Himajin, Maou no Sugata de Isekai e Tokidoki Cheat na burari Tabi - Chapter 37

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Chapter 037」

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The inside of the estate wasn’t specially made to host this event. It was just a simple conference room set up in a general office.

However, I was told there was a residential area here, perhaps because this place serves as a guesthouse for important individuals.

Despite being the feudal lord, Welde didn’t stay here because it was too far from the red-light district.

Following Wraith through the hall was an interesting experience.

I felt like the empress’s younger brother.

Eventually, we came to a large door on the second floor of the estate.

She knocked once then opened the door.

There was a large round table in the center of the room and only one vacant seat by the window.

Wraith offered a slight nod before taking her seat while I stood by the window.

“I apologize for being the last to arrive.”

“No, no, we were the ones who arrived early.”

“That’s right. We normally don’t have the opportunity to meet one another, so we wanted to have a small get-together first.”

Everyone spoke up after Wraith raised her voice.

Maybe she really was the empress?

After that, the meeting began with each representative reporting on their own business and areas of responsibility.

Apparently, there were merchants in charge of food distribution, the guild chiefs, representatives of the farmers, faction leaders of the brothels, and even various magic tool craftsmen.

……I wonder what kind of magic tools they made!

“Now then, to the main topic. It’s about the frequent upheavals the new entrants are stirring up.”

At that moment, Wraith’s shoulders trembled.

“For the last few days, the guild guards have managed to suppress the worst of it. Guild chief, you sent me a good man.”

“Oh no, that…… that person is……well…….”

“Ah! It’s that elf nee-san! You can’t meet such an incredible beauty every day, right? What I wouldn’t give to have her.

“When some of my guys asked her out, they were immediately shot down. That’s a hard nut to crack.”

“Give up! I was saved thanks to her.”

Alight, I’ll remember the faces of those two.

“So, it wasn’t you who allowed those people to enter the market, Takiya.”

“Yes, what is it?”

One of the men, who had been quietly watching things progress, spoke up for the first time in a long while.

This man left a slightly cold impression despite being the youngest one here. He hadn’t even reached his forties.

The title 『Intellectual Yakuza』 fits this man like a glove.

I felt that his focus was aimed in this direction.

“It’s nothing! They entered under Anton’s umbrella. It seems they need to be taught the ways of the city.”

“The ways? It’s questionable to treat tradition as the city’s ironclad rules. Right, Lady Wraith?”

“……That’s right. I do not recall any such rules being strictly enforced. But――.”

Suddenly, Wraith’s posture straightened up as if her spine had been replaced with a steel rod.

“It’s common sense that a person must adhere to the minimum amount of decently when dealing with others. Especially when one is in the business of providing services. It now falls upon us to play the ‘parent’ and discipline the ‘child’ that is disturbing the service.”

The declaration was decisively made.

At that moment, I felt that her true self was peering through her usual façade.

“I heard that they have been excessively soliciting my ‘daughters’ and their ‘children’ who branched off on their own. There isn’t a rule, but a corresponding retaliation has to be considered if my ‘family’ is harmed. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Unexpectedly, she looked back at me as if to ask for consent.

……She got me. She brought me here to give everyone the impression that I was already on her side.

Still, my credibility in this city wasn’t that high.

However, my current figure was sufficiently intimidating. Moreover…… it would be enough to say that I was Rue’s companion.

It was mentioned earlier, but Rue had already become a well-known individual in less than three days.

No, hasn’t Wraith already reigned in this city for some time.

The name “Grand Matron” wasn’t for show.

I felt like I’d been played, but it wasn’t an unpleasant feeling.

“That’s right, Wraith-san. If something is causing you grief, then it is my job to ease your heartache.”

While saying so, for a brief moment, I activated my full strength and ignited black flames behind me.

Though they vanished immediately, its effect was magnificent.

I heard the sound of everyone uniformly swallowing.

“……No, no, I will discipline the newcomers. There’s no need for you to fully exert your strength yet.”

“Powerful. This is the result of maintaining side connections. Takiya-san, are you sure you want to do this?”

“……What is it? I’ve always been a little ambitious.”

Hmm, it seems that this city wasn’t a monolith.

After that, things returned to reports of recent events before the topic of Welde’s visit was brought up.

It started with the news of this year’s early spring before moving on to be bittersweet complications that it brought.

The previous tension from before seemed like a falsehood.

“Hey, Nee-san. Is that man your personal escort or something?”

“He’s a regular customer. You’ve been coming every night these days, right?”

“Oh, one can go bankrupt visiting the mansion every night!”

“Hey, Nii-san! How about leaving some money at one of my shops!”

Oh, it broke out.

I don’t know what my daughter would do if I earnestly went to a brothel.

“I’ll think about it.”


“I’m sorry for using you like that earlier.”

“No, no, I’m happy to help you.”

“As compensation…… I can answer your previous question. We aren’t doing business today, but you can come tomorrow.”

“If I can’t spend the evening with you again, there’s no reason to go.”

After the promise was made, I escorted her to the mansion before turning in the request.

Oh, I crap completely forgot about Rue.


“You’re not mad, are you? All there other people were with escorts, and it would’ve been shameful to leave her alone.”

“Well, that’s right. But you promised that we could do a quest together.”

“Didn’t we do a wedding together? I’m satisfied with that.”

“Hey…… can you open the door?”


The goddess had shut herself away in heaven.

It seemed it was time to fish with bait.

No, I wasn’t gonna kick up a fuss here.

“Rue, if you come out now and forgive me, I’ll do any one thing you say!”

It was the legendary “I’ll do anything” sword of reconciliation.

The effect was enormous, and above all, it didn’t have to be acted upon immediately. It was an irresistible piece of bait.

Speaking of which, I think I’ve used this once before.

“Are you sure? I can ask you anything?”

“Yes, of course.”


When the door opened, Rue, who’d turned into a futon ghost, was sitting on the bed.

“You made a similar promise in Lark, so now you have to listen to two of my request, right?”

It was impossible to withdraw the offer once the bait was taken.

I was deliberate in my usage of it.

“First and foremost, I swear to obey any command you give.”

“Don’t abuse it maliciously!”

“Otherwise, I might run away because of it.”

“Now, what do you want me to do…….”

I doubted she asked me to do something dangerous, but I had to make preparations just in case.

Oh, could she have been aiming for this moment?

“Then, you’re going to sleep with me tonight! That’s embarrassing, isn’t it? Also, you have to pat my head.”


They were a surprisingly cute request.

It was mutually embarrassing. No, it was only for one of us.

Her willpower seems to have hit the counter stop, but those effects only showed when she was in danger!

“You’re totally spoiled, yes, yes.”

“No, no! Stop. Stop, Kai-kun. I’m sorry, please stopー!”

It was like stroking a cat while coaxing them.

I felt like the king of the animal kingdom.


The following day, I regretted agreeing to the request with all of my heart.

Rue, it turned out, had developed a habit of stripping naked while she slept.

The situation of sharing a bed with a naked woman had arrived.

……It was a little early, but let’s head back to my room first. I had a few things to take care of.

“Well, it’s a city filled with working women!”

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