How To Become A Great White Moonlight - Chapter 38

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How To Become A Great White Moonlight 38

Yan Shiying went quietly to check the surveillance, only to find that this place was blocked by branches and shrubs. She could only vaguely see a man standing there for a long time. He didn’t follow her until she walked out of the road.

From the figure he left, he could barely be recognized as if he was wearing an academy uniform, and the others were hidden by trees and could no longer be seen clearly.

For some reason, Yan Shiying remembered the second person on the way home except Ouyang Jinkong, and a strange anxiety faintly rose in her heart.

She will find out who this person is someday, Yan Shiying thought.

Soon it was the day of her birthday party. Because the last dress was damaged, the studio soon sent her a new evening dress.

The silver-gray dress is rare and elegant and dignified, and looks indescribably graceful and luxurious.

It is rare for her to be dressed up like this, from the hair to the fingertips, she was carefully groomed and dressed up to attend the birthday banquet.

On that day, the entire Bibo Garden was entrusted with her birth, and the whole hall was full of people. Yan Shiying was not surprised to see Geng Wenan and Xia Fanyi. She have to say that they all look well-dressed today. After being wrapped in well-tailored suits, they look even more impressive. Few celebrities at the banquet are not secretly secretive. Check them out.

Most of the people present were famous people and a few of her classmates in Augustine. Out of planning considerations, Ouyang Jinkong was not on the list.

Yan Shiying was very satisfied without seeing Qin Shuyao’s face at first glance.

Before the opening of the banquet, Xia Fanyi took the initiative to invite Ying to dance the opening dance.

Maybe he didn’t even realize it. Recently, he was getting closer and closer to her unknowingly, and he always liked to drag her to play with him at Shengbo.

Yan Shiying would naturally not refuse his request.

The two chatted before the opening music, when suddenly the door of the hall was opened by the attendant.

She saw Shang Xuhuai with arrogant silver hair walking in, followed by a girl in a white dress with her head down and a little timidly walking in.

Yan Shiying looked up carelessly, her pupils suddenly shrank.

After a while, why Qin Shuyao could give up her cursive interview? Why did she come to the birthday party? As soon as Shang Xuhuai entered the hall, he started to look around. After searching for her location, he slowly showed her an evil smile. .

He bowed his head and said something to Qin Shuyao, and saw that Qin Shuyao immediately turned her gaze in her direction and smiled at her with surprise.

Yan Shiying had to pretend to be surprised. Needless to say, Xia Fanyi was extremely excited to find that Qin Shuyao had come to the dinner today, and kept asking her why she suddenly thought of changing her mind.

Unexpectedly, Qin Shuyao glanced at Shang Xuhuai, who was tasting wine not far away, and said that he found her to help her change the cur interview time, and also sent her jewelry and dress to come here.

But how could Shang Xuhuai be so kind-hearted

When Shiying was suspicious, noting that she really wore an expensive dress and high heels today, and couldn’t help but jump out of an absurd idea.

The biggest villain of this original plot wouldn’t be. He like Qin Shuyao?

Yan Shiying couldn’t help but glanced at Shang Xuhuai not far away, only to find that he raised a glass of wine at her in a distance, and showed her a gloomy smile.

Yan Shiying froze for a moment, and quickly retracted her gaze, blocking Qin Shuyao’s side intentionally or unintentionally.

No, his reaction didn’t seem like he liked Qin Shuyao.

The only possibility is that he was confused by her previous performance, thinking that Qin Shuyao was her most important friend, so he wanted to play with her by hurting her.

Looking at Qin Shuyao’s expensive dress, Yan Shiying smiled and said nothing.

But when Qin Shuyao said with expectation, “Xia Fanyi, can you invite me to dance the first dance later?” As soon as she said this, Yan Shiying immediately knew the reason for her birthday party today.

About the day when the four people met, she found that the close relationship between the two and her gave her a sense of crisis. She wanted Ji Luoqing, but couldn’t let go of Xia Fanyi and Yue Xiuning. In the last school celebration, she ignored Xia Fanyi because of Ji Luoqing, and today she came to give him hope again.

Yan Shiying only glanced at Xia Fanyi’s expression from disbelief to ecstasy, and knew that the opening dance he had agreed with her was hopeless. Seeing that they had a lively conversation, she turned and left silently.

