Himajin, Maou no Sugata de Isekai e Tokidoki Cheat na burari Tabi - Chapter 36

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「Chapter 036」

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“Well, I won’t be deceived. This isn’t a collection request.”

“Don’t say that. I already know, Kai-kun! But it’s the easiest way to earn money, so it can’t be helped, right?”

“But, isn’t this just weeding?”

The request was basically weeding the farmland before the sowing began.

This was really funny to me! The collection target was simply listed as all, and it was to be handed into the farmer, not the guild.

Honestly, just rename the request “Weeding” and no one would get angry.

“But there’s something good about it, right? The farms were here before the city was built.”

“Hmm, is that so?”

Why did she bring that up?

I already know. In my experience, Rue usually made irrelevant remarks when she was feeling smug.

“I didn’t just work as a bodyguard and talk to farms for the sake of it. I was gathering information on Wraith-san from the outside. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be working even though I’m not short of money.”

“Oh! That would’ve been commendable if it wasn’t for that last part.”

……No, I was honestly surprised this time.

Your smugness is forgiven.

“Like Kai-kun said, she seems to have lived here for a long time. This city was built a little over 30 years ago. Until then, Wraith-san was doing something similar to what she’s doing now in a neighboring town.”

“Then the city was built around the same time she moved here.”

“There seems to be some special circumstances behind that. She was in a fragile state back then, and a local farmer took care of her for a time. Apparently, she ran into some trouble with the previous feudal lord.”


“It seems that that lord is now stationed in the nation’s capital, but he still seems to be meddling in her affairs.”

“I see. What about that city?”

I had to take my hat off to Rue.

The thought of talking to the farmers never crossed my mind.

However, Rue connected with the old times that had lived in the area for quite some time.

Then she was able to start her investigation from there.

In any case, Wraith’s conflict with that lord hinted at her life being an eventful one.

Even if she enjoyed her current job, I’m sure that there were some unfortunate circumstances involved.

And if she really was the Wraith, I knewー.

“Recently, more and more people have been settling in this city…… the number of naughty shops is increasing.”

“How much was it for your first time?”

“Hey, stop joking around and listen. During my bodyguard requests, it seems that most of the trouble is related to the outsider shops.

“Well, that industry has its own rules and territories, right? It can’t be helped?”

“Yeah, but this is where Wraith-san comes in.”

According to Rue, the ladies who retire from Wraith’s shop usually opened up restaurants or shops suited to Wraith’s style.

The problem was that those stores and their regulars were the primary targets for the encroaching brothels.

While there wasn’t any lasting damage, the frequency of the harassment was a problem.

This smelt a little fishy.

Perhaps it was fair to say that people were attacking Wraith from the outside.

“That’s wonderful, Rue. You learned more than I did.”

“That’s right! ……So you don’t have to go to that store anymore, do you?”

“No, that’s a necessity at this point.”


I see. You really didn’t want me to go that much?

Was this messy or cute?

Rue inadvertently hit her own head.

“Gyaー! Grass stains!”

……I think elves and the scent of grass fit well together.


“Aaah, that was refreshing. Now, I’ll try to pull those things out, so please check them, Kai-kun.”

“Got it.”

After safely finishing the request, Rue took a shower as a quick breather.

There was still some time before the meeting, so I wanted to confirm if there were magic tools capable of disguising one’s appearance.

If she had to be in constant contact the item, she would probably wear something inconspicuous, like an accessory.

One after another, I thoroughly investigated every accessory, pair of gloves, and glasses that came out of Rue’s bag.

“Huh? Kai-kun, what do you think this is? Is it some kind of magic tool?”

“……It’s probably different, so let it go.”

It turned out there were quite a number of unidentified magic tools in Rue’s bag.

In any case, I don’t think Wraith used any of the tools that were brought out.

However, I was able to find several interesting things through our efforts.

During the game era, most accessories were relegated to cosmetics like my horns and eyes.

But, their effects were altered in this world.

For example, the barrette that Rue held was capable of reflecting magic.

『Friendship Ring』

【Even if you are at the mercy of fate, you will be incapable of harming the bearer of the matching ring.】

【Activation requires the act of putting a ring on each other’s finger. The effect only triggers if both participants are men】

What a rotten object!

『Socks of Compassion』

【Never emits any smell.】


That’s reasonably practical.

『Earplugs of Absolute Justice』

【You can hear another person’s voice at your convenience.】

I know. I’ve read about people in novels that did that sort of thing.

Many things had similar effects in the pile we made, but there were some stat-boosting items.

However, we still couldn’t find anything capable of disguising ourselves.

The difference could be explained if she simply dyed her hair and used color contacts.

“Ah, it’s not a disguise, but wearing these glasses can reveal the true identity of anyone!”


I immediately decided to receive such a significant gift.

But, this item shocked me in a different sense.

【Name】 Rue Semiere

【Race】 Arch-Elf ???

【Main Class】 Paladin 【Sub-class】 Wizard

【Level】 221


Goddess of The Seal

Guardian of The Dragon God

Disappointed Elf


【Weapon】 God Sword (Dragon)

【Head】 ????

