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Da Tang Shuang Long ZhuanChapter 13
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This story sets place during the end of the Sui Dynasty, a time where multiple powers struggle for supremacy and power. Into the fray enters two orphans Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling; these two youths by many chances and luck obtains the The Secret to Long

Di Wang Gong Lue
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Born into the royal family, every move by Chu Yuan needs to be cautious; constantly afraid that one moment of carelessness will cause him to lose everything. After ascending to the throne at 18, not half a year passes before civil strife erupts in Yu

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A no-name Master who had resigned from the world of martial arts was 100 years old. That old master had forgotten enemies whom he had been killed, even now their relatives or disciples were plotting revenge on him. Even some big nations offered a big

Female Protagonist is a Blackened Villainess
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Crossing into the world of the male harem protagonist, Long Aotian, really isn't a good thing.I kindly seized a blackening cute lolita from that man's dastardly clutches. I thought that if I protected her, the girl would not blacken into a villain. B

Goddess Medical Doctor
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She was dressed in white, with a mysterious orchid imprint on her forehead, her skin like jade is always covered with a veil. Since childhood, she had left her parents due to her special status and lived her life with her master in the clouds. She wa

Martial Alchemy SovereignChapter 1351
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The Venerable One and Su Ling, who had stumbled upon the ancient treasure, the Heavenly Demon Orb, had suffered a tragic defeat by being surrounded and killed by a bunch of scoundrels.Five hundred years later, Su Ling was reborn into the body of a go

Song of Exile
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Born under a bad sign, little Cai Wenchang is blamed for an epidemic that killed his parents and over a hundred of his kinsmen in Cai Family Village.Bullied, beaten, under-clothed and underfed, forced to work hard day in and day out, he ekes out a li

For a Prosperous WorldChapter 75
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She fought in the Battle of Changping and witnessed the killing of hundreds of thousands. She once led the Qin Iron Calvary and battled against the Six Kingdoms. She has seen a third of the land and witnessed the breaking of mountains and rivers. The

Panda Taoist PriestChapter 566
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Chu Xiong, a tomb robbing expert had accidentally traveled to a bear in another world. People have their own convenience, bears have their convenience. A man was no ordinary man. A bear was naturally no ordinary bear. This is a bear, a story of culti

The God of War Challenging Heaven
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He is always looked down upon by the brothers and sisters of the same sect.After getting a mysterious left hand by accident, he rises above the common herd like a bright star.There are fierce duels and competitions among geniuses. Who can be the matc

Blood Moon Hunters
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The first Emperor of China Ying Zheng, the brilliant strategist Sleeping Dragon' Zhuge Liang, the brave and elegant Zhao Zilong of Changshan, the fearsome and peerless L Bu. what sort of people were they in real life? And what secrets did they keep?

I Can Track EverythingChapter 373
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Traveling through the Xianxia world, Chen Chen got the strongest tracking system and was able to track everything ever since.Chen Chen, "System, I am short of money." "Two meters away, your father has hidden some money under the bed. Five meters away

Gorgeously Enchanting Elementalist: Insidious Evil Emperor’s Airheaded Concubine
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She was one of the best assassins of the modern world; a sly, black belly, cutely stupid woman. She passed through into a mysterious world and into the body of a trash young girl that everyone brutally reviled. Idiot and ugly, they don't know that sh

Treasured Sword, Golden Hairpin
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The second book in Wang Dulu's Crane-Iron wuxia-romance series begins the story of celebrated valiants Li Mubai and Yu Xiulian.

Poison Genius Consort 2: Emperor’s Swallow
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She was a peerless genius in the way of medicine, holding the Medicine King Cauldron in her hand.Once she transmigrated, she became a lowly little medicine slave in dispensary.Physicians made her life difficult, princesses humiliated her, even her fi

Ultimate Teacher
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Fang Yan is a Tai Chi Clan descendant, but because of a barbaric woman's intolerable bullying, he escaped from the Clan and abandoned his Martial background to become a language teacher at a Private High School. Thus, the ultimate teacher was born!