Then it’s time for someone to do the opening dance.

Yan Shiying thought indifferently.

After patrolling the field with his eyes, Yan Shiying quickly locked on the target and walked towards Geng Wen’an.

As soon as Geng Wenan noticed her coming, he nodded and apologized to the women who kept talking to him.

He walked up to her after he got away. Before she could speak, he took the initiative to stretch out his hand and smiled at her.

“Can I have the honor to invite you to dance with me?”

His posture and movements are standard and impeccable, and he seems to be an elegant young man.

Yan Shiying also smiled and nodded, and as soon as she handed it over, he forcefully pulled it in front of him.

With the sound of music, Geng Wen’an looked at her with deep eyes, scanning her carefully drawn eyebrows and red lips one by one, “You are beautiful today.” There was a certain aggressive light in his eyes, but only for a moment. It disappeared soon.

Yan Shiying was led to the dance floor by him, and the people who began to dance gradually joined her beside him.

But she only jumped a few steps, and her arm was suddenly pulled to the other side by another force.

It was just a twisting stagger, and she changed people in a blink of an eye.

Shang Xuhuai clasped her waist and arms tightly, almost hanging in the air, and took her away from Geng Wen’an after a few rotations.

Seeing her raising her head in astonishment, Shang Xuhuai grinned harshly at her, “Happy Birthday”. The voice did not sound like a blessing, but a threat.

Yan Shiying smiled at the corner of her mouth, and followed the melody and stamped his foot fiercely on his feet, “Let me go.”

Since the video reported his club, Yan Shiying knew that she and Shang Xuhuai had torn their faces, no matter how timid she was, Poor, she did not lower her guard, and never pretended to be poor in front of him again.

Shang Xuhuai seemed to feel no pain, his eyes lit up, “You are angry”

Yan Shiying rolled her eyes in her heart, knowing that both parents are present now, she would definitely not do anything out of line. Shang became more rude to him.

“What are you thinking about sending Yaoyao over today? Don’t tell me you like Yaoyao.” She looked at him vigilantly, “I warn you, stay away from my friend.”

Shang Xuhuai smiled. Don’t be nervous.” He glanced at Qin Shuyao, who entered the dance floor with Xia Fanyi, “I just want to give her a small gift.”

Yes, she was looking forward to it.

“What do you want to do?” Yan Shiying stared at him in a flustered manner, “If you dare to attack Yaoyao, I will never let you go.”

She pretended to be uneasy and fierce, looking at Shang Xuhuai more and more meaningful. Smile, but sneer from the bottom of her heart.

Tear it, it’s better to be torn.

Shang Xuhuai turned a blind eye to her threats, but half-forced her to dance.

The opening dance soon ended. Yan Shiying pushed Shang Xuhuai away mercilessly. Before she left, she stepped heavily on his foot with high heels before turning and leaving. Before she left, she could still feel a throw in her back. The strong gaze behind her.

Turning her head, Yan Shiying found that Yan’s father and Yan’s mother kept looking at Qin Shuyao in surprise, her heart tightened, she walked up to them casually, listening to them talking in a low voice,

“How old is this girl? It’s like mother-in-law.”

“Don’t tell me, It feel a bit like my grandmother, especially those eyes.”

Yan Shiying smiled and walked over to their conversation. “What are you talking about?”

Yan mother immediately interrupted the conversation, smiling.

Yan Shiying responded, “How did you just dance with the businessman?” Yan Shiying called up the system and quickly glanced at the plot.

Probably because she hadn’t triggered these hidden branches yet, Qin Shuyao’s plot to truly reveal her life experience was still garbled. On the surface, it seemed that she was just out of the campus Mary Su, and Qin Shuyao didn’t even write about when she knew her life experience.

No, when the plot is truly revealed, there must be no trace, and there must be some details that she has missed.

Yan Shiying read the character introduction carefully again, and suddenly noticed something weird.

Her grandfather hated Yan Shiying before Yan Siming was born, and even almost burned her when she was born. It stands to reason that this kind of family values ​​face the most, and even if they hate her, they will attend her birthday party, but her grandfather has no intention to come over at all.

This kind of unreasonable disgust is too strange, Yan Shiying intuitively felt that her grandfather seemed to know something.

