Wuxia Novels

The Skyrider
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"The strongest system, I am the strongest! And only me!"Ye Feng looked at the people whom the Gods favored, his face indifferent! With the strongest system, he can copy other's cultivation methods, skills, and can also upgrade the levelWhich means he

The Assassin’s Apprentice
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He was an impoverished youth on Earth. Eager to control his own destiny, the youth wholeheartedly pursued to become the most powerful.Possessing a piece of mystical rock, he broke through into a different world of raging frenzy, and set off gorgeous

Black Belly WifeChapter 167
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On the same day Murong Yun Su's father dies, her betrothed ends their betrothal. Her cousin, an illegitimate prince, returns to Murong Courtyard House and offers to marry her. She rebuffs her cousin's offer and accepts the marriage offer from Chu Zha

The Glory After Rebirth
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A letter to break off the engagement leads Ling Family in Tangyang to endless doom. And he, Ling Zhang, is tortured to death after his legs are cruelly broken.This time after rebirth, he swears to restore glory to his family and to seek revenge. The

Nirvana In Fire
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The East River Alliance is the world's biggest clan. Its chief, Mei Changsu, arrived at the royal capital Jinling under the alias of Su Zhe. He brought with him storms of disturbances and fogs of mysteries.A noble young master with dual identities, a

The Demoness Is Not Evil
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They say Gentleman Xiao Yao (carefree) Liu Feng is a famed righteous pugilist. He himself thought that even if he isn't considered noble and benevolent, he is at least of honourable character. But only when he met her, did he realise that he is very

World of Xianxia
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When on the road to cultivate immortality, myriad of fairy roads ahead, and you are just like a worm. When all bullying, countless uneven fall on your body, you are the forbear, or stand and fight, not afraid of life and death?

Smiling Proud Wanderer
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The Smiling, Proud Wanderer is a wuxia novel by Jin Yong (Louis Cha). It was first serialised in Hong Kong in the newspaper Ming Pao from 20 April 1967 to 12 October 1969. The Chinese title of the novel, Xiao Ao Jiang Hu, literally means to live a ca

The Legend of the Condor Heroes
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The Legend of the Condor Heroes by Jin Yong was first serialized in newspapers from 1 January 1957 to 19 May 1959. The book is the first of the Condor Trilogy. The story has undergone two revisions. The second edition was released in December 1975 an

Against Heaven
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In the post-apocalyptic age, men were damned. On a fateful day, one ordinary man found a black mystical crystal in a mine. One event led to another, things happened and he was given the opportunity to change his life forever. But, could he escape fro

The Heaven Sword and the Dragon Sabre
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The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre was first serialized by Jin Yong in newspapers from 6 July 1961 to 2 September 1963. The book is the third of the Condor Trilogy. The story has undergone two revisions. The second edition was released in 1979 and and

Inadvertently InvincibleChapter 290
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"Where am I?" The first thing he had in his mind.Lin Fan was confused when he looked at the furniture and decoration in the house."Am I hallucinating because of playing games for five days straight? What's with decoration and furniture in the house?

The Return of the Condor Heroes
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The Return of the Condor Heroes by Jin Yong was first serialized in newspapers from between 20 May 1959 and 5 July 1961. This is the second book of the Condor Trilogy. The story has undergone two revisions. The second edition was released in May 1976

Thousand AutumnsChapter 125
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Yan Wushi had walked a path full of blood and corpses.He did not believe in the good nature of humanity. Even more so, he did not believe that there could be someone with great kindness and sense of justice, who would be so considerate of others with

Gentleman Free-Flowing Cloud
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As the left protector of the Demon Sect, and being so "honored" to be seen as the successor by her crazy Demon Sect leader ah, to be honest, she's someone who rather just lead an idle life, but sigh, her luck has always not been good. When she was te

Three MarriagesChapter 37
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This is the love story of the 2nd brother of the Dragon Family. He is one of the most successful businessman in the capital and one of the Emperor's favourites he is the most eligible bachelor in the capital and every lady in town wants to marry him

Horizon, Bright Moon, Sabre
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Fu Hongxue was a cripple, born with a lame leg and subject to epileptic seizures. He was also one of the most powerful, legendary figures of the martial arts world, with a dull black saber that was second to none. His fame made him a frequent target

Dragon King with Seven Stars
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Wu Tao, a small mysterious trader, suddenly appears in the city of Jinan and encounters with Yuanbao, a foxy little beggar. Wu Taos identity as a trader is suspected soon, because on the day before he appears, Sun Jicheng, a millionare in Jinan dies

