I Became A Mighty Lion - Chapter 334

Chapter 334: Soon…


The golden claws were like blades and the blades were fatal!

However, this timid black lion was extremely agile. It dodged left and right and actually dodged all of them. Its claws did not land on it.

Chu Xiaoye immediately looked at him in a different light.

However, it still did not change his decision to kill.


The black lion finally roared and counterattacked. It bared its fangs and had a ferocious face. Its claws swung over like a storm, fierce and fierce. Its previous terrified appearance could not be seen at all.

Chu Xiaoye dodged and retreated.

When he retreated in front of the black lion corpse on the ground, he suddenly jumped forward and raised his front claws on the ground, actually sending the black lion corpse on the ground flying and hitting the black lion waving its sharp claws.


The black lion’s sharp claws fiercely grabbed the corpse of its companion.

Before he could react, Chu Xiaoye had already rushed up and suddenly slapped the black lion’s corpse. With a bang, the black lion’s corpse smashed the black lion to the ground.


Before he could stand up, golden light flashed and Chu Xiaoye’s claws had already pierced into his neck. With a sudden slash, his entire neck was almost broken!

The black lion widened its eyes and opened its mouth, terrified and in despair. Its body twitched a few times and it died completely.

Chu Xiaoye looked at him, put away his golden claws, and walked forward.

A huge rock blocked the path in front of him, and there should be more rocks behind it.

The passageway in front and behind were blocked. How could he get out?

He turned around and walked in front of the black lion’s corpse. He cut open the other party’s fur with his claw and lowered his head. He drank a few mouthfuls of blood and started eating.

Not long after.

The entire lion’s corpse only had its head and bones left.

After Chu Xiaoye finished eating, he started to walk back.

Silence had returned to the surface. No more rocks fell. Perhaps they could find a way out from above.

If there was really no way out, he could only use his claws to dig.

There were many corpses lying here, and it was enough for him to replenish his energy.

He only hoped that nothing would happen to Little Curly Tail and the others outside.


Right at this moment, a few rocks suddenly fell from the ceiling in front of him.

Could it be that the top was unstable and was about to collapse?

Chu Xiaoye was delighted. As if he had seen hope, he immediately ran over.

When he came close, he realized that the top did not have any signs of collapse.

Just as he was feeling puzzled, stone fragments and mud slid down from the walls on both sides.

At the same time, a strong stench assaulted his nose.

Chu Xiaoye was shocked and subconsciously looked up again.

A bloody mouth fell to the top of the cave and was slowly descending towards him. Those scarlet eyes were cold, demonic, and terrifying!


Chu Xiaoye suddenly fell to the ground and quickly rolled back.


The moment he rolled out, the bloody mouth suddenly shot down and landed where he had just stood, but it bit empty air!

Chu Xiaoye got up and looked up. The owner of the bloody mouth was a python covered in black scales and a huge tumor on its forehead!

This python was thick and unknown in length. The half of its body that was revealed was five meters long. The other half of its body was hidden in the rock above its head.

There seemed to be a hidden cave on it!


A stench pounced!

The python missed and opened its bloody mouth again to pounce on him!

Chu Xiaoye took two steps back and suddenly raised his sharp golden claws to grab its open mouth!


Unexpectedly, right at this moment, the stone above him suddenly collapsed. With a bang, it actually hit him heavily, breaking his ribs and pressing him to the ground!

At the same time, the python’s thick and long tail popped out from its head. It suddenly swung down and slapped the stone with a bang!

The stone suddenly sank and the hard ground squeezed Chu Xiaoye’s already seriously injured body.


Chu Xiaoye spat out a mouthful of blood. He was dizzy and his vision turned black. He was in so much pain that he was almost numb. All the strength in his body seemed to have disappeared without a trace.

The intelligence of this black python shocked him.

He deliberately attacked head-on but used his tail to crush the rocks on it and smash him to the ground. This feint attack was even more proficient than his use!

Chu Xiaoye lay on the ground and gritted his teeth to struggle, but he realized that he could not move at all.

At this moment, the black python had already landed on the ground. It stuck out its head and slowly swam over, then stopped in front of him. Its scarlet and cold eyes seemed to show a human-like ridicule.

The stone pressed heavily on Chu Xiaoye’s back. Chu Xiaoye’s ribs were broken and blood flowed from his mouth and nose. He could not move his entire body, like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered and could not resist at all.

The black python no longer hesitated. It opened its mouth and swallowed Chu Xiaoye’s head.

A strong stench assaulted him. The python’s suddenly expanded bright red throat was like a narrow path to the netherworld. Once he entered, he would never be able to come out.

Although Chu Xiaoye’s lion head was big, the python’s mouth could open even wider.

The smelly mouth grabbed his chin and slowly moved towards his neck.

Chu Xiaoye wanted to open his mouth to bite, but he realized that he could not resist at all with his head. He could only stand motionless and watch helplessly as he was devoured.

Finally, the python’s bloody mouth devoured his entire head to his throat, leaving only a circle of golden fur outside.

The python did not move again.

The stone was still pressed against Chu Xiaoye’s back. Although he was already seriously injured, the python was still careful and did not dare to push the stone away.

This was enough.

His sealed throat, extremely corrosive saliva, and stomach juice were fatal to any animal.

As long as it waited for this young lion king to suffocate to death, it could push open the stone and swallow this corpse.

The black python opened its mouth, closed its eyes, and waited patiently.

Chu Xiaoye was stuck in its throat. He widened his eyes and looked at the organ in its stomach. He could not move or die even if he wanted to.

Now, he could even hold his breath for a few hours. When the python’s saliva and the reversed acid invaded his fur, he did not feel any discomfort.

At the same time, the recovery skill he snatched from the number black lion was quickly healing his broken ribs and broken wounds.

The strange heat in his body was also surging and sending him energy endlessly.

He quietly moved his claws and realized that his strength was quickly recovering.

Suddenly, the black python swung its head, as if it wanted to see if he had suffocated to death.

Chu Xiaoye hurriedly moved his head that was stuck in its throat to show that he was still alive. Don’t be anxious. If he waited any longer, he would be dead soon.

He needed time to recover.

This was good. It was safe, quiet, and he could see the other party’s internal organs.

The black python seemed to be a little shocked. It immediately tightened its throat and continued to wait.

Seconds and minutes passed.

Chu Xiaoye lay on the ground with his head in the python’s mouth. His entire body was limp and motionless, as if he was completely dead.

Half an hour later.

The black python started to open its mouth with all its might, preparing to spit out the lion head first. After moving the stone away, it would swallow the corpse completely.

In the end, just as it was about to vomit, Chu Xiaoye hurriedly twisted his neck to show that he was still alive. Wait a little longer, wait a little longer, it would be soon…

The black python:”…”