Guessing, Yan Shiying suddenly saw the attendant open the door again. This time it was Ji Luoqing who had come in too late.

He was in such a rare suit and leather shoes that all his bangs were put on his forehead, leaving only a few strands scattered on his forehead. He was wearing delicate gold-wire glasses, still looking soft and harmless.

As soon as he walked in, someone in the court quietly looked at him. But when he saw his too strange face, many people turned their heads uninterested.

It didn’t take long for a few people from Shengbo to approach him, but they didn’t see Qin Shuyao inside.

Yan Shiying couldn’t help but glanced in the direction of Qin Shuyao, only to find that she didn’t know when she was gone, her heart was tight, only to see Shang Xuhuai who stood at the exit of the hall and did not know when he was at the exit of the hall, and handed her a far away. With a look, he pulled Qin Shuyao out of the hall.

Yan Shiying’s eyes flickered, and she asked them to go out together. This was to use Qin Shuyao to intimidate her,

Yan Shiying quietly circled, throwing away many sights and leaving the hall.

She just came out of the hall. At the banquet, there was a man in a burgundy shirt lazily holding a mobile phone. “The man in the flower shirt released his phone, raised his chin and gestured to the surrounding people. Several tall boys immediately followed Yan Shiying out of the hall.

Yan Shiying was deliberately late, just wandering a long distance nearby, and she heard Qin Shuyao’s slightly panicked voice not far away, “What do you mean you are not Yingying’s friend, then what you said to me during the day? Is it all lie to me, then what about the cur interview?”

Then Shang Xuhuai’s almost nasty mockery, “You are stupid, of course I’m also lying. I didn’t expect you to be so foolish, so let me just talk about it. Believe it.”

Qin Shuyao seemed to have suffered a big blow, and was speechless for a while, and for a long time she muttered “Why?”

“If you blame Yan Shiying, who made you a good friend of hers?” “He said that he gave a somewhat impatient “tsk” and kicked Qin Shuyao who was standing there desperately in the calf. “Hey, Yan Shiying, why can’t she come out?”

Yan Shiying felt like she was in trouble. NS.

When she first came out, she felt that there was a sound of Xisuo Suo behind her, but it was only the sound of the wind blowing leaves. It wasn’t until she heard some messy footsteps and breathing that Yan Shiying realized that she seemed to be being followed.

Outside the hall was a secluded path full of green plants. She had already walked some distance away, and the surrounding lights were dimly lit, and the shadows of trees beside the road could be seen.

    Yan Shiying didn’t look back, but she knew that there must be a lot of people behind her, and the pace was deliberately light. Such a sneaky act, what they want to do to her is not a good thing.

Don’t think about it. If she wants to return to the hall again, she will definitely be stopped by the group of people before going back. Shang Xuhuai, who is eager to see her suffer, is in front of her. Let alone let him help. If he knows that someone is going to do her harm, he will follow. Fall into trouble. Flip on both sides, which way she chooses is a dead end.

Because of the close-fitting of the dress, she hasn’t brought her mobile phone yet.

Yan Shiying thought for a moment, then suddenly stopped and walked silently towards the place where the sound was coming from.

The man in the flower shirt suddenly turned around when he saw the figure following him, and immediately made a gesture to the person hiding in the woods, and then he walked over to her with a look of nonchalantness.

She lowered her head as if thinking about something, until she saw his shoes appear in her sight, she slowly raised her head.

The man in the flower shirt was about to start the scene with a sneer, but when he saw her raised face, he suffocated his breath abruptly.

Before, He just glanced at her from a distance, only to think that she was cold and unattainable. Now that she was standing in front of him, he realized how beautiful she was because he had seen many beauties and was also affected by her. It was amazed when she raised her eyes.

It was an aggressive color, with her silver gauze dress and fluffy hair, snow-skinned, red lips, long legs, and her eyes could almost catch people’s breath.

But she was still looking at him unblinking, and Yingying smiled at him, “I just seemed to have seen you at a banquet.”

Her smile can be used to describe the blooming flowers of kaolin with pity and tenderness. Her smile made the man in the flower shirt feel flattered for a moment.

“Is it?” As soon as the voice fell, he saw the beauty in front of him step forward.

