War Novels

Martial Alchemy SovereignChapter 1351
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The Venerable One and Su Ling, who had stumbled upon the ancient treasure, the Heavenly Demon Orb, had suffered a tragic defeat by being surrounded and killed by a bunch of scoundrels.Five hundred years later, Su Ling was reborn into the body of a go

Panda Taoist PriestChapter 566
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Chu Xiong, a tomb robbing expert had accidentally traveled to a bear in another world. People have their own convenience, bears have their convenience. A man was no ordinary man. A bear was naturally no ordinary bear. This is a bear, a story of culti

The Third EmpireChapter 1799
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Born in Munich brewery a few decades ago, Shirek, who has become a Stormtrooper, bravely integrates into this era! Sweep Europe, kick Britain and the United States, punch the Soviet Union! Unfortunately, the head of state was assassinated and held hi

My Infinite Monster CloneChapter 1215
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The end is coming.Alien beasts appeared on the earth continuously through the gate of space from the beast star.Lin Shan was reborn on the eve of the end two hundred years ago.This life.Facing the vast alien beast in front of him, Lin Shan looked at

Rebel The HeavenChapter 650
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Drink all the blood of your enemies and kill all the evil ones in the world.With the Mystic Spirit Fire Jade in his possession, he could devour anything! Those who stand in my way will be killed!The Great Wu respected the living, moving against the h

Total War SystemChapter 178
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This novel is about a fella who loved Total war and its games while playing a game of total war warhammer 2 he lost his main army due to a ambush while streaming and he in rage threw a cod style Tomahawk at his wall in anger but it rebounded and hit

Nova RomaChapter 375
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Our protagonist was a Mexican who died on a flight, when he woke up he found Apollo who reincarnated him as the grandson of Gaius Octavian Turino (Augustus) the first Roman emperor, having a mission in hand to conquer the New World to save the Roman