Global Evolution


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Genres : Sci-fi , Mature , Horror , Adventure , Action

Chapters: 435

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Cambrian Big Bang, now the largest life science puzzle500 million years ago, single-celled life on Earth suddenly occurred mutation similar to evolution, a variety of gorgeous creatures were born "out of thin air", all ancestors of today's species appeared in that short period of time, each species were evolving at lightning speed; billion times faster than today, it was a brilliant era.Unfortunately, the life of brilliant things are always short, after the brief "Cambrian", life on Earth entered another 56 million years of evolutionary era at turtle speed. And humans, ware also one step faster during the turtle race, and become the leader of life on Earth.But now a greater "second age" has come again.During the lightning speed of evolution, humanity was kicked off of the throne on the food chain in the shortest time possible, and life on Earth, welcomed the second brilliant big bang.The real end of the world, is no longer brainless zombies or desolate earth, but the end of mankind, the whole earth's paradise.

Global Evolution