Himajin, Maou no Sugata de Isekai e Tokidoki Cheat na burari Tabi - Chapter 34

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「Chapter 034」

Translator: Silver

The prepared carriage traversed the cobblestone highway.

I thought that we were still in winter, but it seems that Endresia was just the northernmost settlement in the country.

Oh no, wasn’t the actual final stage suppose to be the winter settlement.

How is this the start?

There wasn’t any snow left on the ground, and the weather was on the cusp of spring.

I looked out the window and saw that greenery was sprouting up along the ground.

The only problem was the familiar sight that was incongruent with the scenery.

“Welde-san, is that a greenhouse?”

“Yes, that’s right. It’s a magical cultivation method that “Liberator Iguzo Yoshida” who freed this nation’s star, passed down long ago.”

……Iguazu Yoshida, you were probably a farmer.

The name sounded somewhat familiar, but I didn’t worry about it.

Let’s go with this.

He probably hated the village he grew up in and had been summoned here in the middle of moving to Tokyo.

“By the way, are you going to be busy after we arrive in Wingrest? There’s somewhere special I would like to take you.”

“We shouldn’t have any plans once we decided on an inn. Is that alright with you, Rue?”

“Of course. However, this carriage is amazing. It doesn’t even shake at all.”

“Glad to hear it. Regular highway maintenance and carriage improvements were Lord Oink’s idea. Back on topic, the residence I visit every month……I mean, there is a special shop we can visit.”

He seemed a little choked up at the end.

Even month, he visits the port town and this residence……

I had a feeling that a little bit of “sexy time” was a motivating factor.

“This a place where Rue can go, right?”

“Ah, indeed! This might come off as a bit wrong, but it is a slightly strange shop.

Apparently, this shop was located in the depths of the red-light district.

However, it didn’t serve such a purpose. Instead, the shop provided a comfy atmosphere for talking and drinking with beautiful women.

That, wasn’t that similar to cabaret club?

But, if that’s the case, I’m worried that Rue won’t have a good time.

“Huh? Why are you staring at me? I’m embarrassed.”

“Ah, no, it’s just that the shop we’re heading to is mainly focused on drinking and women entertaining guests.”

“Oh, that’s unusual. I’m looking forward to it.”

This? That was not the reaction I was expecting.

Ah, is that it?

This was a culture Rue was unfamiliar with, and I was projecting my own prejudice onto her.

From the way this place was described, it was like a high-end cabaret club you’d find in Ginza.

It should be different from those places that surround you with dead-end young girls that went “teehee” to everything.

“The shop owner is called “Grand Matron” by the denizens of the red-light district and is very popular. Also, please do not grope any of the shop’s women.”

“Of course. From what I hear, this shop doesn’t serve that purpose.”

“What are you saying? Isn’t it natural that a woman will be upset if you suddenly touch her body?”

……Was it wrong to lead Rue into this district?


By the time we arrived, the sun had begun to set, and the evening was fast approaching.

We get a room in the same inn Welde was staying in before heading to the shop.

From the carriage window, I saw that place was reminiscent of the entertainment district instead of its true purpose. Unlike Maine Valley, there were bars full of workers trying to wash away their fatigue, open food stalls on every corner, and barkers attracting people into unique shops.

……Shit, why do I feel so lonely?

Oh, this place brought up memories of that day.

“What’s wrong, Kaivon-dono?”

“Oh, my gaze was drawn to the scenery, and I was taken in.”

Before I logged in on the final day, I took part in a bit of a pub crawl.

After all, I hadn’t been completely cut off from everything back then.

“Perhaps you’re still feeling fatigued from the journey……I didn’t take that into consideration.”

“Are you all right? If you need magical treatment, please tell me.”

“I’m alright. Once we to the shop, all of that should be blown away, right?”

“That’s right!”

Gradually, the streets began to change.

Flirtatious women with dangerously revealing outfits and beautiful onee-sans with charming expressions appeared more frequently.

The carriage also reduced its speed.

“Kai-kun…… something’s funny here. Why are they outside in their bedroom attire?”

“Rue, you just exposed yourself. Not many people wear those types of clothes in the bedroom.”

“……Hahaha…… I didn’t hear what was just said.”

Were you becoming more careless now that you’re staying in a different room?

However, it seems that Rue was starting to understand what kind of place we were going to.

It’s okay. It’s a clean shop, so don’t worry.


Eventually, we arrived at a western-style mansion instead of a traditional venue.

Of course, the lantern-like objects faintly illuminated the gateway. There was a bewitching atmosphere that invited people to enter.

……I wonder if it was male instinct kicking in, but I was more nervous than with my audience with the king.

When I entered the mansion, I was greeted by a lineup of beautiful women.

The preemptive strike delivered by these 20 beauties would cause lesser men to cower.

Then one of them stepped forward――


My heart started pounding like a jackhammer.

No, this was no different from the excitement and loss of words I felt when I first saw Rue.

Sorry, I wasn’t a little kid.

However, I was still locked onto this woman.

Welde was currently speaking with her.

However, I paid him no mind.

For a moment, I thought I was under some kind of mental attack or abnormal condition and wanted to equip 『Dragon God’s Protection』. Still, I couldn’t take out my sword here.

“She’s gorgeous, Kai-kun.”

“A-Ah, yeah.”

Why was my voice trembling?

Suddenly, the woman was standing in front of me.

“Thank you for coming today. My name is ‘Wraith’, the mother of these girls, may I ask your name?”

……The name Wraith brought to mind my third character.

Her long and slightly wavy purple-black hair created a bewitching effect.

The eyes were a deep wine red. Her conscious effort to maintain an ennui look gave her a slightly unpleasant expression.

The tiny bat wings extending from both sides of her head and the wings poking out from under her shoulder blades were unique options demons possessed.

