right?”

“I’m cursed!”

I look at him uneasily when he shouts the words .

“Why do you say that you’re cursed?”

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