Hail the King - Chapter 1275.4

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Chapter 1275: The Grand Finale (Part Four)

“Let’s guess what is inside!” Fei released a streak of golden light and melted the godly blood chains around this giant sealed egg .

In the next second, the four entered the sealed egg .

The surroundings instantly dimmed .

It was raining in this space, and a few old hens were chirping, trying to find worms to eat underneath the wet grass .

Looking around, people could see fences made by thick wooden beams, many ragged tents, and a blacksmith workshop .

A sense of vicissitude permeated the air .

“How is this possible?” Elena was stunned .

This was the initial map in the Diablo World – [Rogue Encampment]!

“Hahaha! Now, I feel a lot better! Even God of Creation Gao De wasn’t a complete sage . Using his insane power, he created a new world and placed his descendants in it . Perhaps he foresaw a catastrophe in later years and hoped that his loved ones could avoid it . Eh, it is in line with my guesses . Elena, I’m now finally relieved . You aren’t an NPC created by codes; you are a descendant of Gao De His Holiness . He created this world with other people and dangers in it so that his descendants could reproduce and not lose power due to complete safety . The monsters from Hell were created by him to pressure and temper you guys . He hoped that you all could be brave and powerful…” Fei laughed .

Elena was a descendant of Gao De .

All the ‘NPCs’ in the first [Rogue Encampment] had their own intelligence and thoughts, much different from the NPCs in other maps and scenes . It meant that people like Cain and Akara were all living beings and not NPCs created by codes .

This settled one of the worries on Fei’s mind .

Fei was knocked out by a disk in his previous life and came to this world . It meant that he was probably chosen by Gao De, and that was why he could enter the Diablo World and get stronger . In the real world, he could absorb the mystical energy left by undead creatures and bugs; it was probably made possible by Gao De as well .

In order to counter the bugs, Gao De created a unique physique that could also absorb foreign energies .

Everything was prepared to defeat Gao Shang .

“Perhaps we should go and see the former God of Creation, Gao De His Holiness . Elena, let’s go and see your ancestor . ”

-In an unknown dimension, 21st century on Earth-

Two boys who were about 1 . 7 meters tall were walking toward their school in a cheerful mood . They were brothers and also orphans, and they relied on each other; they had a great relationship .

They wore the same school uniforms and hummed the same popular song; they were filled with vitality and energy .

In the sky, Fei and his three lovers appeared .

With the laws of nature around them, no one could see them .

However, one of the two boys seemed to have sensed something and looked up at the sky . Then, he smiled and showed his white teeth .

“Big Brother, what are you looking at?”

“Nothing . I just suddenly feel like someone intimate is looking at me…”

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