How To Become A Great White Moonlight - Chapter 66

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How To Become A Great White Moonlight 66

When Xia Fanyi walked over, it happened to block the sight of Yue Xiuning not far away.

He didn’t seem to hear the gossip questions from a few girls, but walked over naturally, reminding her that the next scene was the scene in his and her courtyard.

As soon as Xia Fanyi came over, the girls stopped coming to harass Yan Shiying.

Yan Shiying breathed a sigh of relief, and nodded with gratitude towards Xia Fanyi. Then, as if thinking of something, she approached him and lowered her voice.

Xia Fanyi thought she had something to tell himself, and listened sideways with a slightly faster heartbeat, but only heard her whisper: “Thank you for the morning thing… As expected, it’s my friend, it’s really righteous.”

Yan Shi Ying winked at him mischievously, as if recalling the happy time with Ji Luoqing in the morning, her eyes flashed with joy, “Thanks to you, I can talk to Ji Luoqing. You don’t know how he will ask me. Invite me to go out with him…”

Xia Fanyi quietly listened to her looking forward to be with another man in front of him, dreaming of the other man’s every move, and the smile on her face was perfectly like a mask, sticking tightly to him. Face.

The eyes behind the mask were staring at her intently. Seeing her red lips like rose petals, Xia Fanyi only felt that there was a string in his head suddenly breaking when thinking of what had happened.

After a while, he suddenly said, “Since you want to thank me, should you give me something to thank me?”

He seemed to be joking, but his pupils under the light looked at her very deeply.

Yan Shiying was taken aback, and nodded indifferently, “It’s okay.” She was about to ask him how about the C men’s watch he had liked before was given to him, but saw that he suddenly moved his eyes to her hair. .

“You got something here.” As he said, he stretched out his fingers and pushed her hair behind her ears, gently rubbed her earlobes with his cool fingers, and then focused on her temples gently and slowly twirling something.

“What is it?”

“It seems to be a dirty thing.”

“Isn’t it okay?”

“It’s a bit difficult to handle…you wait a moment.”

Xia Fanyi answered very seriously, as if he really encountered something difficult to handle.

Not far away, Jiang Ruotong and Yue Xiuning looked at Xia Fanyi who was about to pull Yan Shiying into his arm, and they were all stung by this scene.

However, knowing that he was only helping Yan Shiying, but seeing Yan Shiying’s undefended appearance, the more Xiuning wanted to leave a mark on her when he kissed her just now, so that no one would covet her. .

Yue Xiuning even felt that Xia Fanyi deliberately approached Yan Shiying because of Qin Shuyao’s affairs, so as to make him unhappy.

However, the more upset he was, the more dazzling the smile on Xia Fanyi’s face made him feel upset.

Without waiting for him to think more, the director has called these two people up to start.

The music and lighting are in place, and the two enter.

This scene is connected to the previous scene. After parting with her brother, she met her sister’s fiancé while walking in the courtyard. He was also the sweetheart she loved but dared not express affection during the day.

Her younger sister’s fiance is a cruel and unforgiving man, who is using her while discovering her admiration. Even though he has rejected her, he has always treated her as if he were detached from her.

The two tentatively walked in the courtyard. This seemingly dull but dark and choppy scene is very difficult, but the two of them are as perfect as they have practiced countless times, and their positions and rhythms are accurate.

This unexpectedly high-level performance made the director very satisfied, and he was ready to take the next scene with approval, but saw Xia Fanyi suddenly throw away his cane.

He seemed to glance in the direction of Yue Xiuning below, and suddenly read a line that was not on the desk.

“But I still want to commend you, my girl.” He grabbed Yan Shiying’s waist and locked her tightly in his arms. At the same time she made a faint cry, his white-gloved fingers pressed lightly on her lips.

“Shhh… don’t let your sister find out.”

Xia Fanyi lowered his head while showing an elegant smile, and kissed the finger on her lips.

The rehearsal hall was quiet for an instant, and Wang Luoluo stared at this scene dumbfounded.

In the next second, Xia Fanyi pulled out his finger and kissed it deeply.

He didn’t know if Yan Shiying was trying to match the character’s setting or because of him, her body shuddered for a moment.

This kind of shrinking caused Xia Fanyi to pause slightly, as if it evoked the evil fire in his heart, and he sucked her lips even harder.

At this moment, he almost forgot about the people around him, and forgot the expressions he would face her later, only knowing that he indulged himself in the shallow kiss of just a few seconds.

After a while he raised his head and said faintly: “I think it would be better to deal with it this way.”

He said, turning his head to look in the direction of the director, “Director?” It seemed that he was explaining to the director, but his gaze was like placed on Yue Xiuning, who was in the same direction.

Yue Xiuning’s face was already pale.

He should have thought of it long ago…

No wonder Xia Fanyi is always spinning around Yan Shiying

Seeing Yan Shiying, who was silently wiping the corners of her lips with a tissue, Yue Xiuning realized for the first time what it was like to jump like a thunder.