As soon as she approached, the man in the flower shirt only thought that she was more beautiful. The almost publicly bright and dizzying look under the moonlight, but her pupils were clean and pure, extremely bright and clear. Looked at him.

“May I ask you to do something for me” she said, her voice incredibly soft.

The man in the flower shirt stared at her face blankly, but didn’t react for a while.

Seeing that he was not speaking, Yan Shiying stretched out her hand and grabbed his arm. “Can you?” As soon as her hand touched his skin, the man in the flower shirt felt like he had been hit hard on his chest, and his heart pounded extremely fast. Jump up.

Only then did he come back to his senses, “Oh, you said.”

Hearing what she said to himself, the man in the flower shirt opened his eyes incredibly.

There is also this kind of good thing,

“It only takes a while.” She looked at him intently and smiled softly, “How about?” as if as long as he didn’t agree, she would immediately leave him to find someone else.

The man in the flower shirt rolled his Adam’s apple and nodded vigorously. “I can” means pretending that he is a man to get rid of a perverted man. It is a trivial matter, but he brought several helpers, more than enough, he thought with confidence.

Seeing the appearance of the male lust and soul in the flower shirt, Yan Shiying curled her lips imperceptibly.

No one knows better than her how destructive a beautiful smile can be.

She pretended to be affectionate and took his arm and walked to the place where Shang Xuhuai and Qin Shuyao were.

She don’t know what Shang Xuhuai and Qin Shuyao said, Qin Shuyao was standing aside and sobbing, covering her face.

Shang Xuhuai had originally looked impatient, but when he saw Yan Shiying appeared, his eyes suddenly brightened.

He didn’t care who the man in the flower shirt was next to her, and he squeezed Qin Shuyao by the back of the neck and urged her to “speak quickly.”

Qin Shuyao choked under his pressure and said, “Yingying, he said he wants you to bow to him and admit your mistakes, otherwise If you don’t, He’s going to destroy my hand.”

Yan Shiying knew that she learned the violin and her biggest dream was to one day be able to play in the golden concert hall.

Qin Shuyao glanced at Shang Xuhuai in horror, and her eyes showed desire to survive, “Yingying, save me.” In the next second, Shang Xuhuai pressed her hand to the edge of the flowerbed and slammed his foot beside her.

“Yan Shiying, as long as you beg me, I will let her go.” Shang Xuhuai stared at her, smiling arrogantly and maliciously.

This look fell in Yan Shiying’s eyes, only feeling very satisfied in her heart.

This is what the heroine of the plot should look like. It is nothing to fight against her, but she also knows in her heart that this is a test of Shang Xuhuai’s attitude towards her, and there are two people present at the same time, she must Pretend to be in front of them.

Yan Shiying immediately threw off the arm of the man in the flower shirt, and said in amazement and shame, “Shang Xuhuai, you are crazy, you will let Yaoyao go.”

“Oh don’t beg me, I will step on it.” Shang Xuhuai said nothing. Kicked up.

What’s soo fast?

Yan Shiying was shocked in her heart, and when she met Qin Shuyao’s horrified and tearful eyes, she immediately stepped forward, pretending to stop him in a panic, and rushed over.

As soon as she stretched out her hand, she saw that Shang Xuhuai’s foot that was about to step on Qin Shuyao suddenly changed direction and slammed on her hand.

Yan Shiying turned pale with pain, knowing that she might have been caught.

From the moment he sent Qin Shuyao over, he was making arrangements. No matter whether her relationship with Qin Shuyao was true or false, she had to come over. He said stepping on Qin Shuyao was a pretense, and he was using Qin Shuyao to make her approach proactively. Opportunity, he actually made up his mind long ago to humiliate her to relieve his anger

Shang Xuhuai steadily stepped on her hand, looking at her painful forehead with cold sweat, grabbing her chin and forcing her to raise her head, slowly and softly, “How do you feel like being stepped on?” Yan Shiying.

Yan Shiying bit her lip and tried to withdraw her hand, but he stepped on the joints.

Suppliers order to expose a callous and Huai Yin Zhi smile, “as long as you let me slam a minute, you framed my thing in front of the principal, causing me to disgrace us to write off, how?” words just finished, he suddenly stature After shaking, let go of your foot and hide back.

