His Genius Wife is a Superstar - Chapter 970

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"I know, love. I know." Jin Liwei held his wife's face and lifted it up, making her look at him straight in the eyes. "Don't worry. I know my limits. My priority will always be you and our family. There's no way I'll allow myself to become a wanted criminal and risk our family's safety."
Iris touched one of his hands holding her face. "I know that you have some kind of deal with my brother."
He stiffened but only for a moment. "En."
In the end, he still admitted it. He was already prepared to confess it to her for quite some time now but just couldn't find the right time.
She pulled his hand and squeezed it while continuing to look at him. "You know what kind of business my brother is involved in with Shadow Winds."
"I know what you're worried about." He turned his hand and grabbed hers instead before pulling it to his lips and kissing her palm. "Don't worry, love. Like I told you, I know my limits. I won't involve myself at all in any of Shadow Winds' operations. But Nikolai is family. He's your older brother and living my fifth brother's life. I still need to make sure that he and his group won't get into trouble with the authorities because I know that not only will you be devastated but also me, the rest of our sworn brothers, and most especially Grandpa Lu. I can do this much with my current position."
He didn't rush her when she didn't reply right away, stroking her soft hair instead while she continued squeezing his other hand.
"I feel awful," she finally whispered. 
His face immediately registered alarm as he sat up and started scanning her from head to toe and back up again. "What's wrong? How are you feeling? Should I call the doctor?"
"No, not that kind of awful." She took his hand and placed it on the valley between her breasts where he felt her heart beating underneath his palm. "I feel awful here inside."
He understood what she meant and forced himself to calm down after scanning her one final time to make sure that she was really fine. "We already talked about this before. Your brother and I already know that you're reluctant to join him in his pursuit for revenge for what happened to the Vetrovs back then. In the first place, he doesn't expect you to join him at all. Furthermore, you already did him a great service by allowing Bacon to assist him at Shadow Winds."
"You think that's enough?"
"Your brother and I both think that it's more than enough. Just focus on staying healthy and stress-free during your pregnancy, wife. That's the most important thing that you can do right now, alright?"
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He gave her a light kiss on the lips. "Go back to sleep."
She hummed her assent and then murmured something.
"What?" He didn't hear what she said.
"I said I'm already a wanted criminal, so you shouldn't be one, too."

He scowled. "The hell you are!"
She raised an eyebrow, an amused smile on her lips. "Have you forgotten that I'm Drakon? I'm wanted in several countries right now."
"Oh. Right."
"But it's still nothing compared to when I was hacking left and right as Fantom back when I was still Evelina." She sighed as she reminisced about her past exploits as one of the legendary hackers in history.
When she mentioned her name Evelina, he remembered what he was imagining a few moments ago before she woke up. "Evelina," he called, saying each syllable with relish.
"What did you look like before?"
She looked at him and tilted her head to the side. "You want to see what I looked like when I was Evelina?"
He didn't reply immediately and observed her expression first instead. He was afraid that his curiosity was going to upset her but upon seeing her normal expression, he felt relieved. Nevertheless, he still decided to tread around this subject with great caution, knowing how much his wife suffered in her past life and how tragically she died.
Before he could speak, she asked another question. "Did you try searching for pictures of me or of other members of the Vetrovs on the internet?"
He shook his head.
"Why not?"
"I want to but I don't want to do it behind your back."
Her amused smile transformed into a bright smile that lit up her entire face. Then she gave him a loud, smacking kiss on the mouth. "My husband is so considerate."
He cleared his throat but a pleased grin was already threatening to split on his face. "Of course. You're my wife!"
She took the tablet again and searched for "Evelina Vetrova" on the search bar for images. Several photos of different women appeared. They apparently had the same name. She showed the search results to him.
He glanced at the different photos, hoping that he could pinpoint his wife just based on his deep love for her, but no photos tugged on him. "Which one are you among these?"
"Guess." Her eyes glinted with mischief.
He took the tablet from her and began carefully examining the photos. However, like before, none tugged on him. He shook his head and returned the tablet to her. "I don't know."
Her bright smile became even wider and brighter. "Good answer."
He felt confused but decided to wait for her explanation. 
"None of these are me."
"Actually, there are no photos of me on the internet at all," she revealed, her smile dimming a little. "I'm the—I was the most protected and sheltered member of the Vetrov family so only very few people outside the organization knew about my existence. I was also the hacker Fantom so it was only natural for me to erase any substantial traces about my identity on the web."
She typed a new search term on the tablet.
Nikolai Vetrov.
Similar to before, the search results showed many photos of different men who had the same name.
"But unlike me, my brother was very famous, or should I say infamous? He rarely attended social events, but whenever he did, he would always attract widespread attention."

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