【Body】 Holy Silver Dress Armor Blue Robe

【Arms】 Gauntlet of Holy Silver

【Feet】 Grieves of Holy Silver

【Character Skills】

Light Magic

Ice Magic

Holy Magic

Fire Magic

Lightning Magic


Paladin Swordsmanship

Martial Arts

【Personal Skills】

『Enhanced MP Recovery』


【Weapon Skills】

『Freeze Boost』

『Enhanced Ice-based attacks 』


『Increased Ice Heat Resistance』


【HP】 5210/5210

【MP】 340/340 (Double Recovery Speed)

【Base Attack Power】 5295 (Including equipment)

【Defense】 7099 (Including equipment)

【Magic Power】7250 (Including equipment)

【Will Power】 99999 (Including equipment)

【Physical Attack Power】 1222 (Including equipment)

【Dexterity】 995 (Including equipment)

【Talent】2905 (Including equipment)

【Strength】 725 (Including equipment)

【Height】 156cm

【Weight】 42kg


【Bust】 73cm

【Waist】 55cm

【Hip】 75cm

Seriously…… the power to see attributes of people I didn’t need to know had always been within reach.

There were still items that had yet to be identified, but this was quite the gem.

If it’s an item, simply storing it in my item box would show me the details, but I have these, I can just look atー

“Well, can they only be used in this manner, or does it have other functions?”

“Can you lend those to me?”

“Well, just a bit.”

It’s terrible that I peeking into everything from Rue’s three sizes to her height and weight.

Oh, no…… realization dawned on me as Rue’s face turned a bright shade of red.

“……What a dangerous item…… I’m confiscating these!”

“No, wait! Please give those to me!”

“W-What are you going to do with these?!”

“N-No, they’re a convenient tool to examine an opponent in a fight…….”

“……Can you promise you won’t use these on me?”

“Of course!”

“Really? Then, here.”

I finally got the broken appraisal skill!

“So, you’re gonna use those on Wraith-san, after all?”

“That’s right. I can’t find anything else in the warehouse. While I didn’t find what I was looking for, these results are alright.”


It was now evening.

The red light district was started getting active, and I was walking with Rue in demon king mode.

However, even if I wasn’t by Rue’s side, wouldn’t people already be scared of her? This morning’s guild performance was rather impressive.

“Today, we’ll be working security inside the town hall, not the red light district.”

“Yeah. Oh, is that it? Hee, this is quite respectable, isn’t it?”

We soon arrived at a three-story sizeable white mansion with a garden.

The solid iron gate that surrounded the property gave it an imposing look.

It was like a miniature White House.

“Apparently, Oink stays here whenever she comes here to carry out her inspections. Today, this is where the meeting will take place.”

“So, Wraith-san is also participating.”

Rue was acting as the gatekeeper of this event.

Eventually, merchant-like people, veteran fighters, and those related to the red-light district started arriving one after another.

Each of them were accompanied by escorts, and all of them wore an expression that practically screamed, “I am the ruler of this city.”.

Although it was still quite sometime before the meeting started, I should go pick up Wraith soon.

“She might be surprised if you go in that form. What about those glasses?”

“I won’t wear them now. It’d be strange to wear them with this outfit, and I need to concentrate on protecting her.”

“Then, I’ll wait for you.”


I felt a little reluctant to walk around the city in this form.

Wait, there was a red-light district here.

Now my mind started to wonder. Imagine the demon king roaming streets crowded with prostitutes.

“O-Oh how nice…… a demon king……? Would you like to play a little…… how about it?”

“Sorry, I’m just passing through here on a request. I don’t have time to play with you, sorry.”

“N-No! Excuse me……”

See! The onee-san was obviously confused too!

Even in my own head, that’s how things ended up!

Will a beautiful onee-san offer to play with me?!

Under the watchful gaze of numerous individuals, I arrived at the Promised Maiden.

It was closed today, and most of the lights had been turned off.

Even though it was a little unnerving, I walked up and rang the door knocker.

“Excuse me, I’m the person who received a request for Lady Wraith from the guild.”

“Yes, I’ll open the door. Please wait a moment.”

I heard the voice of the person in question, Wraith-san.

After a brief moment, the door slowly opened.

Now I was getting a little nervous about what kind of face she would make.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. So Kaivon-san is the one to be my escort…….”

“This is the first time we’ve met while I’m in this form. This is Kaivon.”

I removed my mask and smiled.

It’s okay, I’m not scary, not scary……

“Oh……! So you were a devil. Then, thank you for telling me.”

She locked the door then the gate tightly.

All of her employees seemed to live here, and this place had to be carefully locked up.

As expected, she was well known here. As we walked, everyone from prostitutes to other merchants offered a slight bow as she passed.

That’s pretty amazing, Wraith.

“It seems that everyone here relies on you.”

“No, that’s not the case. It’s just been a while since I started living here.”

Why did she look so lonely when she said that?

When I couldn’t stand the silence anymore, I casually brought up one of her secrets.

“So why do you hide the fact that you are a devil?”

“?! W-What?!”

“Sorry, that was ill-mannered of me. Since we’re the same race, I can somewhat understand.”

This was expedient.

However, there weren’t hostilities between devils and the other races, so I didn’t understand why she hid it.

Really, I had no idea at all.

“Is it something you can understand……?”

“I just have an exceptional sensory ability.”

I wore an overtly relieved expression when I said that.

Would it be better if she was just hiding from someone?

“That’s a story for another day. Let’s get to the meeting hall first.”

“Am I allowed inside?”

“Yes, you are my escort after all.”


Then I headed to the town hall with Wraith. Under Rue’s watchful gaze, we entered the building.

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