The man in the flower shirt fell out with a punch and became even more irritated. “You guys have a kind, don’t hide.”

Shang Xuhuai put one hand in his pocket, looking at the spoiler impatiently, “Who are you ” 

“I’m your father” The man in the flower shirt sighed into his fist, then swung his fist up again.

As the two of them fought, many people appeared inexplicably around and rushed up.

Qin Shuyao sat down on the spot like this, crying and leaning over to help Yan Shiying, “Yingying, are you okay, why are you here, why don’t you hide?”

That’s not you crying and begging me to save you Ma Yan Shiying rolled her eyes impatiently, endured the pain and dropped her red and swollen fingers, and glanced around, “Let’s go.”

The group of people brought by Shang Xuhuai and the man in the Hua shirt had already fought in chaos. Shi Ying ignored them and took Qin Shuyao to a refreshment point before stopping. As soon as she sat down, she instructed Qin Shuyao to ask the waiter in the club for a medical kit.

Qin Shuyao had been moved all the way and cried into tears and snot, and kept crying that she was not worth it. Hearing this, she hurried away immediately.

Yan Shiying moved her sore fingers a little, and sighed.

Fortunately, although it was calculated by Shang Xuhuai, it was considered to have gained Qin Shuyao’s favor anyway. If you step on this hand, you must have a good impression of Qin Shuyao as a person.

Moreover, her reaction just now confirmed her care for Qin Shuyao. She could almost predict that with Shang Xuhuai’s heart of revenge, Qin Shuyao would not have a better life in the future.

It’s just that what he meant when he said she framed him in front of the principal. Didn’t he do the splashing on the stage, but Shang Xuhuai, a crazy dog ​​biting someone, was unscrupulous. It was clear that the merchant and the Yan family were separated by a wall. Dare to retaliate against her so blatantly at her birthday party, as if it doesn’t matter what the consequences will be.

This also indirectly shows that the business people can’t restrain him at all. He doesn’t care what the business people think of him, and even if the whole Yan family hates him, he will retaliate against her.

It seems that she has to find out his real weakness.

After simply applying the medicine, Yan Shiying temporarily dismissed the reluctant Qin Shuyao, walked around in a circle and quietly walked into the dressing room to get the mobile phone, and opened the circle of friends of the mechanical agency.

After flipping through the circle of friends, Yan Shiying saw a piece of information that was barely useful.

Hamsters are so cute, why the president put me and threw classroom hamster with tears picture warbler watching the gray-black fur picture when Yan, looks slender little hamster, meaningful squinted after the Orioles apart when Qinshu Yao Yan and go The ladies’ toilet.

The makeup on her face was already completely weeping, and she could only take out the makeup box to make up for herself.

After barely touching up her makeup, Qin Shuyao turned on her phone and clicked on the small group she hadn’t been in for thousands of years.

The message inside still stayed on the information interface that Dai Yijie sent a designated red envelope.     

Brother Jie Hongbao invites Shuyao to drink milk tea. Qin Shuyao clicks in along the little head and initiates a temporary conversation with Brother Jie, “stop targeting Yingying.”

After thinking about it, she played again. Actually, she know that the thing about splashing water on the stage during the last school celebration has something to do with her. She know that the person who was punished knows that he knows her. She know that he want to be good for her, but Yingying is really not.

Not long after she sent it out as she thought , Dai Yijie’s picture jumped out and was typing.

“Since you said that, Brother Jie, I know.”

Qin Shuyao let out a long sigh of relief, and couldn’t help but open her hand and glance at her fingers.

The five fingers were long and smooth, without any wounds, and she couldn’t help but start to wonder.

The man in the flower shirt supported each other with a few others into the lounge of Bibo Garden.

He rubbed the corner of his swollen mouth, cursing as he walked, “That stinky boy, I’ll catch him someday” someone sipped at the side, “No, He dare to step on my sister-in-law”

 “Lungo’s woman” he is also active is to let him get away, or I could not let him down a few days to “

Just then, a flowered shirt man’s cell phone rang, out of a message Lunge, “How about that bitch honest point of it spent “The man in the shirt raised his eyebrows and immediately called him. After picking it up, he yelled, “What the hell did you say to your sister-in-law to apologize to your sister-in-law” The phone was silent for a while.


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