But, this person was different.

Even so, there were similarities.

The bewitching expression this woman wore mostly hid the melancholy in her eyes.

She was a full head shorter than me, and the symbol of her femininity had reached an impressive 160cm bust.

“Um, is there something wrong?”

“Ah, sorry, I was a bit distracted.”

“Hahaha, that’s right! Only men interested in other men can face the grand matron and remain calm.”

“Bo-kun is that your hobby?! Please step away from Kai-kun!”

“W-What! No, I’ve built up resistance throughout our long relationship!”

Thank you, Rue. You enabled me to regain my composure.

“Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Kaivon. I’m an adventurer, but a certain connection allowed me to befriend Welde-san.”

“Ah, I’m Rue. Your chest is huge. Share some with me.”

She was as blunt as ever.

Look, even Wraith is caught off guard……


“Grand Matron, what’s wrongー.”

She became rigid.

For a brief moment, Wraith blankly stared at us while muttering our names.

“Excuse me. Then, everyone, please escort our guests inside. Enjoy your time with my daughters. Unfortunately, we have to part ways, but who knows what the future holds?”

“Ah, I know as well. You’re quite the tease…….”

Eventually, the awkwardness subsided, and we were offered a warm welcome.

I can afford it, Miss Wraith. Let’s not part ways. I want to observe you a bit more.


After entering the general gathering area, we selected a companion before being led into a private booth and served drinks.

Since I deposited most of my money in the guild, I was worried if they would charge a nominal fee or not.

“You’re an elf, too. Then how about we share a drink together?”

“Oh, it’s the first time I’ve had a same-sex elven customer. If you don’t mind, I’ll love to join you.”

But Rue was already getting comfortable here.

She picked a girl and disappeared into a room before anyone else.

Even though I knew this was a clean store, I’m very interested in what was going on in that room.

“Mr. Kaivon, was it? How would you like to accompany me?”

“Ah, what a coincidence! I wanted to speak with him as well!”

“It’s not good to speak in front of the other guest. Shall we go to a more quiet place, Kaivon-dono?”

Wow, I’m pretty popular.

I didn’t even need the ikemen or the demon king look.

However, I really wanted to speak with the grand matron, lady Wraith.

For some reason, I was reminded of my “Wraith” when I looked at her.

Lady Wraith lacked the wings and black hair inherent to the demon race.

Her eyes were a mellow green color.

“I’m sorry, there is already a woman I’d like to speak to.”

“Oh, that’s regrettable. Since another sister already caught your eye, this argument is over.”

“Ow.” “Ow.” “Ow.” “Ow.” “Ow.” “Ow.”

Why did the number of participants increase to seven?


“Excuse me, can we share a drink?”

I called out to Wraith, who had been silently observing the main from her little corner.

Then a slightly panicked Welde suddenly approached me.

“Kaivon-dono, the grand matron doesn’t take any guest. I’m sorry, I should have explained things beforehand.

“Is that so? I’m sorry―.”

“I don’t mind.”


Wraith rose from her sofa and left towards the stairs.

“I heard you were an important customer, and I feel like it. Please, come along.”

“W-What…… I envy you…… Kaivon-dono……”

“No, I feel like I should apologize.”

After parting ways, I followed Wraith up the stairs.

As we ascended, her perky, heart-shaped hips occupied my eye-line……

Oh, I was more nervous than I thought.

Just talking and drinking together was something I often did with Rue.

So why couldn’t I have a drink with her?

Well, she was a beautiful woman smack dab in the middle of my strike zone.

Beautiful women were said to get bored in three days, but they could maintain someone’s interest for three centuries.

“No-stop it, you can touch me there?!”

“This is a lovely place to touch, nee-san.”


Ah, did that happen often?

I swear I could hear a familiar voice from behind a closed door, but it was probably my imagination.


“Go ahead, sir.”

“Excuse me.”

I was guided into a small room that housed a gothic sofa and table.

Naturally, the size was reduced to accommodate the room’s comfortable atmosphere.

Furthermore, there was even a cabinet that contained a large quantity of western liquor.

……I yearn for such a shelf in my home.

“Isn’t it a bit small?”

“No, it’s just right.”

It was a two-person sofa, but there wouldn’t be any distance between them.

Suddenly, a cassia-fragrance tickled my nose.

……Oh no, my heart rate was starting to spike.

“I heard that Kaivon-sama is an adventurer, but did you come to this county as a request?”

Wraith poured an amber-colored liquor into two glasses that had been primed on the table.

The scent of her perfume mixed with the liquor’s sweet aroma, which heightened the luxurious atmosphere.

After receiving a glass from her, I briefly stared at her before sharing a toast and taking a sip.

“It’s not a request. In fact, I’m currently on a journey and plan to see various places.”

“A journey? Well, I’ll never been beyond this country.”

“Hey, are you even from this continent?”

“Fufu, that may not be the case, right?”

“Was that a bit premature?”

Another sip.

I didn’t have much experience drinking room-temperature western drinks. Still, either something about this body or the high-quality liquor was affecting me.

Or, I was already drunk in her presence.

“For some reason, the moment I saw Wraith-san, I became fascinated, but why?”

“Well, you’re honest, aren’t you? That’s right…… I’ve lived for so long, so it’s a bit surprising for someone to be interested in an old mother like me.”


Was that humility?

However, her comment about living for a long time caught my attention.

Maybe she was someone who’d lived through the Genesis.

But it would be better not to bring that up at the moment.

There were many other things to worry about.

In any case, today had been a good day.

There was still plenty of time. And― money.

I’m sorry, Rue, let me enjoy this for a while.

Speaking of Rue, was her chastity all right?

(T/N: You thought the orcs were bad? Please, it’s the carnivorous female elves you got to watch for.)

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