Heaven-relying Sword And Dragon-slaying SabreChapter 539
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Set in the late Yuan dynasty, the story revolves around a pair of priceless and extremely powerful weapons, the Heaven Reliant Sword () and Dragon Slaying Saber (), which are coveted by many martial artists in the jianghu. Either or both of them are

Professional Accomplishment Of A White Lotus
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Passerby-A is increasingly dissatisfied with their small part in the drama. By chance, Luo Ran was born because of this one sentiment. Her purpose is only one to add scenes!If you want to add scenes, you have to be with people who have more scenes.

The Optimistic Heroes
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Wang, Kuo, and Yanqi all intruded into an empty mansion separately looking for the same thing: food. They were all poor as church mice, but they became blood brothers, supporting each other, and the poor

Rebel The HeavenChapter 650
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Drink all the blood of your enemies and kill all the evil ones in the world.With the Mystic Spirit Fire Jade in his possession, he could devour anything! Those who stand in my way will be killed!The Great Wu respected the living, moving against the h

Mighty Female Official
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[The so-called drama]She, GeShu Wu Luan, the first female official in the inner palace, the youngest female officer, cold, conceited, proud, unwilling accommodate half a grain of sand.At a young age, she was given the first rank of marquis, by the ro

My Master is A Demon BeastChapter 773 (END)
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Gold and silver treasures are the most rubbish inventory for my master, so I want to build a world super welfare home to take in the homeless; Make spirit water drinks to enhance human physique. There are all kinds of secret scripts and magic weapons

Mighty Female Official
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[The so-called drama]She, GeShu Wu Luan, the first female official in the inner palace, the youngest female officer, cold, conceited, proud, unwilling accommodate half a grain of sand.At a young age, she was given the first rank of marquis, by the ro

Strongest Boss System
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What is a villain?Is it the fist that pours all over the world, dominates the whole world, or is it that all people are against each other and stir up the storm?After reincarnation, Su Xin can gain all the skills of villains in the world of martial a

The World of Swords
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A sword . . . three-point-six in width, four-point-three in length, carrying the weight of mountains. When it is unsheathed, the world is in upheaval and disasters are unleashed. The sword's thunder shocks the world, and breaks the sky. The amazing s

Snake WifeChapter 500
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I slept in a coffin since I was young. When I was six years old, a snake snuck in and accompanied me in a coffin for six years

Martial King’s Retired LifeChapter 152
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Starting from today, I am retired. But what should I be doing? I neither have the skills, nor the mind to do business, my only advantage is this pair of hands which have taken this world. What a headacheNote: The usage of the term "retired" here does

Cheonma Wants to Live QuietlyChapter 123
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Cheonma's story who wants to live peacefully and quietly in his newly acquired life.

Qianmen The Door
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Qianmen(): a thousand doors, it means "For the best deceiver, there are a thousand doors can into your room."

Wake Up Male Lead, You Belong With The Female Lead!
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Lin Qiu never would've thought that she'd be faced with such a heart-racing scene the moment she transmigrated.Wasn't he the cool male lead that holds himself to a high moral standard? So why was he looking at her with that predatory expression?Lin Q

Faraway WanderersChapter 81
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A tale about the former leader of a special organization served under royalty, now leaving his past life behind and unintentionally getting involved with the martial world.

Where is Our Agreement to be Each Other’s Arch-Rivals?Chapter 122
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The web celebrity, Chen Suyang, transmigrated into a film adaptation he'd just finished rolling the death scene. Now he has to play the villainthe Evil Sect's young master, Su Yang.To return to his own world, he faithfully acted according to the scri

I Am Calabash FairyChapter 667 (END)
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Hong Ming, who had only reached the third level of Qi training for 15 years, accidentally got a sun and moon gourd.The sun and the moon are long in the gourd, and I am the Calabash Fairy.Mortal flow, development, don't wave!

Kung Fu Way: Point of No End
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What is Kung Fu? A showcase or a killing technique? Or a scam brewed during the Three Thousand Years Cold War and countless private conflicts among the people?It's time to put an end to this war."If you are invincible, what will happen?"

Rebirth of The Heavenly Demon (Taegyu)
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After taking revenge on the Demonic Alliance, which took away the lives of his family, Heavenly Demon Zhang Hu revives with his memories intact.

Joyful ReunionChapter 116
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His name was Duan Ling. He used to be nothing more than an illegitimate child with humble beginnings. As a child he had his fill of neglect and torment until a mysterious man named Lang Junxia took him away from the Duans. Lang Junxia fed him, put hi