A Deadly SecretChapter 12
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A Deadly Secret, also translated as Requiem of Ling Sing and Secret of the Linked Cities, is a wuxia novel by Jin Yong (Louis Cha). It was first published in the magazine Southeast Asia Weekly () and the Hong Kong newspaper Ming Pao in 1963. Its orig

A Messed-Up Wuxia World
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I am just an ordinary high school student, yet I crossed over to a wuxia world. Originally I should have lived days where I rise from the ashes', trampling on baddies while creating a harem, but Where's the promised revolution of the trash? Where's t

Great Merchant – Dao Ming
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Li Fang Sing, in front of King of Hell he said "Ah this must be the Afterlife then. I guess I failed I will lessen the trouble for you various magistrates. You can just send me straight to Hell."While waiting for the judgement, fate intervened and he

Reincarnated Swordmaster
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Should an untalented guy like me die?Then I'm going to die.I will die as you so desire.After dying, I will challenge the world again.Until I kill this trash-like world!

The Immortal Ruins
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Jiang Shaoliu was just an ordinary man until the world experienced a cataclysmic event that caused animals to mutate and grow 10 times their size. Humans were also affected and gained extraordinary abilities. Inspired by the tales of Xianxia, comes a

Heroes Shed No Tears
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This is a story about love, friendship, ambition, betrayal and fearsome weapons.

White Horse Neighing in the West Wind
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White Horse Neighing in the West Wind by Jin Yong was first serialized in the newspapers in 1961. Li Wenxiu, a young Han Chinese maiden, loses her parents in the Gobi Desert while escaping from a group of bandits who are after a map of the Gaochang l

The Sacred Burial Grounds
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Rise up from failure and self reviving from death. Sea, lightning and fogs were once again approached to the earth. The world was chained by the key and the key was opened, revealing a brand new mysterious world.

Qie Shi Tian XiaChapter 8.1
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Legend has it that two experts left a half-finished chess game on the hilltop of eastern dynasty's number one mountain called "King Mountain". A few sentences are left on the board at a time when the eastern dynasty is experiencing turmoil, chaos and

The Emperor’s Strategy
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In the capital, the young owner of the Su Ji Coffin Shop is Su Li Li ( the li is significant in her name because it represents leaving). As spring was just beginning, on one early morning, she by chance saved a woodblock that had met trouble. Howeve

The Legend of Chu Qiao: Division 11’s Princess Agent
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Chu Qiao was known as Agent 005 within the Secret Service's 11th Division in her former life. She was locked up in the Secret Service's prison as she was framed. After she successfully broke out from prison, she sacrificed her life bravely to preserv

Doctoring the World
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A doctor died from over exhaustion in his previous life and reincarnated inside the empty body of the deaf and retarded sixteen year old son of Da Kang's number one official. Whether or not this can be considered lucky, one cannot tell. Due to his ti

Poison Doctor Demon Consort
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A certain Xiao wang* embraced her who was in men's clothing, rolled over onto the ground, not neglecting to kiss her with burning kisses.She who was going to war on behalf of her brother yelled out, "Wangye*, I am a man! A man! Do you see clearly?"Wa

Sword of the Yue Maiden
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Sword of the Yue Maiden by Jin Yong was first serialised in newspapers in 1970. This short story was the last of Jin Yong's works. It revolves around the Yue Maiden, who lived during the reign of King Goujian of Yue (496-465 BCE). The novel was based

7 KillersChapter 8
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Dragon 5th is a powerful lord with incredible martial arts, and yet is wasting away from a fatal disease. The only medicine which can cure his sickness lies in the clutches of his venemous ex-wife, Madam Lovesickness, and is guarded by 7 dangerous ki

Flowers Reflecting The Sky
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The Leader of Jiuhua Sect died mysteriously.The murderer remained unknown.The Leader position is empty.Who will be able to last till the end, pushing aside the dark clouds to reveal the clear sky?** T/N: Finding the truth hidden behind conspiracy or

Artifact Planting Space
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Ye Tian transmigrated into another world called Origin Mainland'. After cultivating assiduously, he awakened the "Black Earth Space Domain", but to his surprise, he was ridiculed as having awakened the most trash, most common domain'.But he actually

The Legendary Roll
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In previous life, I was just a mediocre guy, and accomplished nothing.After reincarnation, I seize the opportunity of being a legend of the times. In this life, I am the protagonist in Tianxuan World, a great master of martial arts and a founder of m