I Became A Mighty Lion - Chapter 333

Chapter 333: The Surrendering Lion King

The stones no longer fell.

However, his path was blocked, and he could only look for an exit towards the front.

No matter which animal dug such a deep cave, another exit would usually be set up. Otherwise, if they encountered an enemy blocking the entrance, they would immediately become a turtle in a jar and be suffocated to death.

Chu Xiaoye stepped on the mutated gorilla’s head and continued forward.


Suddenly, the roars of a few lions came from the darkness in front of him.

Chu Xiaoye’s eyes flickered with a golden light. He could clearly see everything in the darkness, but he could not see into the distance through the curved wall.

Soon, a few strong black lions roared and ran over.

These black lions did not look like killers who had deliberately ambushed here. Instead, they looked like pitiful bugs that had been lured in by the black lion king and could not get out.

Their stomachs were empty and their fur was messy. Their eyes were filled with anger and fear. Their feet were dripping with blood and they looked rather sorry.

When they saw Chu Xiaoye, their eyes immediately shone with green light and they drooled. They immediately roared angrily and pounced forward without care.

They were already hungry and had even eaten the corpse of a companion.

However, because the passageway was narrow, they could not attack side by side. They could only line up and sprint forward.

This way, the pressure on Chu Xiaoye decreased.

Although his claws and feet had recovered, he had just recovered and could not achieve his previous speed and strength. His combat strength was greatly reduced.

Now that it was a one-on-one battle, he was naturally not afraid.


Golden light flashed and the first black lion’s head broke. It fell to the ground with a miserable scream.

The second lion immediately roared angrily and stepped on its body to jump over.

However, before it could land, Chu Xiaoye grabbed it and cut its stomach open.


The second lion fell to the ground, blood spraying and roaring non-stop.

Chu Xiaoye stood in front of the two black lions and looked at the few lions behind them. He raised his claws and hooked them. “Continue.”


The remaining three black lions immediately turned around and fled.

Chu Xiaoye jumped over the two black lions on the ground with a whoosh and turned from defense to pursuit.

The three black lions ran for a while before suddenly stopping and turning around. They bared their fangs and roared angrily, trembling and their eyes filled with fear.

Chu Xiaoye stood in front of them and looked up behind them. His heart sank.

The passageway there was also blocked!

Obviously, the black lion king wanted him to be trapped here forever and never get out!

Or, he wanted to use the animals that were already trapped here and had nowhere to go to kill him with all their might and use his flesh in exchange for survival.

However, the hole at the beginning was open. Why did these animals not go out?

Chu Xiaoye suddenly had an ominous feeling.

Perhaps, there was an even stronger animal in here that had long blocked the exit, preventing them from taking a step forward.

Perhaps it was that black lion king. Only that powerful lion king had this strength.

There should be an exit not far from the entrance. When the lion king saw him enter, it quietly left from there. When he walked into the cave, it suddenly attacked.

Seeing that the rocks were falling, he had no time to care about them and could only run forward.

Hence, he missed the only exit.


Right at this moment, the three black lions, who had nowhere to run, could only muster their courage and bare their sharp fangs to pounce ferociously at him.

The passageway here was a little wide, enough for two black lions to pounce on each other side.

Chu Xiaoye took a step back. Just as the two black lions fell to the ground, before they could gather their strength again, he suddenly rushed up and slapped them. With a bang, he slapped the left black lion until its head tilted and it hit the rock beside it heavily!

Immediately, stone fragments flew and his skull shattered. Blood splashed!

The black lion instantly died!

Chu Xiaoye was shocked by his strength. This black lion was at least 400 kilograms. His claws had just healed and were actually so fierce. It seemed that his strength had increased a lot.


He did not stop at all. After slapping the black lion on the left to death, his other palm flew out and slapped the head of the black lion on the right.


Before the black lion on the right could react, it hit the stone wall beside it heavily. Immediately, brains splashed and it died!

Chu Xiaoye twisted his neck and looked at the remaining black lion behind.

“Roar… Roar…”

Even the roar of the black lion turned into a trembling sound.

Its limbs turned limp and it fell to the ground. As it trembled in fear, it begged for mercy, indicating that it was willing to submit.

The stench of urine and feces instantly filled the entire passageway.

This black lion peed its pants in fear.

In the past, it was also a majestic, domineering, and majestic lion king. In the past, it had also defeated countless strong opponents and killed countless ferocious enemies. In the past, it felt that as a lion, even if it died in battle, it would never surrender or be afraid.

Now, when he saw the scene of his two companions dying tragically, he realized that he was once a fart. His thoughts in the past were even inferior to a fart.

When it should be afraid, even it could not control itself. This was an animal’s instinct towards the strong.

Even the great lion king, Balo, had never made him so afraid and desperate.

He slapped a lion king to death. This young brown lion king was even more terrifying than a demon.


It lowered its head and begged for mercy with a trembling voice, showing enough humility and sincerity.

The moment Barlow deceived them, it did not care about race reproduction or race glory.

As long as it could survive, it was willing to follow this young lion king and kill all its own kind!

However, Chu Xiaoye did not intend to let it go.


Chu Xiaoye walked to its side, raised his claws, and slapped it heavily.

He originally thought that this black lion would shatter its head and die like the two black lions previously. Unexpectedly, the other party only lowered his head and suddenly jumped up. He looked at him in fear and hatred, showing his fangs.

I wanted to surrender so humbly, but you actually wanted to kill me! I’ll fight you to the death!

This was the expression on this black lion’s face.

Chu Xiaoye was secretly shocked.

This black lion was clearly much stronger than the previous black lions. However, why was it the timidest?


The black lion no longer hesitated and immediately roared angrily before pouncing forward with a fierce and resentful expression.

Since you don’t accept my surrender, I’ll die with you!


Chu Xiaoye took a step back and revealed his golden claws.

The black lion had just fallen to the ground when it immediately jumped back and continued to lie on the ground. “Roar…” It cried out with a trembling voice, begging for mercy with a terrified and pitiful appearance.

It was instinctively afraid of the golden claw.

Chu Xiaoye did not have any mercy, nor did he have any intention of accepting it. His gaze focused and he rushed up.

A coward who was as timid as a mouse at a moment of life and death and would even betray his own race and companions for the sake of survival would never be loyal to anyone.

He would not install a time bomb beside him.