And Wang Luoluo underneath had silently exchanged glances with the little sister next to him.

Ma, it’s so exciting!!


The end of the training camp is already in the afternoon. Throughout the afternoon, Yan Shiying was almost soaked in the secret gossip eyes of the members of the society.

Yue Xiuning and Xia Fanyi still looked the same as before, no different, as if the morning rehearsal was just a temporary adjustment for the plot of the script, at least on the surface.

People from this kind of background never put the fight on the bright side, but the trajectory of their actions has obviously changed.

As long as one person is present with her at the same time, the other person will never leave. Even if it is speaking, the other person will stay not far or near.

But even though Yan Shiying noticed such subtle details, she showed nothing.

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Coming out of the bathroom, she happened to run into Yan Ruyan and said that Geng Wenan was looking for her.

Although she don’t know what happened to Geng Wen’an looking for her at this time, Yan Shiying walked into the room and only saw Geng Wen’an smile brightly and seemed to be in a good mood.

Yan Shiying walked over and asked him curiously, “What’s wrong?” What good thing that happened?

Geng Wenan didn’t answer, but just put down the pen in his hand and smiled at her, motioning her to come over with his eyes.

Yan Shiying didn’t know why, she walked a few steps forward, took a look at Geng Wen’an’s eyes, and walked a few steps closer to him until she was only a few steps away from him.

In the next second, she was pulled to her knee by Geng Wen’an.

Yan Shiying was held in his arms like a small animal. She is wearing thin clothes this season, and it is easy to feel the stiff trousers fabric underneath her, as well as the slight temperature exuding from him.

But Geng Wen’an didn’t seem to realize that this was the training office. As if nothing happened to her, he smiled and asked: “Are you happy today?”

Geng Wenan rarely goes to the training rehearsal hall, and mainly deals with the official affairs of the club. Although he has a role in the club, he is just an insignificant little supporting role, and he does not need much acting skills.

But when this seemingly ordinary remark came out of Geng Wen’an, Yan Shiying couldn’t help but slightly jumped in her heart, and couldn’t help but start to wonder if she happened to see something today.

“It’s so happy…Um…” At the middle of the sentence, Geng Wen’an suddenly covered her lips. After sucking her lips slowly, he looked up at her again: “Huh?”

Yan Shiying could only continue: “… It’s second, but…tired is really…well…”

She said a few words and Geng Wenan kissed her. In the end, she was almost covered by his lips and swallowed, and every movement of her lips could touch his lips. caress.

In the end, the voice was so vague that it was almost inaudible, only a slight shortness of breath and heat intertwined… Then Yan Shiying discovered that Geng Wenan was in a good mood, and the less cheerful the smile, the brighter and more perfect. If it weren’t for him to be too strong and clingy today, Yan Shiying would not have noticed the difference between him and the day before.

And he clearly knew Xia Fanyi’s Yue Xiuning was good at adding drama, but he used the privilege to trick her into this place and “add drama” to him.

But compared to the short kiss of no more than a minute between the two, the kiss with Geng Wen’an was several times longer than what they didn’t know…

Yan Shiying was forced to say a lot in the end, what should or should not be said All the lines of other people in the script said… the clothes were wrinkled together, and the lips were slightly tingled. Yan Shiying called him coquettishly: “Brother.” Then Geng Wenan slowly let go of her. His jade-white face, two red lips almost like dripping blood, with his dark glaze eyes, there is a kind of strange feeling.

He stroked the long hair hanging behind her, and said casually: “The director should have agreed to add those two scenes, right?”

That is natural, not to mention their eloquence, the director is very good because of their identities. It’s hard to refuse.

Yan Shiying nodded, and saw Geng Wenan smile again at her.

Yan Shiying’s heart jumped.

“Come to me when you have time.” Geng Wen’an looked at her with dark eyes, with a gentle smile, “I will wait for you.”

” … Yes”

Yan Shiying nodded, and was left by Geng Wen’an to feed a lot of tea and snacks, and also talked about investment and the business direction of the Yan family.

When she went out, Yan Shiying looked no different from when she came in.

When Yan Shiying approached the dormitory, she turned on her mobile phone and looked at it. In the unprompted message column, she found countless messages from Lian Shaobai.

“Yingying, did you have lunch?”

“Yingying, I miss you, can I call you?”

“Can I see you now? I promise not to disturb you.”

“I miss you so much, Ying Ying…”

“I was wrong, I shouldn’t always bother you, Yingying, don’t ignore me, okay… Just go back to me and anything.” There are many pictures in the middle, and Yan Shiying has no patience to watch them all. Finish, just slide down to the end.

It can be seen that after that day, even Shaobai didn’t have the idea of ​​concealing his feelings, and he wanted to stick to her for 24 hours.

Yan Shiying thought for a while and sent him a message.

“I don’t like people who are too clingy. If you do this every day, then I don’t think we need to meet.” After hitting a button, Yan Shiying proficiently gave him sweets, “Be obedient, behave, I will Come to you.”

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